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Glory Days

But you should have seen me in that cheerleader outfit. Really. If only I had gotten Jeff Goldstein (Mensa, James Joyce Club) to sign my bra instead of my yearbook. Sigh. Clarification: Van Club


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So, who was the faculty advisor for the van club? I bet he married a former student.

Three or four times.

I'm pushed to ask...

What is the Van Club?


It's quite a story. Not a never ending story, but quite a story.

Man, that's some serious link-whoring.

like mensa guys, eh?

Ohh piss on mensa.
When they can fix a 97 Ford, with an intermitant misfire then I shall call them equal.

It's also not nearly as good as his best, Crank. Sorry, if it's gonna be link-whoring, it'd better be GOOD link-whoring.

What's next in the realm of link-whoring?

I predict sandwiches named after bloggers.

I'm a Gefiltefish, horseradish, and Swiss on rye.

Nice post, Michele. Thanks.

I'm still looking for Barbara's blog.