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Operation Give Update

[previous post on this here] I know there are media type people out there reading this blog. I've heard from enough of you to know that. This is a story you might be interested in giving a little publicity to. Maybe you can help get this resovled. Long story short: People try to do good by sending toys to Iraq, someone rips them off for $30,000 in the process. Read the whole thing, including a timeline of events, at Chief Wiggles' place. More here from Reid, who has been dealing with the moving company that is responsible for a whole bunch of toys not getting to where they are supposed to be going. And a missing check.


I know. This is absolutely disgusting. I blogged on it also. They are doing this to children. Lowlives.

They need to be sued. The moment the lawsuit is filed, they will either A) instantly deliver the goods in order to avoid the suit, or B)cough up the money and claim it was a misunderstanding.

No more Mr. Nice guy - time for the lawyers to get involved.

Headzero is right. Publicity is nice, but it's time to quit playing with water pistols and bring out the big guns. They need to secure legal representation, if they haven't already. Surely there's someone out there willing to do pro bono work for this case.

Dollars to doughnuts Atlas Line is having problems with other creditors and has no cash flow, thus the pathetic stalling tactics. The long arm of the law is Operation Give's only hope in a situation like that, and having a million 'net users speculate about what's going on with this fiasco won't help OG's case any.