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What a class act

That Roger Clemens is. Houston, you have a problem. Enjoy him. [brought to you by the Roger Clemens Haters Club] Update 8/4: Yes, I apologized.


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1. Who?

2. Sports teams from Katy must have a hard time. "Katy Cowboys", how, uh, fey. I'd name them the Katy Dids.

3. Katy's a real nice little town. Or it was, until everybody moved out there because it was a real nice little town.

The ump must have looked like Mike Piazza.

That wasn't the real Clemens- we all know Clemens aims for the head & not the leg.

12-3, 2.77 ERA, 141 Ks in 136 innings, made every start this year?

I mean, he's no Esteban Loaiza, but we simple rubes in Texas have to take what we can get, even if it means that a few local Little League umps get some involuntary irrigation.

My co-worker was there at that tournament for his kids' team. He said there was a rumor going 'round that Clemens was in the building... Guess the rumor was true.

Houston has a lot of problems. Clemens' pitching is about the only thing that isn't one.

Just wait until you get your gift box. ;)

Yeah, and just imagine the negative reaction there would have been had he jaywalked, or got a speeding ticket, or some other really heinous act by comparison. Whoa nelly, as they say.

(BTW, this is from someone who thinks RC was a jerk in the Piazza disputes, and is apathetic otherwise.)

When I read that atrocious headline.....I immediately thought of Duke Haywood the feared closer in Major League. After all he threw at his kid in a father-son game.

HAhahhahahahaha, Clemens is such a tool.

He's also the best pitcher of our lifetime.

In case you were interested in another side to the story ...

Apparently, the seed-spitting and ejection incident was as reliable as all those reports out of Gaza from "palestinian witnesses."

Somebody owes Roger an apology.

All of you do...including the Houston media because they jumped all over this bogus story also.

And, BTW, Clemens is no problem for Houston. He's having a wonderful season and has already done lots for the community. I sincerely wish that we had more "problems" like Roger Clemens and that we continue to have a Clemens "problem" next season too.

True I fully agree ativan

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