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West Side Story, Iowa Version

In relation to this post, my personal Photoshopper Keiran sends this image: [click for bigger] Someone has to come up with a song parody for Tonight.


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» Rumble Anyone? from A Family Guy
For those of you who do not know yet, this picture is in reference to the election rallies in Iowa. They are at the same time, just a couple of blocks away from each other. I bet the Secret Service loves this! [Read More]


Jesus Christ. Is Cheney okay?

Wait a sec...Is that a pic of West Side Story or WestWorld? They really look like robots

I once tried The Untouchables. Since Israel put up the security fence (see also here and here) and attacks are down, it's not as timely.

Cabana Boy looks like Elvis, but I guess that's to be expected since they have better hair.

Somehow, this makes perfect sense. If we imagine Kerry with the appropriate Puerto Rican accent, we'd hear lots of Freudian slips:

"Jew gonna take my election, jew farking wheat-trash chackass? Jew not gonna take my woman, eether!"

Pretty much seems to follow his actual worldview.

Sorry - not that funny, but I just got off work, and I'm tired.

I can't look. Pony-boy there is gonna get a beatdown.

Not "Tonight", but..

When you're a Vet
you're a Vet all the way
from your first Purple Heart
'til you throw them away!

When you're a Vet,
If you spit on the man,
who served, just like you
back in ole Vietnam...

You're never alone
You've got a "Winter Soldier"
You're home with your own
And just like you've expected:
"By the way, I served in Vietnam."

Ok, it doesn't scan perfectly, but "When You're a Jet" is a good base song.


Michele, something tells me you might appreciate this. Sorry if you've already seen it.


Pubs: The Pubs are gonna save the day Tonight.

Dems: The Dems are gonna show the way Tonight.

Pubs: The Dems are always whining, "Bush Lied”
When Osama blows their butts up Won’t they all be surprised?

Dems: We’re gonna spread World Peace Tonight.

Pubs: But our side’s got Condoleece Tonight.

Dems: We’ll tell the world to play nice
Yeah, Mike
Your movie really showed ‘em
Hey, don’t eat all my rice…..Tonight.

Pubs and Dems:
We’re gonna win it tonight,
We’re gonna ham it up and count all the votes
(Dems) The illegals get out tonight
(Pubs) The military vote’ll get ‘em alright

Dems and Pubs: Their side is losing

Dems and Pubs: And we’re the ones who’ll win this in November…..tonight!

Terry Heinz Kerry: Terry’s gonna talk some trash
She’ll count her dough and kick some ass
Perhaps it will be John’s…oh yeah
But only if he wears his little hare suit tonight


Tonight, tonight
We’re gonna keep this Right
Tonight there will be no stuffing socks
Tonight, tonight, I’ll win this one tonight
And for you, IRS will be knocked.
Al Queda wants to fry us
But if I stay, I’ll buy us
Some anti-Muslim pork
Oh vote for me
And make this a Demless day and a Demless night!

I’ll help you win the vote
I’ll fuckin’ toss the Dems
The John John’s act so fuzzy
And warm
But their oh so touchy feely
Makes the Care Bears reform.

All Together:

It happened in the suburbs north of the river
Where the smokestacks break the air

And gangs of short haird boys roamed the streets

Get out of their way cause they`re out to get their share

Now Butcher he was the leader
He had a reputation for being tough, but fair

He knew life was just a gamble
So he lived from day to day without a care

Across the river lived Fast Eddie

He was known to be treacherous, and very mean
Even had his sweet young sister out on the streets
Just a girl barely 15

Now Fast Eddie, he led the rival gang
And he claimed he was better than most
"One day I`m gonna fix that Butcher"
Always seemed to be this cocky, braggarts boast

"There`s only the quick and the dead. I wanna know who`s layin' down."

"Now, I`m gonna win this fight" said Eddie, "cause I`m gonna take a knife and I`m gonna take a gun."

The Butcher, he told his mates as they gathered round
"I`ve got two good fists, and you know I`ve never, never ever ever been afraid of anyone."

It came the night, at last for their meeting
"I can`t lose" said Eddie, "cause I`m the best,"

But the cold light of morning found Eddie
With his own switchblade knife
Burried deep in his chest

The Butcher = Bush
Fast Eddie = Kerry
In case you were wondering.

Where's Rummy? I'd rather have him at my back in an alley than VP Bad Ticker.

I think it ought to be more like The Outsiders by SE Hinton. Dems vs. Reps = Greasers vs. Socs.

Do it for Johnny! Do it for Johnny!

5 against 2..yeah that's about right.