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They Love Us in Europe

[Via Ian and the Corner] [click for bigger] Translation of this Subway tray-liner that's out in Europe, via Southern Appeal:
HEAD: “Why are the Americans so fat?” Michael Moore quote: “The only time I have been scared for my life has been going through a McDonald’s drive-thru.” The New York Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock asked in Michael-Moore-style this profound question and lived on fast food in a self-experiment for 30 days of only products of the largest fast-food chain in the world. Astonishingly [the results]: 25 pounds more around the ribs, alarming liver count and blood count, which would alarm any doctor. In his top-Satire, which won the prize for best direction in Sundance 2004 for an outstanding film, Spurlock questions the responsibility of affiliated groups and consumers, the large amount of money that the “fast-food-culture” has made and the alternative – to make the heavy-weighted Americans again a healthier population. An ironic blow to the stomach - loaded with a lot of fat and facts about a questionable mega-industry. Super Size Me A true fat film by Morgan Spurlock…Now in theaters! Don’t care what you eat? Then do not allow yourself to miss this exciting and important Film about the dangers of poor nourishment – it will open your eyes!
Presented without commentary. I'm going to Quiznos.


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Just the opposite shown here (via Fark)

Michael Moore quote: “The only time I have been scared for my life has been going through a McDonald’s drive-thru.”

He was probably afraid his driver might steal some fries.


That's what I told Subway in my letter.

Comment form:


Eh? I'm still going to McDonald's.

I bet the Europeans can hardly believe that so many Americans are allowed to get away with being over their government-approved weight!

Surprisingly, the documentary "Super Soap Me" didn't go over well at all in France.

This is what happens when you let a guy who looks like he's straight out of amateur porn make a documentary...

yumm. i love the chicken carbonara sub @ Quiznos.

They have a pepper bar...

The translation could use a little work. Here's a better one:

HEADING: "Why are the Yanks so fat?"

New York film maker Morgan Spurlock got to the bottom of this important question with a Michael Moore style experiment, in which he subsisted for 30 days on the products of the largest fast food chain in the world. The results were astounding: he gained 25 pounds, damaged his liver, and ended up with a blood pressure that would alarm any doctor.

In his highly satirical film, which won the coveted "Best Director" award in the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, Spurlock examines the responsibility of companies and consumers, the huge profits that the fast food culture has brought, and what can be done to make the heavy-set Americans a healthier people once again. An ironic punch to the gut, - complete with plenty of fat and facts about a dubious mega-industry.

Super Size Me: A truly fat film by Morgan Spurlock ... Now in theaters!

Michael Moore quote: "The only time you'll have to worry about my safety is if you see me going through a McDonald's drive-thru."

Bottom: Do you care what you eat? Then don't miss this surprising, funny film about the dangers of poor nourishment – it will open your eyes!

The only thing Michael Moore style about the documentary is the part about being fat.

The only real ironic thing here is Michael Moore was quoted. But he is on the mark this time. You can't deny that a lot of Americans are fat, and it is because of the fast food diet.

I'm guilty of this as well, so most of this finger pointing is back at me more than anybody else. Except I won't touch McD's with a 10 foot pole. If I'm gonna ruin my health I'm gonna do it with Pizza Hut's pepperoni thin crust pizza and the local Mexican place's enchiladas and tamales.


There is a big problem with this and it only is tangentally linked to "fast food."

It's called exercise. As I've heard it, Spurlock wore a pedometer to make sure he barely moved at all during his exclusive burger/fry/shake.

What worries me is the movement towards another state Nanny attack.. you can hear the drool hit the sidewalks in DC as legislators think up ways to "make food expensive" with taxes (ooo... I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that politicians would use taxes as behavior modifiers..)

My late grandparents were born in 1901, 1904 (both died in 1984). My mom has told me how what they ate while she was growing up, the dinner parties and backyard BBQ's my grandmother was famous for..with Porterhouse steaks cut 1 1/2 inches thick, corn with real butter, homemade icecream, whole milk, beer....

But my grandmother rarely drove...she walked five to 10 miles a day, kept a very clean house (do house work without many of the wizbang things we have and, yowzer, its a workout). My grandfather loved walking, hiking, swimming and golf.

I read somewhere we are not really eating any more than our parents or grandparents, we just don't MOVE. This is especially true of children... many grade schools have eliminated recess or halved it, kids don't go home at 2 pm to ride their bikes, skate, play tag ,etc until dinner time. We eat later and then sit in front of the TV. We are so friggin' busy during the day we come home exhausted and just want to sit and watch tv or get on the computer.

ROFL, but don't many of us DRIVE to the gym?

I'm sorry, but the government needs to BUTT OUT.

He overeats for a month and he gains weight. That's not a documentary; it's a Jackass stunt stretched out to 2 hours. There's a woman who ate at McDonalds for 30 days and lost weight. She ate sensibly and exercised. It's about the choices we as free, independent people make. I've made some bad choices in this arena, but the last thing I want is some government bureaucrat monitoring my fat intake and cutting my food into nice, bite-sized pieces.

I often wonder how real documentary filmmakers feel about the Moores and the Spurlocks getting rich while trashing their genre.

Darleen, I agree totally that the Gov't needs to butt out. It's why I'm against litigation against the cigarette companies. I'm not in favor of obesity lawsuits either. Also, it it is why I'm against some major parts of the Patriot Act.

So far I've not really read people on the blogsphere upset over the message of the film itself, but mainly because the Subway advert took a swipe at overweight Americans. Or they were upset about the statue of liberty parody, or the Michael Moore quote. None of which really have anything to do with government intervention.


Ok, you've sparked my curiousity.
I'm against some major parts of the Patriot Act

Can you be specific?

BTW, I'm a non-smoker, always have been. Nothing philosophical, it just never interested me. But I find much of anti-smoking legislation too "prohibition" for my taste. When officials take it upon themselves to airbrush the cigarette from James Dean's mouth for a US postal stamp, or FDR's cigarette and cigarette holder for a pic in a school history text book, we are not dealing in rationality.

Nick Cave said it best~ we are Fat Little Insects.

I am ashamed of our obesity, and I'm a skinny mofo who eats at home, never with the fast food.

Radiohead hopes you choke.

I find it interesting that Subway is doing this overseas, but not here. I think that's why Ratan has found people in the blogosphere upset about this. (This post, by the way, is the first I've seen of this ad.)

When you couple the "ooh...look how fat the Americans are" aspect of the ad with the (tenuous, perhaps) Michael Moore tie-in and add a dash of complaint about a huge American corparate enterprise, you've got the perfect hit movie over there--the feel-good (about feeling superior toward America) hit of the summer!

And while I'm here...Quizno's Italian sub rulez! Subway's Italian BMT is teh sux0rz in comparison!

There's some stuff happening on this over at Right Thinking Girl. A commenter there, Cooper, wrote:

I called the corporate office after reading this post. I asked them to tell me that it is an e-prank and there really isn't an anti-american tray liner in Europe. Connie, the polite customer service phone lady, said is this the tray liner that wasn't approved? I said I wasn't sure. She then said there had been a tray liner with "fat american's" kind of stuff and they didn't have an answer about them yet, they were looking into it. She wasn't sure what they'd do.

Subway will make you fat too. Here's proof:


Hmmm, a footlong meatball sub with bacon and extra cheese sound's mighty good right now. Plus a bag of vinegar chips. And a tasty old Guiness followed by a slice of banana cream pie and another Guiness.

Speaking of Achewood, what's the deal with the pants-falling-off theme on the blogs? Is Ray doing some sort of voodoo with his Ken doll?

article critiquing the message of supersize me. Feel free to disagree with it... just posting it here for a rather different take on the movie.

Click name for linkie

For the record, that link also compares it to jackass the movie, but then delves into different points. Laugh. (I laugh becuase the author of the article is VERY far away from this blog's political views, but still came up with a similar analogy ;) )

I will look forward to the many similar awards given to filmmaker Michael Wilson.

Feh. As if.

We are fat because of our freedom. No Government made us so and the anti-government rants are irrelevant, mere Pavlovian conditioning when certain bells like "This is what Europe thinks of us!!!!" are rung. The real "drooling" is going on there.

We choose not to exercise, we even choose "not to have time" to exercise, and we certainly choose fattening fast food on the order of "billions and billions served". And we pay for it with the particular ways we choose to get sick and die.

Okay, I can live with it.

No "healthy" lifestyle will keep us from getting sick and dying in the end, it will, at best, merely prolong the process. And are you and I doing anything that is really worth prolonging it for? Maybe. Maybe not.

But, as a practical matter, consider Ronald Reagan, a man who was an exemplar of a "healthy" lifestyle.

Would you choose his way of getting sick and dying? Recognizing no one and remembering nothing while the healthy heart and lungs keep working for years?

The biggest, and the saddest, lie in American life was the line from the theme song from the old TV Show "Fame":

"I'm gonna live forever. I'm gonna learn how to fly..."


The Patriot Act has many good things that needed to happen after 9-11, but it also had many scary things that would not have protected us that horrible day, and would not prevent future 9-11 style attacks. I won't quote the famous Ben Franklin line, but I do believe it is as valid today as it was in his day.

What bugs me most about the Patriot Act are the double standards.

I see no reason for the government to look into my medical records, or prescription drug history, or what books I buy or take out of the library. And yet, any guns a terrorist might buy will not be covered because of kneejerk fears of the NRA. Ashcroft loves the NRA, they pay his bills (they gave him a boatload of money when he ran for office last time in Missouri).

I'd ask what is scarier to you, a terrorist with a bottle of antibiotics in one hand, and Catcher in the Rye in the other, or a terrorist holding a rifle and 10 bricks of ammo.

I don't really care if the gov't is looking through my medical records actually, but it isn't making the world a safer place. And it is wasting time focusing on the wrong details.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment for law abiding citizens, but in this day and age, we should know if any known terrorists, or organizations with terrorist ties, are buying guns and ammo.

Also, the right to force ISPs to install Carnivore without a court order, makes it legal to get a wiretap without a court order, legal immigrants can be held on "suspicion" of terrorist activities (which in this day and age seems to include wearing anti-Bush t-shirts), etc, etc.

I guess when it boils down to it, I don't trust John Ashcroft with these types of powers. I wouldn't have trusted Janet Reno with them either. Or the person John Kerry picks as Attorney General if he wins in November.

"Do vegetarians live longer, or does it just seem that way?"

With all the handwringing, Americans as a whole live longer and more healthy lives. Much of obesity is due to the fact that while our brains and culture are 21st century, our genetics are still geared to feast/famine cycles of eons ago. We now enjoy labor saving devices and inexpensive plentiful food. I'm not as worried about the health as I am about the Government Nannies that want to tax and regulate our caloric intake.

Oh..my 2 cents on the Subway v Quizno's debate:

Togo's beats them both, hands down. :-)


I understand your concerns, but so many of them are just kerfluffle. I actually tried to slug my way through some of the 600 plus pages of the Patriot Act way back when. And the reason its that big is not because these are somesort of NEW neverbefore seen statutes, but because they are tweaks to existing statutes.

Did you know your medical records and library records were subject to search prior to the PA? Yes, they were. Did you know so-called "sneak and peek" warrants have been a long time legal tool in the investigation of organized crime and the PA just extends it to terrorist investigations?

Look, what I DO like about the PA is the sunseting clause, so it can be gone over to see what works and what doesn't.

As I understand it, Carnivore has been in use by the FBI long before the PA. Many of the worries and concerns are over the technology of it (how secure, audit features, hackable, etc) rather than mere implementation. Even under the PA, it still takes a court order before Carnivore can be deployed PLUS it is just physically impossible for Carnivore to scan ALL internet traffic rather than the targeted source. I think technology concerns are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed especially auditing the collected material. However, as long as search warrants are still a condition of such packetsniffing, (with probable cause still the standard) I don't think that in and of itself is any more a concern now then prior to the PA. Can it be abused? Certainly, just as any wire-tap could/can be. Strict oversight and accountablity are what's needed then. Remember, any evidence gathered outside of scope of a search warrant will be tossed out by the court, regardless of how 'good or strong' that evidence is.

How the hell did an offensive Subway ad end up being about the Patriot Act?

Sometimes I shouldn't even wander into my own comments section. Leaves me bewildered.

How the hell did an offensive Subway ad end up being about the Patriot Act?

That was my fault, Michele.

The subject was government butting out, in regards to lawsuits against fast food companies, then I opened the can of worms.


My responsibility too, I asked you to expand on your proffered statement.

Sorry, Michele.

Do you remember when documentaries were just that - documented, hard-hitting thought provoking and full of ideas? I was watching Vietnam: A Television History recently. It presented both sides of the war clearly. It delved into multiple aspects.

Now documentaries are just extended stunts and calculated attempts to humiliate people that the filmaker hates for a few cheap laughs. I blame Moore and Errol Morris for the decline of the documentary - Ken Burns didn't help with his sentimental eye-candy either but at least he doesn't try to degrade and tear down others. Even the people who are now making anti-Moore documentaries are just using his technique. How about a REAL documentary on the Iraq war? Or Afghanistan? etc. so long as documentaries are "hot" - perhaps someone can turn this thing around.

Someone mentioned the woman who lost weight on a 30 day McD's diet. Here's the link.


What I sent to comments@subway.com:


I want to add my name to the others who have complained about the tray liner, reportedly used in your German stores, that asks the question, "Warum sind die Amis so fett?" The depiction of an obese Statue of Liberty is particularly reprehensible, as is the quoting of Michael Moore. Indeed, I don't know which is worse.

I applaud American companies' efforts to do business in Europe, but I fail to understand why this must be done by pandering to the America-bashing which is so popular there.

You appear to have chosen sides, and have crossed the line between selling sandwiches and engaging in malicious agitprop. I hope that I am wrong, because I really like your sandwiches and would like to eat them again some day.


Irony is a European who stops his lecture on the fatness of Americans just long enough to light his second cigarette.

FYI, "Ami" is a mildly pejorative name for Americans. That's why I used the word "Yanks" rather than "Americans" in my translation above.

Oh, I love Quiznos... they have a pepper bar, ya know.

I, too, have emailed Subway indicating that I and all of my friends will not eat at their stores ever again.