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More RNC Bloggers (Update)

More bloggers have been credentialed for the RNC. The complete list thus far is: * Kevin Aylward of WizBang! * Matt Margolis of Blogs For Bush * Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters * Scott Sala of Slant Point * Jim Hinderaker of Power Line * Karol from from Spot On, who will be blogging for Dean's World Oh, and myself, blogging for both ASV and Command Post. Congrats to those added today! Added: Bill from INDC Journal.


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John Hinderaker of Power Line will also be there.

Oops. I had Jim in there, just some bad html. Fixed.

Hey! Aren't you supposed to be at the beach?

The best laid plans, etc.

Beach tomorrow. Slumming it tonight.

sniff I'll just watch you on TV.

If you're using wireless, be sure to bring a spare card. I should have put one in the box I sent you. Oh well.

Looks like a great lineup.

Yay! I'm really looking forward to rich blog-coverage of the RNC.

And the pictures.

I'll be there, too -- in my mind. Should be interesting.

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