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The Last Time I Slept Until Noon, Reagan Was President

Wonkette was on the Today show and came out with this gem: Q: What is a blogger? A: Someone who doesn’t get up before noon, usually. Also: * I talk a lot about sex in politics, which is one of the ways to make it interesting. * If they’re trying to get news from me, they’re not succeeding. Aren't you all pleased as punch that the media see her as the new de facto representative of news and political bloggers? Not for nothing, but I can read more fresh blog posts by 8am than Wonkette posts in an entire day.


Too bad I missed her. I was asleep.

I missed it too, was at work...must be some life, being a gossipy skank and all...

Wanna bet ol' Wonkette serviced the entire Today Show staff? :-)

Aww, don't be so hard on her. She has to pull very long hours (at the club)doing invaluable investigative research (bottoms up!) on the inner (and I do really mean inner) workings of Washington(ienne).

Like Michele, I haven't slept 'til noon since the 1980s. Quite the contrary, I have pulled several, mind-blurring 36-hour days over the last year and I imagine many other bloggers with real lives and real families and real jobs have as well. %+)

You have to admit, though: Denton is a PR wizard.

I have no problem with offering a couple of weeks of my time to bury that shrew, but jerks like Jarvis, who kiss her ass like she's the blogger's Madonna, need to be slapped around too.

Asking Wonkette for analysis of the blogosphere is like asking one of those boob-flashing Girls Gone Wild chicks to recite some Ovid.

It's not that politics can't be funny (see Scrappleface, The Note, Last Call!, The Onion, etc). But to do well in political satire, you have to be knowledgable and witty. Wonkette just doesn't seem to have the intellectual equipment to play this game, and all the penis jokes in the world can't disguise it.

I keep thinking her 15 minutes should be over -- way over.

I`ve never heard of her until now, and after veiwing her site I realize I wasn`t missing anything important.

I've discovered most bloggers are infuriatingly early risers.

Speaking of head-scratching praise, I see Instapundit is dishing out a heaping bowl of booty-kissing to her, again...she's not that attractive Professor.

Well, she's right on one point - I sleep in late. But I have an excuse. I work a late shift.

I'm terrified to know that all of American thinks of Skankette when they think of bloggers.

It must be different in flyover country. One of the things that has always mystified me was the media reporting that the timing of the 9/11 attacks resulted in fewer casualties since most people weren't at work yet. 8:46 AM EST. At that time on 9/11 I was driving into work when I heard the first reports of the attacks listening to Imus. I was incredibly late, having already taken the dog to the vet and running other errands. Had the terrorists decided to hit my then employer's (Wal-Mart) headquarters, at that time, they would have gotten everyone.

I suppose we fake "early riser" bloggers don't have too much to worry about. Skankette and her ilk sleep too late to ever have a real scoop.

let me be the first to say.
i'll hit it.
/had to be done:-)

People,,, did it ever occur to you that one of the reasons she gets a lot of attention (especially from big media) is that she is exactly what they would like to believe blogging is all about. Gossip, titilation, snappy (but empty) banter, and (as they hope), here today, gone tomorrow.

Yeah, but did her name flash by at .00002% of a second on a glimpse of Glenn Reynold's blogroll on CNN, huh? huh? I think not. Move over, ass-lady, Miss Harris is in town!

Hey, where'd every go?

Wonkette = Old and Busted.
A Small Victory = New Hotness.

reference here

Seriously tho, Wonkette is whatever whatever. Semi-pro blogger attention whores get the dilz.


Just another attempt by the Old Media to marginalize the net.
It won't work, but nice try.

Well, it's refreshing when a vacuous airhead admits that she is exactly what she is.

I just hope for her sake she never decides to change her ways and actually write about issues and events...she may not succeed in reporting news, but she's definitely succeeded in trashing her credibility.

Er... and where'd the "body" in "where'd everybody go" go? Time for this famous celeb to go to bed.

My animosity for She Who Will Not Be Named Or Linked grows strong indeed.

Who the hell is Wonkette and why is everyone talking about her?

If she really should go away, people will need to stop visiting her site and telling everyone else what a gossipy skank she is. Until that happens, she will remain. Kinda like that fish smell in the van, but that's a whole 'nuther story.

That quote is remarkable, though. I'm guessing that she only writes and that she's not so hot on the reading part.

Sleeps until noon? I'm usually at work by 0700. What kind of job has such late hours that you have to sleep until...never mind.

(all kidding to those who actually work midnights at jobs for which you are paid by check, not cash ;))

I really don't understand it. Her blog is mindcrushingly dull.

Every time a link pops me over there I read...and wait for the dawning..'ahh, THAT'S why this is good...' and it never comes

Is there some secret site where she blogs naked with goats while talking about John/John assfucking that I don't know about?

I've read ramblings by furries that are more interesting....

I can't believe I just admitted to having read thing by furries--blame it on Something Awful!

She's required to meet a certain number of posts daily and rarely exceeds that . . . amazing. I blog over breakfast myself, having onna them "real jobs". I can only dream of how much stuff I could turn out if I blogged for a living.