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When Crackpots Run For Office

Please, for the love of everything that is good in this world, somebody take this guy out back and hogtie him until the election is over. Hell, don't ever untie him. What an embarrassment to the human race.


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That was an entertaining little blurb. I love how he starts in with the IQ Argument. Instead of reading that circular crap by Richard Lynn, Hart's time would be better spent reading Gould's 'Mismeasure of Man'. I could go on, but surely that's not a real website. Surely...

Is that first figure (the one dragging its knuckles) a representation of Mr. Hart?

He gives a bad name to anyone looking for public office.

"I expect to see a UFO before I expect to see a social security check with my name on it."

I think he's already seen the UFO.

Unfortunately, I think that site is real. I heard a commercial for him here in West TN on the radio.

I can't tell you the disappointment I felt when he said "I'm a republican". It is these asshats that give democrats their ammo that conservatives are racist white guys looking to destroy minorities.

I'll say it again, ASSHAT!

Oh, and shank, don't call me Shirly!

Any chance this is some sort satire site? There is no picture of this dude on the site

Several years ago I announced to my wife, quite seriously, that I thought I might be crazy.

Her response was, "You can't be. Crazy people don't know they're crazy."

I think she was right, and this half-wit is damning evidence. He probably has no clue.

Unfortunately, this guy is for real.
http://www.politics1.com/tn.htm There seems to be a lack of agreement as to whether this nut is a Republican or independent. This apparently has a lot of people up in arms in Tennessee as there is a serious write-in candidate there.

And here I thought that it was going to be a link to Howard Dean ...

Well, this proves that all the loonies aren't on the left.......

I just checked the write-in candidates site. From his front page, it looks like he's not so much running against the democrat as he is against the asshat.

The asshat appearently has even said he doesn't support the republican party interests. He also blaimed racial equality for the fall of the Soviet WORKERS Government. The guys a frickin' communist running on a republican ticket. WTF!

I'm just glad someone is finally taking the firm stand against usury I've seen in the Bible. Now, if a ban on blended fabrics and the eating of crustaceans could make it to the Republican Party platform, we'd be truly on our way to the kind of government our forefathers dreamed about.

At around 200 B.C.

I just want to be really clear on this point. The Republicans weren't running anyone for this seat and this fruitcake got the signitures to put him on the ticket under false pretenses. That doesn't make him a Republican, it just means he gets an R by his name on the ballot. There is no Republican running in this race except by possible write-in.

I'm a John Kerry supporter and I endorse this message :)

What a nut. A scary nut but a nut. Nauseating.

Jon: I apologize for the sense of humor failure if you were making a joke, but...

I don't know why you're bringing up the Bible, this asshat (I refuse to use his name) has said that he's competing against Christ (and Buddha) for the destiny of man.

You're absolutely right. The opening line of one of his papers is:
We in the Eugenic movement are not interested in competing against Adolph Hitler or Karl Marx for some minuscule little 1,000 year reich. We are interested in competing with Jesus Christ and Buddha for the destiny of man.
When you start from "Hitler and Marx were short sighted" you are so far to the left, you can't even see Moore-On on the political spectrum.

"Hosted by eOffshore Web Development".

Gee. I wonder why?

no fuckin' way. That CAN'T be real... it's got to be one of those internet satire things... there's no fucking way ANYBODY in 2004 would actually run for office in the United States with crap like that hanging over thier head..

this motherfucker needs a lynching... fast.

What I don't understand is why the second ape from the left is carrying a ping-pong paddle.

Sorry, but this guy is a Republican. Maybe not one they'd like to have representing the party, but he's one of theirs and he's their mess. Sure he didn't win a primary against men and women with EEGs and EKGs, but he's still there.

And you're doing a good job of discrediting him, Michele and Company. But there's really no need to suggest he's not a real Republican. Anyone with a brain can figure out that he's not a real politician with real thoughts.

And I re-read his website. I am a bit less certain he's against usury, but am more than a bit more certain he's ready to barnstorm the country on the political short bus.

Couldn't they get Alan Keyes to run?


Souldn't PuppyBlender be kicking this guy to BeJeezus Land? Tell him put down the camera and take a look around.

Jon: You said this asshat is a republican, by what standard?

By the same standard that anyone can be a Republican or a Democrat: he's running as one! The big parties don't exactly have Skull and Bones secret ceremonies to pick members and candidates (although some High Grand Poohbahs do pick candidates now and then: see Illinois right now for their GOP Senatorial selection process).

In a democracy, an idiot and a genius can both participate. That's our standard, and we're sticking to it (even with regrets). But it's still the best system.

Just so I'm clear, Jon, if Saddam declares himself a candidate from prison as a Democrat, then he'd be an official member of the Democratic party™ and the Democrats are open to criticism for everything Saddam says? If we accept your definition, then being a member of a party means nothing, so why are we even talking about it? To most people, I think it does mean something.

Official and unofficial don't mean much: was Pat Buchanan the culmination of the Reform Party's ideals? I don't think so.

We don't have jack shit to determine what a party stands for or not anymore. Why? Because parties don't even put up candidates in some races. That gives the asshats and loons an opportunity to have their voices heard when they are the only ones willing to bother with representing a party, even if they do so for purely selfish and opportunistic purposes.

Maybe this guy doesn't represent Republicans, but he does represent the fact that the Republicans in one Congressional District didn't give a damn about putting a candidate forward.

Uncontested elections are a waste of time, but candidates like these will take a party's reputation (and probably a lot of taxpayer money) down with their half-assed attempts at campaigns.

If Saddam gets citizenship and the Democrats don't put up a candidate in his prison's district, he can probably run as a Democrat. And the Democrats will have shame upon their heads in the same way that this guy is giving Republicans grief.

Jon: the parties don't require you to pay dues or anything to be a member (as is the case in the UK, for instance), but generally speaking, we think of someone as "being" a D, R, I or whatever else based on their voter registration. In some states, you must have be a registered voter of that party to run in its primary; unless there's some pretty creative case law to the contrary, a cursory reading of its election statutes indicates that this is not the case in Tennessee.

Tenn. Code 2-13-104, entitled "Candidates; party membership" provides:
All candidates for state executive committee membership and for membership in the general assembly [state legislature] shall be bona fide members of the political party whose election they seek. A party may require by rule that candidates for its nominations be bona fide members of the party.
Tenn. Code 2-13-202, entitled "Primaries required," further provides:
Political parties shall nominate their candidates for the following offices by vote of the members of the party in primary elections at the regular August election: (1) Governor;
(2) Members of the general assembly;
(3) United States senator; and
(4) Members of the United States house of representatives.

So, there does appear to be the odd loophole that, while VOTING in the primary is closed (i.e., registered members only), RUNNING in it is not, unless you're running for the state legislature or for the executive committee of the party itself. The statute allows the parties to choose whether non-members can seek their nomination for other offices; this is somewhat reminiscent of New York, where the major party candidates often seek the nominations of smaller parties that they are not registered members of.

I guess the point of all this is to say that just because this schmuck is running for the GOP nomination does NOT make him, ipso facto, a Republican.

We don't have jack shit to determine what a party stands for or not anymore. Why? Because parties don't even put up candidates in some races.

That's just comlete nonsense. There is plenty of things for you to look at to determine what a party stands for. A good place to start is look at the party platform, then look at what the party as a whole has done to implement the different planks of it. Another angle might be to look at the things that the major players in the party (presidential candidates, majority/minority leaders, party chairmen, etc) say they support and what they have done to actually follow through. Another, which I highly recommend, is to follow the money that comes in to the various parties and candidates.

Trying to associate any random whacko, who is completely marginal at best, who gets on a ballot dishonestly and then starts spouting trash, with a party and working back from that is not a worthwhile exercise. If Saddam tricks his way onto a ballot, then shame on him and pity the poor fools who signed for him, but it doesn't reflect any further than that. It's not like he won a primary or anything, just picked up like 200 signatures. For all we know, this guy could be an ANSWER plant ... he does seem just a little too perfectly whacked out to be real.

Ollie - You.are.a.moron.

I'm waiting for the third 'crazy Republican' story to surface today. A trifecta of right-wing nuttery, as it were:

1) This Hart character.
2) The owner the Washington Times, Rev. 'Moonie' Moon, selling North Korean Kim Jong-I'm a crazy bastard-Il 2 nuke subs.
3) I'm shudder to think.

Dave J,

If he wins, according to the Tennessee rules you cite, it doesn't matter if he's ipso facto, bona fide or not: he'll represent the Republican Party in the general election.

Rather than complain about whether or not he's a real Republican or an ANSWER mole, wouldn't it be better to support the alternative candidates and defeat this loon of whatever stripe?

Did I ever say anything to the contrary, jon? The more publicity this story gets, the better, as support for the write-in candidate will flood in from everywhere, and rightly so. And yes, of course it reflects poorly on the local GOP for this to have happened. But just like David Duke's "Republican" run for Governor of Louisiana, even if Hart wins the primary, the party will properly treat him as anathema; that's more than can be said for how the Dems treat, for example, Maxine Waters.

The political spectrum is a circle, much like the planet is... and if you don't agree too bad, cuz its true.

I've read the Turner Diaries... the militia-loving dont-take-my-guns WASPy book Timothy McVeigh read. In the end, the 'rebels' take over California, and everyone (well every white non-jew one)get together, and re-organize the state. Mass migrations happen, and the country starts off practically communist.

NY also had a supposedly wonderful Mayor and representative, Fiorello H. LaGuardia, who ran on a fusion ticket between the Republicans and sociali.sts. He had originally been just a Republican, but then he saw the utter poverty in his district, despite the fact that many of the workers did have jobs. The slackened labor pool ensured that those who did have jobs got paid minimally for them.

If that's not evidence that both sides can come together when they have each other's interests at heart, then I don't know what is. Fiorello was a great man who was not willing to ignore destitution and poverty in America even when it conflicted with his original ideas. He also wasn't about to blame the poverty of the workers on a lack of work-ethic, or cultural inferiority.

As for reverand Moon, he was already crowned in some ceremony where he declared himself the Messiah and said his teachings helped Hitler and Stalin. He's racist, he wants to kill all gays, and his organization gets most of the tax-payer funds issued to run the abstinance-only-education programs for our nations children.


Pat Robertson has suggested Nuking the state department... Ann Coulter suggested similar actions for the NYT building. Timothy McVeigh, we all know. A right-wing militia group in florida recently contacted Islamic groups to collaborate in 2002. (http://www.iht.com/articles/532274.htm)

Trust me... the left has no monopoly on wing-bats.

Unintentionally Comedic Moment of the Day:

Mr. Hart rails on and on about declining IQ's and the need for any responsible race to embrace eugenics as a means of ensuring that the gene pool is not diluted with inferior breeding stock.

I say we start with Mr. Hart, who apparently doesn't hasn't figured out how to use spell/grammar check on his own site. His home page contains several errors.

Even better: did anyone click on the Socrates vs. Jesus link?


To John Milton and Dante
to Justiy the ways of man to God

Your moment of Zen. The man is his own punishment.

There was a guy here in Wyoming who ran for congress several year's ago on a platform to build a tower into outer space. Why can't there be more crackpot's like him instead of this Hart fellow?

The good news is, virtually everyone recognizes what a nut this guy is. Therefore, although we are right to be horrified, we shouldn't be scared or see him as "dangerous."

I skimmed through, looking for some sort of explanation for brilliant black people such as Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Condi Rice, or our own Baldilocks. There ought to be something, you know--that they are genetic anomalies or some such. Nothing. I mean, if you're going to be a racist, you ought to try to be good at it.

I'm trying to feel sorry for him, but I can't quite manage it right now.

Hey! Folks. By all measures this wacko has no chance of getting anything but dirision. Sure he's a moonbat, but pay him no mind. If it really looks like he's going somewhere, well - that's different. Meanwhile it's all bullshit. He's a jerk.