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I'm looking for a way to install a comment registration process without having to change over from Moveable Type (or upgrade to MT3, which I can't afford to do right now). Does anyone know if there is a script/program that will allow me to install a commenting registration form or something like that? As of right now, I'm turning off the comments on yesterday's posts. I've had enough. And it's not just the moonbats, though they sure did come out in droves yesterday. It's other people as well. If you can't make a comment without resorting to calling someone fat or ugly, don't comment. Please. Mostly, though, it's the moonbats. Maybe less anonymous cowards will drop by if they have to go through a registration process.


That differnt Bill...he's fat and he's ugly and he'd gladly register to comment on this site.

Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs) wrote a comment package that seems to be working well, and my impression is that he'll share it.

I think any of the good ones would require your pages to be in PHP, which i notice they aren't.

Switching over to php pages is extraordinarily simple, however. Jennifer at scriptygoddess.com wrote a comment registration script for me a few months ago (similar to what MT integrated into 3.0, I believe), but I always just paid her to install it. You might email her and ask...

I may not comment here too often anymore, but this is one fat, stupid and ugly Geek who will gladly regester to be able to leave comments on this dumb website run by some poopy-faced, nutty girl.

Don't hit me.

Fat, stupid, ugly geeks are just my thing. :)

MT3.0 is free for single-author three-blog use, if you can live without access to telephone support.

It's not "crippleware" in any way that I have been able to detect.

Can I still call Michael Moore fat and ugly?

we win

Win what, asshole?

You have proven that you can sit behind a keyboard and act like a jerk. You have proven that you have mastered the art of creating a fake email address. You have demonstrated, that you are unwilling to stand be your words and hence, evrything you have to say is automatically disregarded.

What exactly have you won? You may cost Michele a few hours troll proofing her site, but there are many people willing to help her and it really isn't that big a deal. Actually, you've lost. You've lost the priviledge of trolling here while at the same time making it a better site for sincere commenters. Myself, I thank you.

Yea, what Al said.

Trolls (and we know who you are) are the cyber equivalent of nasty prepubescent delinquents who scrawl dirty words on Mrs. Murphy's fence or leave a flaming bag of dog pooh on Mr. Rogers porch ringing the doorbell then running away.

They "win" in their own "minds" (an after-dinner drink has a bigger IQ) when all they've done is cause some frustration to the adults in the area. However, Mrs. Murphy will have her fence repainted (maybe with something more grafitti proof) and Mr. Rogers will install a locking gate. And life will return to its richness for the adults.

What sorry little anonymous lives trolls must lead. You could almost feel sorry for them, if they weren't such complete sh*ts.

Dude. Any way I can help, you let me know.

My blogging life got infinitely better as soon as I got registration. Yes, people still argue with me. Yes, people still say obnoxious things occasionally.

But suddenly I'm back to having a group of supportive friends, a group of thoughtful dissenters, and the occasional charming crank.

You know, like back when it was fun.

Yes, the fucktards and the moonbats will call you names on other blogs. As will some of your old friends who bitch and moan.

Do it. Do it do it do it. You'll never really regret it.

"we win"

Yes, you won a brand new napkin. Use it to wipe the froth off your mouth.

Hey, I'd gladly register to comment here. I don't comment often, but it wouldn't put me out one iota to give you a password.

As for Mr. TrackBack winner - it must suck to feel like you gotta to play to win somthing as stupid as making a blogger register her comments. Umm, we still get to comment, and he doesn't. Kind of like "playing to win!" a truckload of urine or somthing. What's the point?

did you consider double secret probation?

that's very strict.