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Fairy Tales Can Come True

The Ghost of Ed Whitson is gone. I am a happy Yankee fan. Other baseball news: Here's to a few less times I'll have to look at Nomar's face.


I wonder how many times Nomah has to pack and unpack, clasp and unclasp, tape and untape all his boxes and trunks before he moves.

Is it football season, yet? :(

Only in Boston. The Yankees wouldn't and couldn't let this happen to Jeter.

Boston fans are crying about Nomar, but they were drooling for A-Rod last year. Doesn't matter, they're going to turn on Theo Epstein, over this new shortstop, faster than you can say Spike Owen.

No mar Contreras to kick around anymore.

The Red Sox just went from the worst defense in baseball to the best infield defense in the AL East. 8 games may not be a safe lead. :)

Actually now the Red Sox just need the wild card. Man this is going to be a great fall.

Oh and the Cubs are now the best team in Baseball. Yahoo!!

Why don't you let the new guys play for a couple of weeks before you declare that infield the best. Previous Gold Gloves don't make them riders on the Cooperstown Express.

Michele? I would like to start slamming the "Evil Empire: First Place" all over. Name your link that I connect it to. (BTW: LeatherPenguin is now open for baseball bullshit business._

Update: Nomar hits into a double play at his first "at bat" for the Cubs.

Heh heh heh

Well, Contreras has good days and bad days. But Loaiza has good years and bad years, and this is one of his bad years.