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caption, please.

Or commentary on the game/fight.


New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez takes a punch from Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek in the third inning at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts July 24, 2004. The fight came after Rodriguez was hit by a pitch from the Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo.Varitek and Rodriguez were ejected from the game. REUTERS/Brian Snyder REUTERS

Pretty exciting game, even if it had a shitty ending.


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I'm sorry, but that looks less like a punch and more like a Moe-style eye poking.


"A-Rod, I offer you the chance to share your father's mind-meld with me."
-Jason "Vulcan" Varitek

You know, there are guys in New England this morning taking pictures of their wives out of their wallets to make room for this one.

dude, how bout trimmin the nose hair a little? gah!

"Smell my finger."

Takes a big man to punch a guy while he's wearing a face mask, chest protector and shin guards. Typical Red Sox...

"I'm leaving my mask on Alex!! Don't hit me in the face!! Don't hit me in the face!!"

If Varitek wasn't a punk, he would have taken his mask off before doing a facial on Alex.

86 years of frustration and jealousy in New England and all Varitek could muster up was one lousy shove.

By the way, did anyone else notice how those Red Sox players ganged up on starting pitcher, Tanyan Sturtze? At least they didn't have old-man Zimmer to kick around.

Did anyone notice how Tanyan Sturtze had Gabe Kapler in a headlock, and that's why Sox players ganged up on him?

And if I remember correctly, it was Zimmer who charged Pedro, begging to get his ass kicked.

Dude, You've got a big one hangin right here..

That's how they throw punches in Boston?


"No, no, it's okay. It happens to everybody once in a while. All you have to do is squeeze it, and it'll clear right up in a day or two."

(Can anybody think of a caption that's not gross? I know I failed.)

"Let me show you how you could look with a face lift and a little Botox."

Varitek is a pussy and fights like a "girlie man."
Sheesh, even goalies toss their masks.
I got more about it back at my joint. I'm not gonna war on Michele's dime.
If Red Sox Nation thinks this is gonna light a spark, remember that fire can burn both ways.
Digest, discuss, and remember, campers, it's Sunday!

Where's the fist? You can't take a punch without a fist being involved. Maybe a BitchSlap, an "Meow, I'll take your eyes out," move, but there is no punch going on in that photo.
You Nation morons let Kerry & Co. shut your city down to glorify the fact that he doesn't give a damn about your downtown. Shut your pieholes. At least Oakland accepts being Freak.

Can you see yet! Huh, Can you see yet!

"This is why the Democrats and Republicans picked New York and Boston as host cities for their conventions."

"The DNC has announced that they will be erecting a Free Speech Zone barrier around Alex Rodriguez's face."

Smell the Glove

(Though a crawling, naked woman on all fours getting a glove shoved in her face would be better for that title)

Smell the Glove

(Though a crawling, naked woman getting a glove shoved in her face would be better for that title)

Sorry for the double posting, but (the irony never ceases) I was trying to get rid of a redundant part in the first version.

Laurence wins.

Well, Sturtze did have Kapler, but then two other Sox on him acted all like they were trying to pull Sturtze off, meanwhile David Ortiz was trying to throw punches. I'm sure he'll have a successful appeal next week on his five game suspension.

Ortiz was trying to kick him. Wuss.

"I'm bored with baseball, let's re-enact a movie, k? You play John Hurt and I'll be an Alien face hugger. ryearrrrr

With apologies to Michele, that game, without a doubt, ranks in my top three, "Most enjoyable times seeing the Yankees get beaten". The others are World Series Game 7 of '01 and Game 5 of the Division series in 1997 against Cleveland.

Both products of the Mariner farm system, incidentally.
My sympathies lie with Varitek.

Matt, might I suggest 1995? A fine year.

Yankees/Red Sox is still the best baseball played anywhere. It's Ali v. Frasier, every time. As Sox fan, I live in dread the last two weeks of the season. As a basefall fan, however, I hope it never ends.
Viva the game!

"Dude! There's a bug in your eye!"

How about "No more deodorant commercials for you, pretty boy!"

Too bad there's no wire service picture of Varitek's next move...which was to grab A-Rod's balls from behind and try to flip him over.

Jesus God, I hate the Red Sox. They can't win games without starting a fight, and they can't even fight like men.

Baseball players never fight like men. It's always: brushback/hit by pitch, rush the mound, clumsy swing, grapple, grapple, grapple, calm down, make faces, point, get pulled away, talk to reporters, get suspended, appeal, lose.

Gladiators they ain't.

Unless they're Nolan Ryan, of course. Dude can throw it without using the ball.

"Wait, wait; I've almost finished rearranging your face!"


spd rdr:
Screw the rest of the AL. Just let these two teams war it out and whoever is left standing takes on whoever the NL dishes up.

"Who was that masked man?"

Varitek: "Don't you just love the smell of a new glove? Of course the linseed oil adds a lil' sumptin' sumptin'..."

"Now you see the violence inherent in the system!"

I'm hoping Allah does another photoshop.

"Bitchslap in Beantown II - The Wrath of A-Rod"

Looks like a Vulcan mind meld.... what did Varitek learn???

"Baseball...is for Lovers."
"TAG! You're it."
"Thank you sir, may I have another!"

"Pedro, begging to get his ass kicked."

Ahhh I see that Pussy Martinez once again hung way back from the action when a fight broke out.

Someone call Ryan Thompson...that guy needs a Florie.

Can you hear me now?

Hey A. Rod try this Facial Cleanser, I saw it on "Queer eye" now me, Millar and Nomar use it every morning after we finish bathing together.

money is evrythign fuckers

Arod your nose is running, let me catch it!