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more poster stuff

I'm a bit stunned at the way the poster idea has taken off. I've gotten more generous offers in regards to printing and other services than I can count. Two things to note: * The poster is fair use for anyone. You do not need to ask my permission to print it out, especially since we do not own the images on the poster itself. * Please let me know if there is a specific size you need. As I said before, tomorrow I will make available downloadable versions of the poster. Right now, the one you see is a photo of the original. * We'll be making another version of the poster that will include a photo of the Pentagon. * We will not be selling the posters. If we do decide to do anything like use a specific online printer or put the image on t shirt using an online vendor (I've received offers from more than one), we would do it so that either a) the only cost to you would be shipping or b) any money taken in would go to a 9/11 charity. * We want to again thank Charles for the inspiration. * Thank you everyone who has given us positive feedback on the idea.


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I've already thrown it on a tee shirt screen. (which is causing no end of inking arguments)

On second thought, the terror alert is all a plot by our government.

From the Desk of Cheney/Ashcroft, Evil Duo at Large:

Ok, so this is how it's gonna go down. Everyone ready?

At some time (but I'm not sure when), at some place (but I'm not sure where), in some manner (but I'm not sure how), there will be some kind of terrorist attack (but I'm not sure which kind). We advise you to take precaution, (yet don't panic). We advise you to act normal (yet be vigilant). We are asking you to please go about your normal business (while we have cancelled all my travel plans). We have a handle on the situation (we are going underground) and you can rest assured that your president is in full control (we are sending George to the Yankee game. He drew the short straw when we ran out of room in the shelter).

Thanks for the image (linked from LGF)
A copy goes into my car window until after the election.

Please ignore Angry at America. He/She is playing a cruel game. Responding to the content of Angry at America's comments in any way merely enhances the cruelty of Angry at America's sick game.

Angry at America posted the same comment as "Trackback" on an earlier thread.

I do believe they are the same person.

Michele! Just read about this over at LGF. You are a sharp minded individual of excellent intelect!! (that's becuase right now, at this moment I can't seem to remember how to properly spell geneious or however its spelled :) )

This is a really good idea, and I'm glad to see it taking off.
It is also very good-hearted of you to not look at this as a way of making money. I do think perhaps a donation of some sort should be set up in order to help people pay for the printing of these posters. Not sure how that would work, but ... dunno. For right now, the concept is what counts.

Excellent poster. I hate to be a wet blanket, but I hope you've obtained permission to use the photos from whoever owns them. Whether you charge for the posters or not, this is still a copyright issue, and it'd be a shame if you ended up getting grief from the coypright holders.