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Questions About Blogging the Convention

I'm trying to figure out my logistics for the RNC and I have a question for those who are blogging the DNC or have done this kind of thing before. See, the housing pricing memo just came in the mail and, well, no. You have to guarantee a minimum of five nights at a pretty pricey rate and I can't do that. Plus, I'm staying over two nights at the most. What I'm wondering is this: What time do things usually get cranking during the day and what time do they wrap up at night? I'm thinking of not staying in the city at all, but going home to Long Island each night and coming back in the morning (I could also then have a blogger or two crash at my place with me, as long as you are relatively well behaved, clean cut and won't frighten my children and/or husband). So if I go home late at night, what's the general time I should expect to get back into Manhattan in the morning in order to not miss anything of relative importance? Or does anything of relative importance every happen? Any help or suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I'm a novice at this thing. Also: Anyone who received creds for the RNC, please leave a link to your blog here so I can compile a list. Thanks.


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semi-OT: There's an article on page A6 on the WSJ on blogging at the Dem convention. On the plus side, it's more objective and positive toward bloggers than the NYT. On the negative side, it's primary sources feature Wonkette and Josh Marshall (but also Dan Drezner and N.Z. Bear).

Worse it still calls Sullivan's blog "conservative".

My experience with conventions is that everything of import happens in prime time. Most of the time the mornings are mainly given to third-rate speakers and general business as A:) the delegates are hung over from the previous night and B:) all the scut work has to get done some time.

I wouldn't worry that much about trying to get there too early - if you can make it by early afternoon you'll get all the important stuff in.


I've only seen two or three names out there so far and will try and drop them here if I can find them again. I haven't heard much about people getting credentials, just a lot of people who were trying to get them with no luck or response.

Michele - raise your ad prices now. MSNBC's will come looking.

If you want to offer existing advertisers a special rate, set up a coupon or something. Or email them and arrange a window where you will change you prices for 10 minutes for them, then change them back.


I think if you plan on working from 4pm 'til after midnight--I don't know how the commute works after midnight--you should be fine. If you're going to emulate journalists, then you should plan really long nights and being in bed until early afternoon.

Why bother with a hotel at all? You live on Long Island; sure, the commute is a shlep, but it's only for a couple-four days, max. Folks right on your block probably do it day in and day out, all year 'round

I got no love or props whatsoever when I applied.

Crash at Ted Rall's place.

Congrats, Michele -- I'll be up there working (not blogging... at least not exclusively), so I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Midafternnon 'til closing is when things happen. The only problem you might have with a commute from home is if the protesters get out of hand and you can't get through. In that case, Blog the protests.

Getting through the protests will be a bear. I may get in to some of the convention but I'll be trying to work from home part of that week because it's supposed to be near impossible to get through the nuts.

One way or another, you've got to get your indomitable self to the RNC Convention. In fact, I'm having a huffy fit just thinking you may opt out. Indeed, and at the risk of sounding cliché, “Here I am now; entertain me.”

Oh, Honey, the convention will be the fruition of your wildest dreams. How could you ever think of missing it? Don’t you realize you will be in your glory? If ever there were a veritable Neocon heaven on earth, that convention would be it. My humble opinion: One would think that is worth any price.

Not for nothing, I'm pulling an all-nighter, to get up to the washed out (literally and figuratively) protests at the DNC in Boston.. I console myself in having to forgo much needed beauty rest, in that I’ll be traveling up in comfort, having traded the Nissan econobox for a brand new all American Crown Victoria. It seems such an uber macho car, but it is very comfortable. Currently, the only thing the car seems to be missing is a disco ball.

I think your biggest concern if you were to "commute" is the LIRR. Will the trains be running right after the convention? Will they be running on a decent schedule? I've dropped any number of friends off at Penn Station to catch a late night train home, only to hear later on that the "just missed it" and spent an hour waiting for the next one.

All that said, you need to be there. Vince is right, it is everything this blog has been leading up to - everything you've earned with this space.

Come to think of it, you may want to include emergency overnight whatever in your hand baggage. It's entirely possible you could get stuck there due to hissy-fitting on the streets. If security does a lock-down, you're there for the night.

If security at the DNC is any predictor, you need to allow hours for security lines at the Garden & Penn Station.

OTOH, God will smite you if you don't go on our behalf.

Michele, I think you already know, but I'm going to be there. Don't know if I can help out much with the arrangements. I'm going with their setup at the Hotel Pennsylvania. If I can help out, drop me an e-mail!