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ASV Morning Preview/Bugs Bunny Votes

I thought I would spend this morning writing about Bugs Bunny's birthday. Some silly quotes, list a few favorite episodes, open up another discussion about how great Bugs was. But what I've discovered about blogging is this: it bestows obligations upon you. Unlike, say, a newspaper reporter, you can't just write an opinion piece and be done with it. Instead, you have to review all the comments and emails and then respond accordingly, sometimes making one opinion piece drag on over the course of several days. Which is fine with me; we bloggers are nothing if not opinionated and given the chance, we'll go on forever about any given subject. I can't speak for all bloggers, but I know that if I print something that becomes a hot subject (generating a lot of comments and trackbacks), it's a safe bet that within all those comments and pings there will be dissenting opinions. Which in turn obligates me to counter those opinions, or at the very least, back up my own words. And sometimes those comments derail into another subject entirely, which (I feel) obligates me to address that subject in a separate post. And so it went yesterday and last night. There was the abortion t-shirt post which ended up with someone implying that because I'm an atheist, my moral opinions are worthless. There was the Ted Kennedy post, which some people just did not get. So, which do I address now? Well, as it's 7:17, neither. So just consider this a preview of later today (hey, if Lileks can do it, so can I). In addition, I'll be writing something addressing emails I've received concerning the RNC credentialing system. However, I would be remiss if I didn't spend at least some time wishing Bugs Bunny a very happy birthday. Here's something for you to mull over until later - Who would Bugs vote for in this election and why? Silly? Yes. I figured I'd get the silly quotient in early today, as the rest of the day will be a bit heavy handed.


He's not setting foot in that voting booth, because it's rigged to collapse.

He'll stand innocently by, wearing a dress and grinning, while some sucker like Fudd walks in and pulls the lever.

He's obviously a Yosemite Sam supporter. From way back.

All I ask for is a Bugs Bunny cartoon facing him against Michael Moore.

It writes itself.

You like Bugs? Whore. It's Marvin or nothing, bitch. Smackdown!

Damn, I'm no good at venomous hyperbole. This was just my first try, though. Let me get some coffee and I'll be back to spit on you to hopefully greater effect.

p.s. Dude, you're in Salon today too.

Umm, once he was forcefully made aware that the new government center was being built on top of his home, he would be running in the election, and he would win.

Cause remember, "Mud spelled backwards, is dum". And his opponents are nothing if not dumb

7 words. Of course you know, this means war!

I actually (seriously!) think that Bugs Bunny has a lot to say about America. He's the quintessential American hero in a lot of ways.

The main thing is, Bugs knows when there's a war on. In 2004, he'd vote for Bush.

Bugs Bunny is viewed by his enemies in much the same way that people view America during times of peace. He's unthreatening, "soft," lazy... spends all his time loafing around in his rabbit hole, seldom doing anything more stressful than cooking up new carrot-based recipes.

Surely this pampered, defenseless creature can be rolled over quickly and easily, think those who want to eat him, bulldoze his home, or use him in nefarious scientific experiments? And he's often slow to recognize growing threats, it must be admitted. Often tries to be reasonable with his adversaries, and takes a few lumps for it.

But then... Bugs gets pushed too far: "Of course you realize, this means war!" After this, Bugs stops holding back. All his considerable power and limitless ingenuity are devoted to a single objective - the utter annihilation of his enemy. And he does so methodically, mercilessly, but never for an instant losing his good humor or essential decency.

And at the end, his enemies are inevitably reduced to quivering mounds of jelly. Al Qaeda wouldn't last 5 minutes against Bugs.

He'd do the only sensible thing and write his own name in!

Bugs would vote for Daffy Duck. He may be capricious and a stinker, but in the end he's the most reliable friend you could have.

I'd say that Bugs would vote for Kerry, because he'd be easier to lampoon. It's a close race on that criteria - as "This Land is Your Land" shows.

David C.
Wow dude! Just wow! That was one awesome, dead on connection.


Bugs would most certainly vote for Bush.

After all, Bugs was a New Yorker, and a fighter, and had a history of fighting against Tojo and if memory serves me, also the Nazis.

Bugs Bunny: Anti-fascist, New York tough guy, war hero, Bush voter.

Yeah, remember, Bugs is either from Brooklyn by way of the Bronx, or from the Bronx by way of Brooklyn. Either way, he reminds me of something another Warner Brothers hero:

"Well, there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn't advise you to try to invade."

Bugs wouldn't be caught dead voting for Kerry or Bush, because like most politicians, they're both exactly the sort puffed-up phonies he loved to torment unmercifully. He would drive them to distraction until their heads were about to explode, finally convincing them both to withdraw from the race and hand over the Presidency to him.

Once comfortably ensconced in the Oval Office, Bugs would first introduce bold new incentives for increased carrot production, then he would proceed to befuddle and distract various terrorist organizations around the world until they ended up mistakenly blowing each other to smithereens.

Hey, is it too late to start a write-in campaign???

Apparently not:


(BTW, I made my "debut" on July 27th, too!)

Bugs wasn't running unopposed, though:

"Veto All Rabbits" I love it!

Daffy always was my fave. : )