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Not avoiding the debating going on in the comments today, just very under the weather. Back tomorrow. Play nice.


I read over on BlogsForBush that you were invited to the Republican Convention as a blogger-journalist. Way to go!

I think you'll like this one:

What if he's right?


Just a note to let you know that Kerry's thug lawyers have shut down the Waffle House, a great anti-Kerry site! Pass it on!

Take the night off, M. Sit back, put the footsies up, reeeeelax. Make K, N, and DJ wait on you like a Queen.

What? Like you don't deserve it?

Don't make me come up there!

I'm seconding Wind Rider! Michele, get thee to the comfy couch and do not let thee arise from it to do the bidding of kin or kith.


BTW Britton

Excellent article!
What haunts me is the possibility that we have become so accustomed to ambiguity and inaction in the face of evil that we find his call for decisive action an insult to our sense of nuance and proportion.
The people who dislike George W. Bush have convinced themselves that opposition to his presidency is the most compelling moral issue of the day. Well, it's not. The most compelling moral issue of the day is exactly what he says it is, when he's not saying it's gay marriage. The reason he will be difficult to unseat in November—no matter what his approval ratings are in the summer—is that his opponents operate out of the moral certainty that he is the bad guy and needs to be replaced, while he operates out of the moral certainty that terrorists are the bad guys and need to be defeated. The first will always sound merely convenient when compared with the second. Worse, the gulf between the two kinds of certainty lends credence to the conservative notion that liberals have settled for the conviction that Bush is distasteful as a substitute for conviction—because it's easier than conviction.


That article feels like it was painful to write. All the more props to the man.

Get well soon!

Refuah Shelamah! Feel better soon!