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Death Notice (for Metal Heads Only)

Pantera is officially dead. Now, some will say they died somewhere between Far Beyond Driven and the Great Southern Trendkill. I am one of them. Still, one always had the hope that Phil Anselmo would wake up from his fantasy that everything he does rocks and go back to just being the guy who sings in Pantera. But, no. They tried with Reinventing the Steel, but the album kinda sucked. Phil lives on in his band Superjoint Ritual, which he states: "are the most dangerous band out there, period! We're anti-image; we're anti-everything. All we have is our music. And me." I see he hasn't awoken from the ego coma yet. Pity that. Well, at least I get to use this fun tombstone maker I found today. [news via Fark]


Haha, very funny indeed!

my first introduction to pantera was by a mullet-wearing freak who in a drunken fit gave himself a crooked mohawk but left his Village People biker (i think that was glenn) mustache. He stole my all my clothes and cranked out on meth for weeks on end.

You have no idea how happy i am to hear Pantera is no more.

I never liked Pantera in the first place. Their name sounds like a brand of panties or maybe some fancy shampoo.

Someone gave me a Superjoint Ritual DVD. I watched it, and it was just embarrassingly horrible. I don't know what that vocal style is all about, but it sounds like a cross between the cookie monster, a spoon in a garbage disposal, and a trauma patient with a nail in his eye ... all brought together with the posture and emotion of irritable bowel syndrome. Phil can say "f**k" with the best of them though ... credit where due.

Isn't Hank Williams III in Superjoint Ritual?

What's a "pantera?"

Pantera is originally a Dallas based band that did the theme song for the Dallas Stars hockey team, still in use. They also own (or at least one of the members owns) a Dallas nude club, The Clubhouse.

Whatever became of them, Pantera had one of the all-time great thrash riffs in Cowboys From Hell. Right up there IMHO with Master of Puppets and Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?.

Superjoint Ritual also includes members of Buzzoven.

They sucked quite hard, but were fun to throw wet napkins at when they played in Chapel Hill. I believe I emptied the whole dispenser.

Pantera had some good moments (Cowboys from Hell) but there were better who got less attention. Unfortunately Phil believed his own PR and thinks he is some sort of metal god. I understand that if you like older Pantera you would like Damageplan (the new band from the rest of em').

I mean any band that gets pissy when you mention to them they used to be a glam rock band and threaten to beat up the media hack is pretty sad innit. (After this little incident several mags relished digging out pics of Pantera all glammed up.)

I knew Pantera was dead last fall when one of the riffs from "Cowboys" showed up in an All-Star cheerleading routine's music -- Junior Prep Division, no less. My husband had this really horrified look on his face. It was a sad day.

The only two things Pantera did that impressed me were "Walk" and breaking up.

Okay, that's overly harsh of me. Truth be known, Vulgar Display did kick a lot of ass, but Helmet did that jive a million times better, and Paige Hamilton is a lot more listenable than Phil anyday.