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out and about (second draft)/Self-Love Friday

* Bill Quick has some fearless predictions * Mohammed: This is what you support * Stand up and Holla: go vote for Iranian Reza Torkzadeh. * John Kerry, reporting for duty! Related: Here I come.... * The Command Post: Everywhere you want to be. * Red Line Rants: The best blog you're not reading. (Well, maybe you are. Then this wasn't for you) * Progress on the ground in Iraq * Chris Muir bitchslaps Ted Rall and other Muir goodness in this interview. * My Redstate "boss" Tacitus has a great take on the Kerry speech. * Eliot Spitzer's chutzpah. * HAHAHAHAHA! And more HAs. * Micah Wright is still a liar. I have more to add - I got a slew of emailed links while I was out sick, but they're home in my non-traveling Outlook folder. I'll add later on. Meanwhile feel free to consider this Self-Love Friday and throw your own gratuitous links to yourself (or anyone else) in the comments.


I got an error trying to get to Bill's page? Is it just me?

Thanks Michele,

I have an idea for a bumper sticker in my post about Kerry's speech:


CLICK! the jumping, green alien on INDEX. I din't write the Rules, friend. YOUR choice in this Finite Existence with free-will. God flagrantly bless you with massive discernment.

Err.. I know I said self-linking was ok, but don't click on that link above unless you like flashing logos and other page-slowing things to interupt your surfing.

And I thought that said "God fragrantly bless you."

Hey, does anybody have issue 154 of Wizard Magazine?

I have some thoughts on Kerry here and then after last night, here.

Hopefully I can get some more ideas.

Howdy - Happy Friday. I've got a plea for help, a bold prediction, and thoughts about Kerry. Might as well be a link whore!

I've a constained writing challenge open to anyone inclined to such masochistic literary behaviors (and please don't all run away so quickly...)

now watch this drive.

Regarding Red Line Rants (or as my co-blogger Kitty likes to say, Red Liner Ants), we linked Tyler when he was an insignificant microbe, and we're thrilled that so many others have discovered his great blog. I can't figure out why the Nudik file hasn't taken off similarly though--great little blog that nobody has heard of.

Doh! Make that Nudnik File. Preview is my friend!

Thanks for the link! A commenter noted that Spitzer was planning a run for governor, which was the reason behind his asinine remarks.

I liked Rudy's response, direct, concise and precisely on point....much like Rudy himself.

Re: the Google on Command Post : I note that the Miami Herald has made the Classic Alan Mistake.

I've been quoted in US papers in the past, but never mis-attributed before. Ah, the Price of Fame! :-)

Wow, thanks for the compliment, Michele! I should probably have something better to say than that, but... thank you.

Once again, we see that Michelle and Jim are totally obsessed with Micah Wright, a complete loser who destroyed his own career and hasn't been heard from in months...

which makes you two, what, exactly? The stalkers of a loser? You're pathetic.