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From the Saddam Poetry File

In light of the recent discovery that Saddam is enjoying his days in captivity by gardening, writing poetry and eating muffins, Command Post has decided to hold a Saddam poetry contest (as has Dave). My entry follows. Please keep in mind that I am not a poet, nor do I pretend to be one. Ode to Martha by Saddam Hussein Rays the color of gold bullions streak across my garden The petals of the roses so soft and soothing, so neatly folded just like your towels on the shelf at K-Mart. The smell of gardenias give me pause; I think of the time you made a boutonniere and gave it to Larry King He seemed so touched at your generosity But then, arenít we all? Oh, I hear the faint buzz of the oven, like a honeybee whispering in my ear; My muffins are done. We are destined to be, Martha Our souls and lives intertwined Unjustly accused, unjustly imprisoned but still warmed by a simple recipe or charmed by a pine cone place card Do not let your heart be troubled, Martha Do not let your soul become black like the oil I used to worship Before I worshiped you. I have found inner peace and when I escape my dark place I will find you, Martha and together we shall be the new age Mickey and Mallory driving around in your BMW mowing down the proletariat later, we will plant a date palm in front of our palace and plot to kill George Bush. Such is love.


lol. Saddam and Martha sittin' in a tree..
That is quite funny and creative. Sounds like it could be a standard skit on SNL or MAD TV; maybe even a miniseries like 'Where's my Bush?'

Very nicely done!

Very nice!
BTW, am I the only person who thinks CNN's home page headlines almost define "slow news day?"

The shocking, stop-the-presses lead: "Dems stress unity in Boston"

Then, further down: "Report: Saddam gardens, eats muffins"

I can't fault them too much for the first, I suppose, and I actually love the second, almost as funny as the recent headline "Near-death experience changes monkey."


"Such is love"


Saddam transformed, sublimated!


Creepy.... Good, but creepy ;)