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Rockin' Out (Gratuitous Kid Post)

For you listening pleasure (or not) DJ doing The Darkness during this weeks "Sunday Is Annoy The New Neighbors Day" jam. [click the pic] You probably can't see much, but that's not the point. In other DJ related news: My mother takes DJ and Nat to a play at the local theater every month. So I asked him what play they were going to see in August. He answered: "Joseph And His Amazing Technical Difficulties."


404! 404! (on the pic)

Fixed, thank you!

Amazing Technical Difficulties

Show-biz savvy already -- destined to be an entertainer?

That kid is gonna get all the girls in school.

nah, drums or bass if he wants to get chicks...

Joseph and His Amazing Technical Difficulties would be a perfect name for this site.


Girls definitely go for the bass player every time.



da da dum da da da dum da da dum da dum

But really now, drums or bass getting the girls is not the point (even though it IS always the bass player.)

Michele - this comment is for DJ:

DJ, you ROCK! That sounded fantastic. By the way, what are you plugged into over there - couldn't see your amp, but the sound was awesome.

Never give up on music.

Oh... and I was just kidding about the bass players.

I want to see the guitar face.

DJ's amp:

He wouldn't make the guitar face for me while I was filming.

He wouldn't make the guitar face for me while I was filming

Homeschooling appears to take away certain inhibitions.

Congtatulations on YOUR near-certainty of grandchildren.

How about keyboardists? do they get any girls?

DJ guitar playing sound much better than the last clip you posted. As a fairly serious amateur musician, I am suitably impressed. Sent him my compliments and encouragement.

For DJ: Remember, the more you practice, the better you get. Practice regularly, and you will become awesomely good.

Yeah, but can he hit the high notes? ;-)

I play drums. We get 'em.
that is all

Now get your husband to do the vocals. :-)

Gotta go play my Darkness music now...

Hey, I'm all for Kent Guitars and Beer, but what the hell was that clip all about?
Really, DJ? Up the tremolo and bury the reverb.
Then just bash a g chord.
Cannot. Go. Wrong.

You know what, Penguin? Sometimes you really annoy the fuck out of me.

He's definitely been practicing.

If I recall, the last we saw of his playing was "Sunshine of Your Love" and his left-hand technique has come a long way. Just wait until he has his teen growth spurt and he'll be all over the fretboard.

His picking is a little better; he has more confidence with that hand (not looking to make sure he's hitting the right strings) but if he remembers down AND up picking, he'll be a virtuoso in no time!

He's already better than I am!

And the reverb on the amp is fine.

bass players really do get the chicks. I swear i need a "Not a lesbian" shirt every time we play somewhere. Drummers HAVE to get chicks, cos otherwise they're homeless.

BTW i love seein kids learn to play instruments. probably cos i didnt pick one up and seriously learn til i was 27. Its the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Now, if he switches to acoustic, THAT'S how he'll get all the chicks. a 12-string is a babe magnet.

Cute as shit!

Oh my goodness! DJ, you RAWK!

My son plays drums. Hmm. I see a "Moms Behind the Rock" spread in Rolling Stone in our future.

(Wishful thinking. I could use a paid-for house.)