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List-ing, Part Five

I'm feeling like crap on a stick today (not really sure what crap would feel like on a stick, but I always liked the way that sounds) and it's unlikely that I will be checking in again until later tonight or tomorrow. Of course, I'll leave you with something on the fun side, because I'm behind in my list making. Today's list (keeping with the same theme as the movie list): Five CDs I Own, Yet Won't Admit To Owning Them By Accident Or Reallly Enjoying Them: # Limp Bizkit, Three Dollar Bill Y'all # Oasis, What's the Story, Morning Glory # The Hair Soundtrack (Original Broadway Recording) # Linkin Park, Meteora # Huey Lewis and the News, Sports (ok, that one is on vinyl) Have at it.


1. Hall & Oates, Rock n' Soul Part 1: Greatest Hits

No real need for 2-5, eh?

Hey, now, Oasis: What's the Story... was a great album! I guess that's the nature of an "Ashamed to Have" list - one man's shame is another man's treasure, or something.


1. Snow, Twelve Inches of Snow
2. Will Smith, Greatest Hits
3. City of Angels (Soundtrack)
4. Lost Horizon (Soundtrack) (from the musical, mostly by Burt Bacharach)
5. Pretty much the collected works of Weird Al Yankovic

Sorry, but I think that Oasis CD is great...

  • Art of Noise - The Best Of (Blue cover)
  • Duran Duran - Decade
  • Alan Parsons Project (Best Of)
  • Herbie Hancock - Future Shock (first CD I ever owned)
  • 'til Tuesday - A retrospective
  • The worst part is I could go on. Most of my music collection belongs in this category!

    Can only think of one off hand (although I haven't looked at most of my CD collection in years, if I did I'd surely have plenty...)

    Falco, Three.

    AH! Meteora? I'm aghast, I like that one.

    1. Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor
    2. Some Christian Pop compilation
    3. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
    4. Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
    5. Simply Red. I used to have this CD a few years ago, it was a rough time in my life. I was going through a breakup, I had realy bad taste, it sounded like a good idea at the time, I no longer have it. I swear.

    1. Slider
    2. Greenday-dookie
    3. Barry White greatest hits
    4. 10,000 Maniacs
    5. Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees

    That Oasis album was good ... of course, then we found out what idiots the brothers were, and that they pretty much blew their wads recording that one album.

    Spice Girls, Spice World

    1- Best of Meatloaf [2 cd set]
    2- Monty Python Sings
    3- K-Tel's Monsters of Rock
    4- Chess original cast album
    5- John Lithgow's Singin' In the Bathtub

    1. Puddle of Mudd - Come Clean
    2. Disturbed - Down w/the Sickness & Believe
    3. Enya - several albums

    Yeah, I said it, I think Puddle of Mudd and Disturbed are decent bands with good songs, shun me if you must.

    1. love at sea, theme from The Titanic
    2. Dwight Yoakum- Guitars Cadillacs and Hillbilly Music.
    3. REM reveal.. it's awful
    4. Enya... I have about 3 of them
    5. Fresh Country Rain- Sounds like Yanni with a little storm in the background. Have you ever noticed the similarity in the sound of rain and sizzling bacon? Well, since I realized that I can't listen to rain on a CD.

    chris, Dwight Yoakum is kickass, no shame there.

    Who's ashamed of the Art of Noise? I loved Close (to the Edit) (that video and Hancock's "Rockit" were the closest I got to drugs in High School) and Beat Box. Then they got into the Max Headroom and Tom Jones crap and it was all over.

    Now if someone copped to Pat Benatar's Greatest Hits, that would be shameful. Oh wait, I have that.

    soundtrack from That Thing You Do

    shut up

    1) Spanish Fly - Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam

    2) Electric Youth - Debbie (now Debra) Gibson

    3) Pretty in Pink - The Soundtrack

    4) Cocktail - The Soundtrack

    If I was now in my early 30s (rather than early 40s) AND a woman this list may not be so embarrassing.

    I'm not much of an Oasis fan, but Champagne Supernova and Wonderwall were great songs.

    Hanson, Middle of Nowhere (my excuse: it's my wife's CD)
    Yanni, Live at the Acropolis (ditto the excuse)
    Hootie and the Blowfish, Cracked Rear View
    Clay Aiken, Measure of a Man
    Cavaliers, 1985-1995

    I'm not only not ashamed to listen to Huey Lewis, I used "Do You Believe in Love" as my first song at the wedding reception. Yes, I know, Picture This not Sports but still. I even have his self-titled original album in vinyl. Or is that oversharing?

    And my buddy who'd just had ankle surgery didn't like his seating... Him: "You were ashamed of us, so you put us in the back..." All my other friends I put back there: "Dude, he put us next to the open bar!"

    embarrassing, but guilty pleasures...

    1.The Smiths - "The Smiths" Johnny Marr!

    2. Men Without Hats - "Pop Goes The World" promo CD - yeah, these guys suck donk, but I love the synthesizer washes on this track!

    3. ABC - The first one. Criminy, this is sappy crap, but some of it is lovingly overblown and self-indulgent. How could anyone question the sincerity of songs like "All of My Heart?"

    4. Numerous Adam & The Ants CDs (these belong to the wifey - there's even an autographed one in there! My friends will see them and say things like "Gee, I never took you for an Ant-Person..."

    5. Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack - I'm sorry, but if you still own this thing and still play it, yer a fucking GEEK!

    Oh, btw - I wholeheartedly concur with the previous poster who stated that the Dwight Yoakam Lp was nothing to be ashamed of. That first LP totally kicks ass, as far as trad country goes - you should really be embarrassed if you own anything that "passes" for country music these days, which appears to be mostly sappy ballads and thinly-disguised pop music aimed at middle-aged housewives with the musical tastes of a lovelorn 14 year-old...you know what I'm talking about - "country" singers who are essentially Phill Collins wearing a freaking cowboy hat...

    Yay, somebody else who admits to liking the soundtrack to Hair.
    I really liked that movie.

    My five CDs are five albums by Rick Springfield.

    And yet, I own more than five.

    How beautiful. Twenty-two comments on the original post, and not one of you can trouble yourselves to clear up the lady's uncertainty about the meaning of, to use her delicately worded lady-like euphemism for the original earthy phrase, "crap on a stick". An entire world at war, at a singular moment in history which will not occur again for another thousand years, and I'm stuck here in this Italian villa while all of you obviously ignore the real question which Michele was pleading to be answered. God will not allow this to happen to me; I will give her an answer.

    Michele, the term "crap on a stick" is meant to refer to the potential pleasure to be derived from a summertime snack treat made from frozen bowel movements, molded onto a popsicle stick, and sold from such places as convenience stores, or ice cream trucks with the tinkly John Wayne Gacy theme song blaring out all over the neighborhood. Common usage has fallen into the confusing construction "feel like crap on a stick", but it really just means "feel the way I would feel if I gave the kids some change to get themselves an ice cream, and one for me while they were at it, and they let the guy peddling ice cream sell them "Crap-On-A-Stick", instead of the orange 50-50 bar I specifically told them to get me".

    The "Upright Citizens Brigade" show had a brilliant sketch called "Poo Sticks" a couple of years ago, I recall, where passerby were pitched a piece of dried dung, on the end of a stick, from a sidewalk vendor. Different, of course, from the above, like the difference between beef jerky and ice cream, but useful for illustrating the concept.

    1) eiffel 65, europop
    2) the trinity session, cowboy junkies
    3) remember two things, dave matthews band
    4) yield, pearl jam
    5) michael bolton, soul provider

    actually i got rid of #2 and #5 on barterbee.com.
    suckers! :)

    Mike - Thank you.

    I think.

    Duran Duran: Decade
    TOTO: Past to Present
    Spice Girls: SpiceWorld

    TOTO - "Dune" soundtrack - hey, I thought it was cool at the time.
    Shakira - Laundry Service - visions of video-booty shake in my head.
    Metallica - And Justice For All - I was in high school in small town SD, it was as hard as you could find at the Ben Franklin store.
    Men at Work - Cargo - I can't explain, I just like it.
    Weird Al - several of 'em - I still think the man's pretty funny.