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i love the internet

My deep seated obsession with old school graphic adventures and my love of the word burninating have finally been brought together in the greatest thing the internet has ever produced. Really. Peasant's Quest.


sniff I love you, man.

Argh! I just spent 40 minutes getting pebbles to put into that damn bucket and I got killed by a Kerreck! Grr.

That site is sooooo lame.

And yes, it's saved to favorites. Reminds me of my beloved PCjr. Floppy disks were so cool.

Do not spindle, mutilate, or fold.

Here is a walkthrough if anyone is desperate.

I refuse to look at the walkthrough. Yet.

Best line so far: "No, no. The broom is in the foreground and you can't take things from the foreground. You don't see me all typing, "get browser window," do you?

Update: when you get to stage 2, it tells you to "insert floppy disk into Drive B" and then simulates drive read error. THis is giving me heavy Kings Quest 2 flash backs.

Update 2: Final score 125/150. Aren't I clever? Looking back at the walkthrough, I missed a couple things, but nothing big. Rather unsatisfying ending.

Good Christ.

Whooooooaaaaaaahhhh! Flashback!

Just remember: compared to Infocom games, this sort of thing was Halo.

BTW, why didn't they ever program these games to understand "kill the sumbitch"?

Hey, you have to check out:

If you like old advernture games. They did remakes of the orginal Kings Quest 1 and Kings Quest 2 (but updated it with graphics, sounds/voices, and a new UI).

The Kings Quest 2 remake is one of the best Adventure Games I have EVER played. The story is great.

Brian is right; if you like this, you'll love KQ2+. It's not really a remake of KQ2--where the original was a rote catalogue of fairy tales, the AGD people gave their version a plot (and a rather dark one, at that). It reminded me more of Quest for Glory 4 than anything; it has the same creepy village-vampire-graveyard motif.
The game also contains a hidden snark about The Longest Journey, which amused me.

I can't wait until AGD releases their VGA version of QG2, which is my favourite Sierra game of all time.

Does that every take me back to the old Zork days! Sigh! (Zork was so great because you TYPED. So even when the boss was around, you looked busy. If you call busy getting eaten by a Grue....)

Thanks! This is definitely gonna be bookmarked!

Stubbornly hanging onto her old copies of the Zork Trilogy, Hocus Pocus and Jill....

Ooh, Michele, she said Zork... [evil grin

Hey! A Kerrick ate my right bracket!

I thought the Homestar brothers were cool, just for Strongbad and his e-mails, but this game bumps them up to minor deities on my list. An all new way to waste time!

Homestar, as the kids say, "rawks, dude!!"

Homestar is something of a family addiction with us. I have a Trogdor bumpersticker, and my wife has a window sticker of The Cheat on the back window of her car. The creators of the website live here in Atlanta.

I came rather late to the fantasy/adventure/RPGs, so my only real exposure to the KQ and Zork games was well after they were into their Windows-based iterations. But my first real online account, way back in 1987, was with a company called Mnematics. They only had a couple of online games, and one of them was called Dungeon. I thoroughly enjoyed that game, and it wasn't until years later that I discovered it was a version of Zork 1 that had been licensed for online use.

Michele, you rock. I have no idea where you keep finding this stuff. Now I'll be looking for a webversion of Hero's Quest/Quest for Glory Parts I & II, which are the original text entry versions of the game. Really, the game play was far superior in the original than the improved graphics, icon-driven version

The same folks at AGD Interactive who brought us the KQ1&2 remakes are slaving away on QFG2 as we speak.

It's like a freakin' renaissance on the web, and we're all invited!

Amazing. Thanks for the info; I just checked out AGD Interactive's site.

For Peasant's Quest my last score was 139/150.
The only thing I figured out.
If you still have the baby, throw it in the west part of the lake. It'll say" It needs to be in the center of the lake, where it's deeper." You'll assume it drowned but it'll swim to shore with a bottle of soda, which can be traded for the helmet instead of answering the question.

Instant message "infocombot" or "inforcombot2" and you can still play Zork. He's got many games programmed. Zork 1, 2, 3, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Quake, Adventure, Shade or something like that, and a bunch of others. It's fun.

anyone know what the naked guy has anything to do with?
every time i try to talk to him, i 'startle him and he runs away'

The naked guy is Naked Ned. I discovered this based on the trivia questions in Trogdor's cave. The robe you wear (with "N.N." on it) is his robe.

If you "talk naked ned" he says "Never speak of this meeting!" and scurries away. No points.

You can ask everyone in the game about him and they all are pretty much grossed out by him.

I still don't know if there is a point to be had there plus I don't know how else I would have known his name were it not for the Trogdor Cave Trivia Question.

i got 149 outta 150 but i cant figure out how to get that last point

You can find Naked Ned's name by typing "talk tree" in the area he appears in.

To get that last point, I'd suggest closing the drawer in Naked Ned's house after you steal his robes.