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Voices: Year Three

I wasn't going to do it again this year, but here it is the end of July and I find myself thinking about September already. I know in my heart that in each subsequent September the memorials will become less in number and there will come a year when it seems almost forgotten about. So I've decided to do the Voices project again this year. The first year, 2002, Voices was just a blog post on September 11, albeit one with over 100 personal stories about 9/11 in the comments. The second year, I moved Voices to its own page and added many more stories. This year, Voices will have its own site. I'll be transferring all the stories over to that site, organizing them and presenting them in what I hope is a way that brings hundreds of stories together as one. While I'll continue to accept contributions from anyone who still has a story to tell about that day, what I'd like to do different this year is ask those who have already contributed to write a follow up - how have you coped? How has this changed you? Are you more hopeful now than you were back then? Even if you didn't contribute the last two years, you could still offer up something on those themes. Regardless of whether I get new contributions or not, I'll be working to relaunch the site in September. I'll always keep those stories alive because they need to be told again and again. We must never forget. You can email me with any questions or contributions at michele.catalano@REMOVETHISgmail.com.


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Thank you for doing the Voices project again this year. May we never forget.

Thank you.

Hrmmm... not sure I have coped since then. ;)