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Five Words, One Contest (and two more lists)

Tonight's list of five. Sort of. A sentence using the five words Ketchup, Waffles, Bergers, Pants and Socks, dedicated to Jeff Quinton and also using the bonus words of donut and Krispy Kreme, in addition to the bonus phrase would you like fries with that?: So the teenage girl waiting on us at the diner said umm like, I'll get your burger and stuff, but, like, uh, the coffee machine is like, broken, so maybe after you eat here you should try somewhere else, cause I hear that Krispy Kreme has like this donut flavored coffee and I hear it's totally rad and like, can you eat your dinner real fast -hey, try the waffles and ice cream - because I'm like getting off in two minutes and I'm gonna meet my boyfriend and we're gonna make signs for the big protest coming up, cause we are like totally into our cause and all, even though I'm really not sure what the cause is, I'm just, like, doing it because it really turns Bobby on when I get all into his activist shit and I like it when his pants get that little bulge when I say things like Socks the cat would make a better president than Bush, it really makes him go wild and he gets like all crazy and one time he got so excited when I wore my Kerry for President shirt that he poured a bottle of Heinz ketchup all over my tits and licked it off, oh my god, it was hot, and he was saying things like all the Sandy Bergers in the world couldn't fill up my pants like you do, baby, I was giggling so hard but I guess you had to be there and ummm yea, would you like fries with that? Additionally: The lists I promised yesterday. Five blog posts you should not miss # Thomas Galvin's Lost at Starbucks # Jeff Jarvis on the 9/11 Report # Richie's Baseball Bleat (for baseball history buffs/stats freaks only) # Tim Blair: Eat Heat # Ace really cracks me up. Five backup trades I will learn for when armageddon strikes and we have to start civilization all over again (providing I'm one of the few survivors) # School Marm # Bar Wench (I got a head start on that one) # Blacksmith # Evil Overlord # Spiderman


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Sorry dude, The Overlord gig is taken. I love the blog, but you can't have my job. It's just too much fun to give up;-)

See blacksmithing is an honorable profession. You could even make chainmaille. :-D be the envy of your town. Do it in public to make people think you're crazy.
"Whats that then?"
"What do you use it for?"
"They used it it the olden days to stop sword slashes and knife thrusts"
"Neat, does it work?"
place the piece across their shoulder and slash with your knife.
"Apparently so"
I have actually done this three times, but always to people i know.
Probably not a good idea in New York.

Of course, you DO want to aim for the maille, of course.

Bah - Goon Squad. I would rock.

All I need is a holocaust cloak and a wheelbarrow and I am set.

O think I bashed him too hard Fezick.....

Since I own three manual typewriters I figure I'll just keep on being a writer after civilization crumbles just as I am now. The ribbons, being made of fabric, can probably be re-inked with handy homemade ink.

Of course, I also plan to cultivate a reputation as the local Wise Woman/Crone.

last time the world ended we were all ready. We were gonna become amutant barbarian horde....or is that barbarian mutant?

We got all ready, stocked up on ammo, booze, swords, bows and got ourselves to a place where we could kick some serious ass and have a base for our marauding.

And then the damned world up and didn't end.

you think I'm kidding, don't you? heh. still got a lot of the stuff....

I was never too clear on how we'd get to be mutants though....

During the Carter malaise, I was working in an industrial blacksmithing shop, bending steel bars. I didn't want to believe there really was a balloon which would go up, but just in case I was hoarding two things. One was busted bits of automobile spring, found by the road, to smith blades from. The other was whole black pepper.