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uber geek

I won! I won! What the hell is wrong with me? It's 2004, right? And I'm excited over buying a computer that I owned back in the early 80's. I can't wait to play Micro League Baseball. This is the greatest day ever. There's something seriously wrong with me.


Oh. My. God.


Filler Bunny.

Something wrong with you? I rather doubt it. Seeing as how the majority of your readers will now have to be envious of your acquisition, I'd say you're 100% normal.

Either that, or there's something seriously wrong with your readers (perish the thought!)

Ah... I almost considered bidding myself... nothing would bring back memories of my childhood more than a summer night spent playing Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbinders...

Dont forget to buy a hole puncher to make your diskettes double sided!!!

Greatest Hack Evar!!one

Oh yeah, now you need to find the game "Paradroid" for the C64...

...that or "Impossible Mission" ("Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!" /inside joke)

I don't know how many hours I spent playing the original F-117 Stealth Fighter by Microprose. The graphics were basic, the flight sim was laughable, but the game PLAYED. Wrong angle of attack, wrong altitude, wrong speed, wrong anything and radar gotcha. It was an exercise in details and I loved it.

Actually I'd love to kill a night playing the original Pirates again. Baseball bat joystick and lining up your broadsides...check wind...where'd he go? Does anything ever change?

Still have my Commodore 64 stashed in the closet. Played F-19 (F-117), Silent Hunter, and my favorite, Red Storm Rising which was a great modern day sub sim. Those commies didn't stand a chance! MWAHAHAHAHA!

We are all jealous of your old school gaming system. I was born in 1983 and bought an Atari that's older than I am this year. You can never go wrong with original Frogger (with the box and instructions too). Oldies are goodies.

Nothing wrong with you at all. You just inspired me to buy on E-bay (so I can attempt to finally beat the damn game 10 years later!) - SONIC SPINBALL.... for my Sega Genesis system.

Golden Axe AND King's Bounty?? W00T!!! And someone needs to remake Red Storm Rising so we can play that on modern computers.


One of my best friends (age 35) is building a game cabinet, sorta like the arcade-size ones, but bigger, and with a screaming computer inside (a server, really) that has every game ever made loaded onto it.

Every. Game.

Every game-system game. Every arcade game. Every computer game, IBM, C64, Apple, etc. (All up to circa 1987 or so). We're talking Blade of Blackpool and Castle Wolfenstein. Not Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. The original. Star Raiders. Wizardry. Ultima. Pitfall. Xevious. Joust. All the Infocoms.

It also sports a custom-made console with controls of every type -- trackball, tons of buttons, joysticks, etc. And a pull-out keyboard.

It's a monument, really. An artifact. A work of art.

I'll let you know when it's finished.

Was the Golden Axe the one that began with the tinny little voice saying -

"Rive flom yaur grafe!"

I still have my Commodore 64 somewhere, I think a Hunchback of Notre Dame cartridge is still jammed in the back. But Im hanging out for a SNES revival so I can play Secret of Mana again.

Michele: Congratulations! I played many games on Commodore Vic 20 & 64 and then Amiga 500. The good ol' days... Do you remember Pharoah's Curse?

Game on!

Microleague Baseball? Wow, that brings me back. A good friend of mine was one of the main developers on that, and the office was right down the road. I remember hanging out there, everyone wearing fuzzy bunny slippers, frisbee all night... typical programmer shop!

I hooked up a Commodore 64 at our Atari Party last year and stuck Castle Wolfenstein in the drive since I thought it would provide a link to the present, or at least more present than 1984. However, the damn kids didn't have the patience for the load time between the title screen and the start of play. Kids these days.

Atari Party 5 is coming up this weekend, and we'll have 3 or 4 2600s hooked up, a Radio Shack Color TV Scoreboard (hockey, tennis, handball, ca. 1979), a Sears Telesports (tennis, hockey, handball ca. early 1980s), an original Nintendo Entertainment System, and for a throwback computer, my new (old) TI 99 4A.

I've got pics from last year's party, but sadly, none of the Commodore 64.

i'm still pissed i forgot to get my Coleco Vision back from my ex boyfriend before i dumped him. :(

Elephant Man, you're right, it was F19. And I have no idea how many games of Red Storm Rising I played either.

I put a C64 emulator on my PIV Linux box so I could play Elite. Best. Game. Ever. (although Diablo II is up there).

I was a total C64 geek. I disassembled the OS (all 8K of it) and copied it into a notebook. I knew my way round that thing like the back of my hand. It's where I cut my teeth writing software, and now people pay me to do it.

The original Wolfenstein is a great game--find the plans to Operation Rheingold and escape the castle (schweinhund!).

On Micro League, you gotta try playing as the 1955 Washington Senators; I beat my brother-in-law who was playing the all-time NL team. You can piece together a decent team, but be sure to skip the DH rule because Mickey McDermott is one of the great hitting pitchers of all time.

Mule was my all time favorite C-64 game.
I'm jealous of you Michele.
Can I come over and play?

I just looked at the ebay page, you got the Duel by Accolade. Now I'm extra jealous.