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al-Sadr surrounded

The end is nigh for al-Sadr, I hope. More here.


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» Report: Sadr Surrounded from Backcountry Conservative
The Command Post: CNN TV just reported that troops have surrounded the home of Moqtada al-Sadr in the Iraqi city of Najaf, and that a gun battle has ensued. Bulgaria’s Novinite has a very brief report here. More as it... [Read More]


He claims to thirst for martyrdom. Give him his dream

I question the timing. Apprehending one of Iraq's terrorist leaders during that sensitive 13-weeks-before-the-election window? I'm on to you, Mr. Bush!

Worth noting: The report says al-Sadr's home is surrounded, not that he's surrounded. Is he even there?

I think he went out for falafels. He should be back any minute as 'Jeopardy' is on in a few minutes.

Not that Reuters is the end-all, but they're not reporting it. I couldn't find anything on CNN either. Hopefully it's still breaking news and everyone's trying to verify.

It broke on CNN TV. Sky and AP also have it now.

That's 'Jihadpardy'.

Glorious Martyrs for one thousand, please.

I hope this is just a case of unclear AP writing:

"Heavy gunfire and a mortar barrage set cars on fire before Iraqi police intervened and the U.S. forces withdrew, witnesses said."

At first glance, this sounds like the Iraqi police intervened to drive off the U.S. forces and save Mookie, doesn't it?

I imagine what the writer meant is something like "After the situation was under control, the Americans left the now-pacified scene in the hands of the Iraqi police" or something, right?

Britton, that's one game where the first person to 'push the button' is the loser!

I question the timing of Allah's post questioning the timing of this action.

I'm gonna miss that crazy kid.

Oops, like like y'all spoke too soon.

your brave boys were driven away by sadr's guys and the Iraqi police.


Yes, thank you harmonia. Don't call us, we'll call you.