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dental update/saddam's poetry

Emergency might have been an overstatement, as this has been going on all week. It just came to a head today. Nat has had braces for a few months now, but last Monday she was also fitted with what's known as an appliance. Anyone who has ever had braces knows that the proper reaction to the word appliance is one of horror and revulsion. The purpose of this appliance was to take care of her tongue thrust. Basically, it's a non-removable retainer, affixed with glue to the roof of the mouth. Hanging from that retainer is an oblong shaped piece of metal. This keeps her from thrusting her tongue forward when talking. However, it has also kept her from eating, sleeping, talking and generally being happy. We gave it a few days because we thought once she got used to it, it would be okay. But a week later, she's got an indent in her tongue from where the attachment rests at night, a cut next to the indent, a stomach ache from eating only yogurt for an entire week and a headache from not being able to sleep. Plus, she's given up on even trying to have a conversation with anyone, as she cannot be understood when she talks due to the oblong metal thingamajig getting in the way. In short, she's miserable. And this morning, she woke up with her tongue bleeding. I understand why the orthodonist put the appliance in but, in the long run, it's not going to impact the work of her braces any if we have the retainer taken out. If Natalie's miserable, we're all miserable. So my mom is taking her to the ortho at 11 and I already called the office to tell them it's coming out and that's the final word. No real emergency, I suppose. But if we had to put up with one more day of her (justified) crabiness, we might have had a hostile situation on our hands. We're being pre-emptive here. At least she'll never ask if she can get a tongue ring after this. Back with real blogging shortly. Hey, while I'm trying to find the time to write something besides orthodontal minutae, you could be entering the SADDAM POETRY CONTEST over at Command Post. In case you haven't heard, Saddam is now a poet. Bet he didn't even know it. Hahaha.




(Virtual Hugs)

I had the same problem as a kid. I hated wearing a retainer so I never did. My orthodontist had a different solution. He affixed with bonding cement something with 3 metal prongs projecting from the back of my teeth. Sounds painful, but I grew used to it in about 48 hours. Stopped the tounge thrust and I did not experience any of the problems your daughter reports. Had it in my mouth, with the prongs eventually trimmed down, for about 4 years because I moved away from town and never went back to the orthodontist after my braces were removed. Finally had a dentist remove it.

Why is she not allowed to stick her tongue out? Better the tongue than the finger, I say...

Poor kid. Hope everyone is better soon.

Those things suck. I had one too. It's really rough at first and it was kind of bumpy, but I got used to it. I had that little indent on my tongue for the whole time I had it.

I think Tupac once wrote a song for the ladies titled 'Keep Ya Head Up.' It's totally worth it though. When kids get their braces removed, they're so happy they walk around with a cheesey face for weeks!

I have these nightmares sometimes that I'm still wearing braces (30 years later) because I can't find anyone who'll take them off for me.... yikes!

We're being pre-emptive here.

Excellent policy.

Glad it was nothing serious, and glad you had it taken out. Poor kid. I had trouble with tongue thrusting too; perhaps a gentle reminder to touch the tip of her tongue to her palatte every once and awhile would help? That's what happened with me.