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tv or not tv

When you spend nearly 24 hours straight on the couch you sure miss a lot. Or not. I see that there a major al Qaeda figure has been captured. And I see, rather unsurprisingly, that the "suspicious timing!" shrieks have already started. Ace has some questions for you shriekers. Like, when is a good time to capture a terrorist? I see that John Dvorak still has a bug up his ass about bloggers. (use bugmenot for login). Ahh, we just got a fresh batch of mail delivered from the old address and it wasn't just bills this time, but goodies, too! Thank, JFH for the 1776 DVD. I can now force my kids to watch it the way my mom used to force me to watch it. Nothing says loving like tradition. Thanks, Joseph for the Invader Zim DVD which I am going to watch right now. Much moosey goodness. And looking around the blogroll, I see I really haven't missed much at all. But I can tell you without hesitation that daytime tv sucks, that all those designing shows are the same, that, for some reason, CNN thinks the fact that John Kerry wrote his speech longhand is news worthy enough to be splashed on the bottom of the screen no less than five times an hour, that FOX is obsessed with dead, pregnant white women and that at any given time during any weekday, an Eric Roberts movie is on some cable channel. Apparently, whatever bug I have is still standing in the way of my writing anything interesting or thoughtful, so I'll quit now. Hopefully tomorrow will find my mind in working condition again. I suppose tomorrow you will get to hear my thoughts on the DNC. Because 400 other bloggers writing on the subject just isn't enough.


Like, when is a good time to capture a terrorist?

Don't you (and Ace) mean 'when is a good time to announce the capture of a terrorist?' It's the little details ... sort of like "sacrificing your children" versus "supporting your adult offsping in their choice to enlist" that make an honest question.

Now, it's quite possible they have legitimate security reasons for not annoucing this capture on Sunday. Quite possibly they wanted to interrogate him for a bit before the other terrorists find out and ditch their compromised cell phones, etc. It's even possible they just announced it because they hadn't made a positive ID from their weekend raid yet. There are plenty of reasonable objections to the "it's a favor to Bush" meme, but trying to throw it back on something like "you don't want us to catch terrorists" is total BS.

Doom Doom Doom!! You have to write what you think of the commentaries. (I think they totally sucked!)

I sent my set to Nerdstar, because you know, she's an evil invader too!

Um yeah, let's see, why oh why would they hold him for almost a week and announce they'd captured him the day that Kerry's supposed to deliver his acceptance of the nomination?

Not because the GOP didn't want to get in the news? No, that couldn't be it. Of course not.

Saying that Democrats aren't interested in capturing the criminals behind the 9/11 attacks is utterly stupid and ridiculous and you should know better.

But then, I expect nothing less than the most deceitful actions possible by a corrupt and in-bred bunch of fat white assholes making billions off their little war that's killing our soldiers. What is continually astonishing to me is that all of the You-go-Michele rah rah retards here haven't caught on to the utter corruption in the White House.

But what's the point of even commenting here, I'm sure the screaming will begin momentarily about tinfoil hats and other stupid little straw man assaults that mean nothing and do nothing to debate the substance of my response. Attack the man instead of the argument, you have all learned very, very well from your lord and master Shrubya. Why debate the issues when you can assassinate the character of your opponent?

Dvorak has no dick. Neither does that Not Your Friend person.


You haven't missed much aroud the blogroll? What?

I've been putting up pearls of pure blogging goodness - little nuggets of intellectual and witty nectar for the pleasure zone in your brain! The thirteen Dominican orphans I have chained up in my basement have been working...err....I have been working feverishly to fill my blog with posts of only the most sublime wisdom. Small bald men fron Tibet visit every day for coffee, such is the otherworldly Zen I possess.

And you say there's nothing new on the blogroll...wait..WAIT!

I'm not on the blogroll? Well fine! Never mind then. [mumbles]

Oh and "Not Your Friend"? I say that that Democrats aren't interested in capturing the criminals behind the 9/11 attacks. Prove me wrong. I won't wait. I know it'll take a while.

At first I didn't think anything odd about this. But then I remembered that 2 weeks ago, in the New Republic, I read that Bush was slating Pakistan to find an HVT "before the elections" and "preferably at the end of July".

a White House aide told ul-Haq last spring that "it would be best if the arrest or killing of [any] HVT were announced on twenty-six, twenty-seven, or twenty-eight July"--the first three days of the Democratic National Convention in Boston.


Not Your Friend, rawb, and other conspiracy nuts:

Geez, you guys aren't even including Abdul Qadeer Khan's sale of Pakistan's nuclear secrets to our enemies and the lack of response from President Bush when Pakistan president, Pervez Musharraf, accepted a written apology for it and pardoned the guy! Come on fellas, what good's a nutty theory without some bite?!

A Jonen Vasquez/ Invader Zim fan, too?

Michele, you are my kind of broad.

Sekimori, you prove Not Your Friend's point, attack the man, not the substance of his argument. Nice work.

I showed that TNR article to a friend 2 weeks ago. He was skeptical at best. He's not a liberal. I just found an email in my box from this morning (I didn't check my mail this morning... i slept late as I went to Crawford to watch f9.11 last night... then I did some work and just checked it now.)

Basically this morning he sent me an email that asked, "So Rob... the Pakis find a terrorist yet? Didn't think so"

TNR may be fairly liberal, but it predicted this. If it just predicted the US finding a terrorist, my friend wouldn't believe this 'conspiracy'... But the TNR article was specific... mentioned Pakistan, and had quotes from anonymous officials on both sides. It also mentioned dates.

This is substance that the Bush administration times stuff to be good politically. Even my disbelieving friend sees this as pretty solid.

Like, when was a good time to invade a country over lies and kill 900 and counting young Americans, all while Al Quaeda's rolls keep growing?

Shriek about that for a while, idiot.


Techically, since they had him on Sunday, today was the first day they could announce it that's not a day requested by President Bush according to TNR (TNR says the request was for July 26-28). But feel free to move the goal posts as you like :)

Well, hey, they can find, or announce the capture, of HVT's any time they please, as far as I'm concerned.

I just hope they do something further, and more sensible, with them than simply shoving notice of their capture on the ticker while John Kerry is speaking.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast, I guess, despite repeated disappointment.

It's 90 some days to the election and I've been considering the distinct possibility that John Kerry might win.

I'm not alone in this, by the way. A week or so ago, I even saw an article in National Review Online, which was at least willing to explore the possibility.

If John Kerry does win, I wonder, what will history say about the George W. Bush presidency?

That he started two wars which someone else had to finish? That he ran up the largest budget deficit in American history to do it? That he had to borrow a large amount of the money from China? That he squandered one of the highest approval ratings for a President in American history? All this, and so much more!

For one thing seems clear as John Kerry leaves the launching pad of the Democratic Convention: Whatever challenges his candidacy will face, he doesn't have the burden of running against George W. Bush's overwhelming record of accomplishment.

If this is the Bush administration timing news it sure sucks at it, the news tonight and tommorrow is going to be about Kerry's speech not the good news about capturing an important but not publicly well-known AQ guy.

It's obvious now that the Sandy Burger news was benificial to Sandy Burger as the 9-11 report and the Democratic convention took this story off the front pages (if it ever made it there).

rawb, you and TNR cheat by using the quote "end of July" when the actual quote said discussed the first three days of the convention 26th, 27th or 28th... Today is the 29TH!!!! This is the worst possible day of the week to release this info.

Soli, good arguments, my favorite advisary (can you control the moonbats on your side?!)

Michele: Hope you enjoy it!


Um... the wars are over, were in the winning the peace phase.

WTF do you mean that he had to borrow money from China? You obviously got this talking point for someone who knows better, but can dupe you into believing it (I can assure you that China or Chinese citizens own a very small percentage of the Treasury debt)

BTW, measuring the deficit in today's dollars is a third grader's argument. Even measuring in constant US dollars isn't really the best measure. Go back to the drawing board and take a course in macroeconomics, 'kay.

Well what I suspect happened is that the Pakis wanted to know what they'd get for succeeding in doing what they were told, and used that until the administration made some good concessions.

I don't have the answer. The fact is they were pressured, and did it. They were late... what do I know. You can say I cheat all you want. We'll see tomorrow what they report on.

Well, gee, JFH, I always thought war was when someone was shooting at you, throwing explosives in your path, and trying to kill you, And that peace was when they stopped.

Whenever I post on these blogs, I always get back so much more to think about carefully and improve my understanding. It's a real education.

So I'll have to give those remarks of yours the careful consideration they truly deserve.

I have yet to meet a Roman Dirge fan that does not also like Jonen Vasquez.

Dirge worked on Zim, too.

These guys are right!

Bastage Republicans steal Hamster CPR man's thunder! Not fair! Not fair!

Aren't there more balloons? What the f**k are you guys doing?????????

Wind Rider


Joseph, if you think GW started these wars, can I ask what cave you have been living in? How did you miss 1993 WTC, African embassy bombings, the Cole, the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, etc.

Or maybe you think Islamist terrorism is a [Zionist/neocon] plot?

And oh, did you know we still have troops in South Korea and Germany ... I guess FDR and Truman didn't do so good a job since we haven't "won the peace" there either.


Not only an AQ - but via LGF:

According to CNN, the founder of the American Muslim Council, Abdurahman Alamoudi, is about to admit being involved in a Libyan plot to assassinate Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah: Muslim leader in U.S. ‘intelligence coup’. (Hat tip: ted.)

Plus the possible female they bagged a few days ago.

wow, sandy, that IS news. bush bags a female, never thought I'd see that.

Back on topic (sorta), campaign speeches are a boondoggle anyways. Kerry could have got up on that stage and sucked a golf ball through a garden hose and people would have loved it.

Darleen: I told Joseph that a few days ago. He's not going to listen to you, either.

Imperial Keeper

Daytime TV is the broadcasted incentive to get well or get a job so you don't have to watch it anymore. It's like having teargas tossed at your couch... you'll either get up and flee or choke on the fumes.