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Text File of Report

Because we all hate PDFs. You can download it from me for a limited time only (use "save target as"). Thanks to Jason at Moore Lies for putting into text format. And, off topic but of interest to some: The big winner at Band Sausages so far is the person who put seven band names together. Try to beat that. Update: Jason Kottke goes one better and puts the report up in HTML, with links to all the individual sections (via Jarvis)


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can I blog this?

How about 10?

Quad City DJ Shadows Fall out Boy George Michael Jackson 5 Man Electric Band Aid

Bands in order from above:
Quad City DJ’s
DJ Shadow
Shadows Fall
Fall out boy
Boy George
George Michael
Michael Jackson
Jackson 5
5 Man Electrical Band
Band Aid

Thank you for sharing this.

If you have trouble opening this in MS Notepad, it's because of the line breaks. Something like Word or a real text editor (vim) will interpret the line breaks properly.

What's the problem with PDFs? If you use the text-marking tool (it's icon is the big 'T' with a small dotted square) you can copy and paste text just like with MS Word of Notepad.

That won't work with the scanned official documents that such reports often contain, of course. But if you want to you can copy them by using the tool for marking graphics right next to the right of the T

(I have the German version of Acrobat Reader, so I don't know exactly what the tools are called in English)