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Whoever has been sending letters to Mark Steyn using my email address, please stop. None of your letters have been printed yet (I just got some automated responses, which is how I know this has been going on), but I imagine that - given the type of people who participate in charades such as this - that Mr. Steyn and his staff probably think I'm some kind of deranged nut. Which may be debatable, but if anyone is going to think I'm a deranged nut, I prefer that it is of my own doing. Cease and desist, dude.


So it's actual emails and not one of those virus payloads that fake the sender's address?

We are getting hammered by an email virus today, one that sends out loads of email. Perhaps you have that as well.

I was thinking the same thing as Patrick. Might just be random virus-induced spam.

If it's not random spam, permit me to say that you do have the knack of pulling in the crazies. I'm sorry some clown would think to do such a thing to you.

I have been gettin repeated notices that e-mails going out under my name contain viruses and are being blocked etc. If you are getting notices - I think it means the e-mails are not getting through and the delightful Mr. Steyn will not think you are nuts.

No, these have nothing to do with viruses (virii?).

The emails said:

Thank you for your comments.

We invite you to check back Monday on our Mailbox page to
see if you've been selected as Mark's Letter Of The Week and
won a free copy of his book The Face Of The Tiger.

On the other hand, if your e-mail was marked "Private", its
privacy will be respected.

So? Sounds like an autoresponder to me. Here's how these things work. Steyn's email address is listed on this page:


Yours is listed on your front page.

So, somebody infected with a spamming virus has your and Steyn's email addresses in their cache. The virus trolls the cache looking for email addresses and uses what it finds for both the sender and recipient fields. Your address is spoofed as the sender. Happens all the time.

Course, it could be some jerk impersonating you, but the spammy virus is the most likely the culprit in the eyes of this nerd.

Well, I'm just covering my ass in case someone is pulling a fast one. It's been done to me before.

But we like your ass uncovered...

Aw come on, someone had to do it.

I keep getting bounceback emails telling me that whatever I sent to some epilepsy group on MSN was undeliverable. Of course, I don't belong to the group.

I loathe spam and I loathe the cretins who come up with these viruses that generate spam.