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It's insane insects day on Sci-Fi. I just sat through Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare, which is probably the worst-acted, poorly written movie of all time. That includes Killer Klowns from Outer Space and anything starring Pauly Shore. Yes, it was that bad. Sad to say, this is not the first time I've watched it. Now showing: Deadly Swarm. Never saw this one, but I can see from the first few minutes in that Americans are Ugly and their greed causes mass havoc the world over. So at the end of Killer Bees, there's a scrolling warning. The killer bees are really coming (this was 1995) and they are headed for downtown Los Angeles. And NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO STOP THEM!! Whatever happened to the killer bee thing? We waited all that time for them to show up and then they stood us up, just like the plague of cicadas stood me up this year. Anyhow, I've seen a lot of deadly insect movies in my time, so I may as well beat this list of five thing into the ground. Five Best Deadly Insect Movies # Food of the Gods # Mothra # Arachnophobia # Empire of the Ants # Starship Troopers I know there's a lot more, but I'll leave that in your hands. I have to go see what happens with these killer wasps. And next up is They Crawl. Tonight's dreams should be interesting. Update: Dustin Hoffman will save us from the bees!


I would add Them!to that list.

The killer bees reached Tucson a few years ago. Now they are referred to as "Africanized" bees, for anyone looking to be offended.

They crossbreed with "local" bees (which are themselves from Europe), and the resulting strains lower the amount of honey produced. Watch out, Utah.

As for "killer", they've gotten a few dogs, a horse, and maybe a person or two. Like all bees, just leave them alone and they won't attack.

I'm definitely seconding "Them!" for that list.

They might use some of these on Animal Planet.I think its a series called Attack of the B-movie Animals or something,and the one I saw used "Attack of the Kiiler Shrews"IT was like a mix of Discovery Channel and MST 3000.

What???!!!! You're dissing "Kller Klowns" and "Them!". I love both those movies, and NOT as guilty pleasures either. Come on!! Cotton Candy guns?? Who (besides you) wouldn't love that. I defy you to name a better C(K)lown based horror/sci-fi movie.

No way you can have a top five insect movie and NOT have "Them!" in the number one spot.

There's an awesome video game of the film, too.

The only way I can watch movies that bad is from behind the silhouettes of two sarcastic robots and their human friend. Since MST has been cancelled, I do the best I can with my ancient stuffed teddy bear and my cat, but it's not the same. (And my cat simply refuses to watch. "I have better things to do," she'll say, and then will commence licking her butt or something like that.)

All Hail Michelle,

Killer bees have killed some people but they don't sem to be living up to their hype. I would note Central and South America (and Africa, where they came from) are in fact habitable and you don't see many people living in bee-proof bunkers.

They are quite dangerous but so are many things in this world such as wahabbized airline passengers so I wouldn't loose sleep over the bees.

Giant atomic ants? Now there is a bug issue to worry about. ( yes it's another vote for "THEM".....and don't forget "Arachnophobia" :)

Ken (who's reaching for the Deep Woods 'Off')

Hit post instead of preview.....I wasn't implying that you had forgotten the plainly listed Arachnophobia, rather I was congratulating your choice...but typed it all wrong.

.........(need....moooore OFFFF)

Don't forget "The Wasp Woman" and "Attack of the Giant Leeches". I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I just bought the DVD with this double feature. :)

"THEM!" is a great one.

I have to disagree with "Starship Troopers" though. A fantastic book which was turned into a shitty, shitty movie.

One thing that will help keep your kids from growing up to be a moonbat is buying them a copy of the book. great stuff.

Don't forget The Naked Jungle

Charlton Heston and 22 square miles of army ants!

I loved these movies as a kid... my parents did not since I would beg and beg to watch them and then have horrendous nightmares.

The one that scared the deewaddidle out of me was "The Beginning of the End", with Giant Grasshoppers out to destroy Chicago. Again, it was summer, the movie was on the Saturday night creature feature and mom relented to my endless begging alternating with promises not to have nightmares. The movie delighted and scared me.

And that night was one of terror for me. This was about 1961 or 62 in Granada Hills CA..north end of the San Fernando valley full of post WWII ranch style homes only outnumbered by acres of orange groves and empty fields. My room was at one end of house, parents at the other. The sound of the giant grasshoppers in the movie was the sound of the thousands of crickets chirping in the bushes just underneath my window. I lay frozen in bed, barely able to breathe, convinced at any moment a grasshopper would break through my window and drag me off, just like it did to the unsuspecting woman brushing her hair in the skyscraper in the movie.

I didn't scream for my parents, I didn't even knock on their door for my greater fear was I'd never get to watch creature feature again. However, they did find me sleeping next to their door in the morning. :-)

And let's not miss this exercise in a movie that combines insect creepiness with an invasion from mars AND psychic control:

5,000,000 Years to Earth

Whatever happened to the killer bee thing?

America remembered that they're just bees, for chrissakes. Swat 'em.

I'm disappointed that you didn't include "The Beginning of the End" on your list, either the original or the MST3K extended dance mix. Giant grasshoppers and Peter Graves.

While we're on the subject of bees,something pretty interesting is going on having to do, at least initially, with mysterious packages of mail-order honey. The consensus seems to be that it's the long-awaited sequel to The Beast, the game/puzzle/story/thing that coincided with the release of the movie A.I. in the spring of 2001.

I miss MST3K. It was one of the few cool shows on TV.

I second THEM!

The Mimic movies are sort of insect monster movies, aren't they -- I mean the coolest and scariest incarnations of the Mimic-thing are insects, after all.

The Mothman Prophecies could have been much better (too psychological) but had some great insect horror moments nonetheless.

"Phase IV" was a cool 70's ants-versus-humans movie.

I have to pitch in a vote for "Them" as well.

Who can forget "Eight Legged Freaks"? I haven't actually seen it, mind you, but anything with a title like that is pretty good in my book.

Last, but not least, "Arachnophobia". I have never before, and never since, identified with Jeff Daniels so well as with that movie.

For killer bees movies I'll go with "The Swarm" (1979), directed by Irwin Allen no less. Cheesy 70's tripe, all star cast, MST3K material. (The bees cause a nuclear plant to blow up of all things.) I'd replace "Aracnophobia" with "Kingdom of the Spiders" (1977) simply because KotS had Shatner in it, and anything with Shatner gets a 25% bonus in my book. (Favorite Shatner movie: "Big Bad Mama". Pure gold.)

You had to mention "Starship Troopers". That movie blows bigtime. Not because it's a horrible movie adaptation of a good book, but because it's simply horrible period. I went to see it with my son, thinking it didn't matter how good the movie was because I was spending quality time with my kid. Boy, was I wrong. I got even though. I'd lean over and whisper to him on a regular basis. "Why don't they just bomb the bugs from the air in every battle?" "Every good commander knows you should bunch your fleet into on big ball so it's easier for the enemy to shoot you." "She slept with the hero and showed her tits. You know she's gonna die in the next battle now don't you?" "Do you think the director has an axe to grind maybe?"


Starship Troopers!@#!???

Sorry, but I've read the book, that kind of killed the movie for me. But for a while there was a saturday morning cartoon that wasn't bad... They at least showed signs of understanding the book...

Seriously, if you haven't read it, I recommend you do so ASAP. In your copious free time, I know, but still. Heinlein on social dynamics. It's only about 3/8 inch thick, 1/2 inch tops.

Sure, it'll ruin the movie for you, but that really, really, really is not a loss.

Hey I liked the Starship Troopers movie. I interpreted it, and whoever designed the costumes interpreted it, as a satire of the book.

As far as movies that I hated, and for some godsforsaken reason saw twice:
1. Krull (god DAMN television!!!!)
2. Legend (I'm disowning my brothers)

And a fellow from IRC has just piped up, when prompted, with
1. Troy
2. Tomb Raider

Poor guy; I'm lucky in that I didn't even see 'em once.

Other such stinkers, like Dungeons & Dragons, Gremlins, Star Trek V, and Conan, I suppose are okay in once-a-decade doses.


Starship Troopers wasn't a satire, it was the director flipping the bird at Heinlein's dead body.

And, god help us, there's a sequel (hopefully dieing a long slow death in the straight to video bargin bins).

Kevin, "Eight Legged Freaks" was excellent.

I also liked "Spiders", about a spider code-named "mother-in-law" that was injected with alien DNA and grew to gigantic size.

Worst sci-fi movie of all time: "The Cape Canaveral Monster". The "monster" was a couple of light spots from someone reflecting the Sun with mirrors.

The book "Starship Troopers" will not prevent your kids from growing up to be moonbats-- I read it as a teenager and I'm a dang ol' nuancey librul. :-)

I'm surprised that you conservatives have such good taste in movies!

I almost forgot about "Tremors". I'm compelled to watch it whenever it's on.


I love Tremors! What is not to like about a monster that travels under ground and grabs you like Jaws?

Add Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward chewing the scenery and a wonderful turn by Michael Gross and Reba McEntire as "survivalists."

I also love it was shot in Lone Pine, CA, a favorite place of my family's to stop for breakfast or lunch as we travel 395 between the LA basin and Mammoth Mountain.

I'm kinda torn on Starship Troopers, the movie. I love the book, and the movie's basically a clueless Euroweenie's attempt at satiring the book's "obvious fascism." Grr....

But... Despite its idiot director, enough of Heinlein manages to come through. Just having a faithful rendition of the scene in which Sgt. Zim (well-played by Clancy Brown, who is an unabashed fan of Heinlein's novel) demonstrates why, when modern warfare's "just about pushing buttons," the military still teaches knife fighting.... :)

"Arachnophobia" scared the crap out of me, but I hate spiders anyway so it was really kind of masochistic that I watched it in the first place. That shower scene? And the popcorn? No thanks. ::shudder::
However, there's also a wonderfully horrible B-movie I watched years ago called "Ticks." Just too damn funny really. Terrible movie, though great choice of insect.

Don't like bugs. Therefore avoid movies about bugs.

I never read the book, and Starship Troopers blew chunks. My friends that I went with called it "Planet of the Pretty People" by the end of the movie, and we simply laughed when Doogie Howser showed up in full SS regalia. ("Just in case you're not sure he's the bad guy," I leaned over to tell my friends.)

How about "Squirm". Man-eating worms in mud.

Two to add to your list:



Not a bug movie but still a sci fi classic, Chopper chicks in Zombie town. Hilarious.
Them was the first bug movie I thought of. And then because I was thinking of old movies, Night of the Lepus. Giant KILLER BUNNIES!!! AHHHH!
Africanized bees didn't really impact the US too much because it is too cold here in the winter time, and they die. Except for parts of AZ, TX, NM, CA, you know, all the really hot in the winter states.

The Deadly Bees ( http://imdb.com/title/tt0061557/ ) was remarkably almost a decade ahead of the killer bee hysteria and made a great MST3K episode. Whenever you see a gag where a smiling British man with a bowler and umbrella walks through a scene for no apparent reason, it's homage to this steaming mound.

Britton, I'm with you, Phase IV had us drawing ant tunnels all over our desks and freaking out the nuns in my grade school.