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Dreaming of Paul Krugman

I had this dream last night. There were more than a few plots and it involved my husband being taken away by "the military" only to return a few days later with two black eyes, a bandaged up face, a broken leg and missing teeth. But that's not the interesting part. Towards the end, a few of us were flying (I love flying dreams) through the night sky, trying to see who could go highest. We came across a huge mountain and glided down to a ledge where there was an enormous coffin partly covered with dirt. On the coffin was inscribed: Paul Krugman. Died 1812. I said to my flying companions: Whoa, Paul Krugman lived before! I wonder what he wrote about in 1812? At which point one of the other flyers tipped the coffin over and Mr. Krugman's corpse came tumbling out and proceeded to flip over the ledge, bounce down the mountain and land in a grassy field where it stood up, dusted itself off and proclaimed, You have not heard the last of me! I swear to you this is what I dreamed. Be damned if I know what it means.


Hmm.. I had a dream that all my dreams were available via RSS feeds. If anyone has THAT url, I'd appreciate it.

I just dream about work... want to trade dreams?

I have a recurring dream that I'll get maybe once a year or so in which I lose a tooth for no apparent reason. Each time I dream it, I think in my dream "I know I've dreamt this before...but this time it's real."

Have you recently watched the Simpsons episode where Homer climbs the Murderhorn? The first thing I thought of was Grampa telling the story of how he died after being pushed down the Murderhorn. "Folks were made of sterner stuff back then. I was up and jitterbugging that very night"

I saw that title, and my first thought was "she OD'ed on the Guinness ice cream this weekend."

I'm still amused by the Krugman Cat Leaping Index.

That's interesting. Who was flying with you? Were any of the flying people men? I ask because research has shown that men very rarely fly through the sky in their dreams. They may dream of falling, or jumping for very long distances, but women are the majority of people who dream of actually flying through the air. It would be interesting to see if men fly in anyone else's dreams.

Dave J:
The teeth falling out dream is actually quite common in adult men and women. It usually speaks to physical self-image, which is why it's common for women to have dreams of their teeth falling out. It's usually based in insecurities. Not that you're an insecure person, but maybe something happened to you in public recently that was embarrassing; a stain on your shirt at lunch, tripping up the stairs, but then again, those things probably only happen to goofs like me. I have a friend who's in pharmeceutical sales, and she's constantly having these dreams of losing teeth because her job is heavily based on first impressions, i.e. her smile/face/physical presence.

I hate flying dreams. I can't ever control the landings.

Dave J - that sounds almost like something I suffer from I call deja vu amnesia... I think I've forgotten this before.

What does it mean?

Of course, in June of 1812, the US declared war on The UK. One reason - the ongoing impressment of American sailors into service on British Navy ships. In other words - their "military" took away our men.

President Madison had to use "justification" for going to war with England.

From wikipedia.org:

"This justification was needed to convince the coastal states that the war was necessary and important. The frontier states needed no justification. This is the first major war of the new country, and the first time that a war needed 'justification' presented to its citizens. Ironically, as the textbook history below indicates, this first war of the new nation was also very unpopular."

Here are some other clues from hyperdictionary.com:

Seeing a wound in your dream is symbolic of grief, anger and distress. You are looking to be healed.

Dreaming that you are flying means a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited.

Seeing mountains in your dream means many major obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. If you are on top of the mountain, then it means that you have achieved and realized your goals. Alternatively, mountains indicates a higher realm of consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual truth. Dreaming that you are climbing a mountain means your determination and ambition. Dreaming that you fall off a mountain, suggests that you are in a hurry to succeed without thoroughly thinking about your path to success. It also means that you have a tendency to give up or escape from demanding situations.

Seeing a body in a coffin means that you will be going through a period of depression. You may feel confined, restricted and lack personal freedom. There may be a dead or decaying situation or issue in your life and this dream is calling attention to it. It it time to end this situation or relationship.

And of course, Krugman died in 1812 in the dream! Evidently, Krugman was killed by evil minions of the Madison administration (probably a cartel of evil merchants - Big Lye, I'm thinking) for daring to Speak Truth to Power.

And over a century later, the now undead Krugman rises from the grave to seek his revenge....

No more jalapeno poppers after midnight.

I use to suffer night terrors, much more when I was a kid and pretty much annually up to about 3 years ago.

'Course, I probably just jinxed myself and will have a doozey tonight!

Raise of hands..how many dream in color?

[raises hand]

And not just any color, but wide screen, full range almost surreal Technicolor.

I've only met one person (a man) who said he dreamed in black/white.

I've always dreamed in color, and never had a "flying" dream. Closest I ever had is one odd dream I had when I was a kid, that I dimly recall for some reason. In the dream, I couldn't fly, but could leap around like Spider-Man. Though IIRC, the dream took place in my parents' basement, which wasn't a great venue for such a power....

I've never had a black and white dream. Everything I dream is in full blown technicolor. I would venture to say that I a stranger, most vivid dreamlife than most people anyhow.

Darleen, I was going to ask this question today but completely forgot!

What's in that yogurt you've been feeding Nat, and how much did you have before bedtime?


Not only is everything sharper, more colorful, in my dreams...everything is pegged at 11. Emotions more intense, music sweeter, smells more pungent.

This is why I don't miss my night terrors. One of those will affect me for a least a day or two afterwards.

I've always dreamt (dreamed?) in color except for one recurring dream I had as a child that involved the Little Rascals. I guess the reason that one was always in black and white was because their TV show was black and white.

I don't know what your dream means, but a recent one of mine must mean I'm spending too much time reading blogs. Last weekend - I swear this is true! - I had a dream that had links in it.