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On hold...

Orthodontic emergency with daughter this morning. Be with you shortly.


hope everything is okay

Gah. Thinking happy thoughts about intact front teeth.


Yipes. Hope it is just an unstuck fiddley-bit.

I was like 13.family was in Miami on vacation,on a Sunday night my arch-wire snapped and I had a death-spike sticking straight out of my upper jaw.This was 1968,there were absolutely no dental technicinas to be found,wound up having the janitor chop it off with a pair of nasty-ass wire snips.Hope all goe well with Ms N.

Oooooh. Poor girl.

Please let her know: as a teenager I had braces and THEY SUCKED. They hurt, they were nasty, and I HATED THEM.

She has all my sympathies.

Owie. Hope everything's ok.