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The Ghost of Ed Whitson

Jose Contreras has furthered my theory that he is the Ed Whitson of 2004. "Sometimes, the game speeds up for him and his mind speeds up. When things start going badly, it gets out of control for him." Ed Whitson was booed out of New York. How long before someone buys Contreras a raft?


I think Contreras is doing just fine. He's earning every penny the Sox are paying him. ;p

Done and done. Can't say I'll miss the guy!

Kind of puts the old "Nomar is better than Jeter" argument to rest once and for all, eh?

Nomar gone, Manny being Manny, and Pedro being less than Pedro while whining about how much money he deserves, and threatening to bolt if he doesn't get it - before the frigging all-star break.

This team epitomizes the concept of "bush-league", and I love watching the meltdown.