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bq. Rookie of the Year - 1970 American League MVP - 1976 Gold Glove Award - 1973, 1974, 1975 All-Star - 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 25 years. Still my favorite Yankee.


So who is he?


He was one of the few Yankees I could stand.

Clearly not a New York sports fan, huh? :)

Follow the link and all will be revealed...

He's still my favorite Yankee as well.

My dad attended Kent State with Munson when he was there. Liked him a lot.

Definitely not one of my favorite people, but a hell of a catcher. I still remember how surreal it seemed when I heard that he died. No way! Fisk vs. Munson is eternal. He couldn't just die. The Yankees without Munson? That would be like the Sox without Fisk...

Definitely the second best catcher in Yankee history (after Yogi).


1972 Princeton NJ Little League (9) - first round draft pick. Press noticed that I never struck out, not even once during season)
1973-1975 Princeton LL All-Star catcher, modeled on Munson. Batted 3rd though I was the slowest guy on the team. Press noted that I struck out a total of 3 times in my 4 years in Little League.

I grew up in a pre-cable TV heaven for a baseball fan. Princeton was dead-center between NY and Philly. On a good summer day, I could watch the Phillies on channel 17, the Mets on channel 9 and the Yankees on channel 11.

All in all, and though Munson was my favorite, I'm treated as an apostate by Orthodox Yankee fans for suggesting that neither he nor Donnie Baseball nor Rizzuto belong in the Hall of Fame.

A comet is spectacular but it's neither a planet nor star. Short brilliance of a few years in MLB is not sufficient for the Hall. Put in the artifacts (bat, ball, glove, hat, whatever), but not full induction.

Plenty of players in the HOF aren't worthy, but we shouldn't lower the bar.

Great story about Munson. A NY sports writer thought he was complimenting Munson by writing he was second to Fisk in put-outs. The next game, Munson proceded to drop 3 third strikes, picked up the dropped ball and tagged the batter... thereby gaining the lead in that category. Munson was making the point that he was the BETTER defensive catcher.

And here now I live in LA, which got rid of 3 great catchers: Piazza, Johnson and Lo Duca. The pain!

And my Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League team in 1999, which ranked #700 of over half a million teams, was named The Tools of Ignorance.

With you in consolation, Michele.

p.s. Fisk SUCKS!

I loved David Wells as a Yankee, too.

Big slob was a joy to watch.

I dont think fisk sux, I think Ortiz and Martinez suck.

Thurman was the man. I got all choked up when I read that his locker is still as he left it 25 years ago.

I always thought he was the inspiration for the bad guy Yankee in Major League. Munson led the league in most offensive categories, including nose hair.

Ted Williams was a better hitter than Dimaggio and a better pilot than Munson.

Article says that Munson was the first Yankee captain since Lou Gehrig. Is that correct? Dayum, what's it take, huh? Yogi and Mantle didn't reach that level?

I was 9 years old when Munson was killed and I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I was in Canton, Ohio a few weeks ago and drove past a sign about it being Thurman's home town. Got all choked up. I did my best to explain it to my wife - it seems like a silly thing, but I wish just once I'd been able to see him play in real life instead of just on the screen.

He is my favorite athlete. A roll model for my life. When the Yanks needed a hit or a play, there was Munson. You could always count on him.

ps. Fisk sucks as does Sparky Anderson!