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kicking it old school, ASV style (Games! Fun! Laughs! inside)

I have this thing about lists. That's probably apparent by now. I notice that a lot of other bloggers have a list obsession as well and I'm thinking it's time to bring back the Lists of Five.

Now, before you go and say that I'm ripping off this guy, you should know that I started my Lists of Fives back in of 2001. And besides, my lists differ in that I request - no, demand - your involvement.

Wait. Hold the presses. I am going to hold off on my List of Fives tonight because I just now dug up something else that I used to play on the blog every once in a while. It's good to do something fun and meaningless once in a while, and Band Sausages always was a bit of both.

What's a band sausage, you ask? Well, I actuall had a page dedicated to band sausages, but if I link to it, you'll steal all the good ones.

The idea; To take as many bands as possible and squeeze their names together to form a new band. For example; Vanilla Ice Cube, using Vanilla Ice and Ice Cube. You need to use the full names of the bands and they need to blend together. Sometimes cheating is allowed if it makes for a good band name, like Godflesh Lives Underwater.

Other examples: Barry White Lion. Cheap Trick Daddy. Sly & the Family Stone Temple Pilots. You can even string three together: De La Soul II Soul Asylum. Or, if need be, you can be crafty: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Artist Formerly Known as Prince. (Those were all taken from previous incarnations of the game on the various incarnations of this site).

So let's have a little non-partisan fun for a change. And hey, if no one wants to play I'll just go ahead and delete the post and pretend I never brought it up.


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Luscious Joe Jackson

Beastie Boys II Men at Work

Stretching the rules (major word order overlapping, though no actual out-of-order), but it's a four-fer:

Jesus Lizard and the Peter Paul & Mary Alice in Chains

Clint Black Sabbath

Beach Boys II Men

George Dire Staits

Electric Light Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Simply Red Hot Chili Peppers

Third Eye Blind Melon

Janet Jackson Browne

Twisted Sister Hazel

Boyz II Men At Work

Philip Glass Tiger

Sugar Ray Charles Aznavour

Kool and the Gang of Four Tops

Rare Earth, Wind & Firefall

Crowded Housemartins

The The Who

Blind Faith Hill

Great Big Sea W. McCall

Anne Murray Head East

The Soul Brothers Sixpence None The Richer

U2 Can Breathe Free

How's about:

Moody Blues Brothers
Lionel Richie Havens
Elton John Mellencamp
Looking Glass Tiger
Murray Head East
Rare Earth, Wind, & Fire
Sugar Ray (The Streak) Stephens
Three Dog Night Ranger
Ugly Kid Joe Jackson Browne

This may not really count, but I am brain-dead after work now:


I love the juxtaposition of bands that have no cognitive association...

Guns 'n Rosemary Clooney
The Three Dog Night Tenors
Counting Sheryl Crows
The Four Aces of Base
Veruca Salt 'n Pepa

Jimmy Eat World Party

I have no contribution other than the fact that "Guns 'n Rosemary Clooney" has me in stitches. I'm hearing her voice singing "Welcome to the Jungle" and I...can't...breathe.

Good Charlotte Church

Big Country Joe and the Fish

Johann Sabastian Bachman Turner Overdrive

The The Band

BB Kingston Trio (King Crimson)

The Noting HillBillie(s) Holiday

Rage Against the Machine

The the best I can ever come up with;

I'm (Slick Rick James) Bitch

Actual Band names

Shirley Temple of Doom

John Cougar Concentration Camp

The Greatful Dead Milkmen

Agnostic Front 242

Mr. Big Audio Dynamite

Lake of Tears for Fears

Jimmy Eat World Party

Big Audio Dynamite Hack

Moody Blues Traveller

Little Richard Marx

Fountains of Wayne Newton

Barry White Zombie

Brian Wilson Phillips

The Stevie Wonder Stuff

White Lion

L.A. Guns and Roses

Lil' Kim Wild

Bloodhound Gang of Four

Blue Oyster Culture Club (little bending there)

Joe Jackson Five

London After Midnight Oil

Rage Against the Machine Head

Mos Def Leppard

White Lion was supposed to be Great White Lion

I'm Grace Slick Rick James Brown, Bitch! (couldn't have done it without you, Rob M.)
Mister Mister Bungle
Big Head Todd Rundgren
Right Said Fred Durst

here's a few that come to mind...

Pearl Jam Baily
Trigger Finger Eleven Bloody Men at Work
The Foo Foo Band Fighters
The Moldy Peaches & Herb Alpert
Spock's Bearded Lady Blue Oyster Cult

this was fun. i'll certainly be thinking of more...

Iggy Pop Will Eat Himself
Color Me Badfinger
Sammy Davis Dinosaur Jr.
The Crystal Method Man... or Astroman?
Blink 182 Live Crew
Crowded House of Pain
Jay-ZZ Top

Kajagoogoo Dolls
Jay-ZZ Top
Fun Boy 311
Jimmy Buffet Eats World
P.J. Harvey Danger
Faith Hill No More
Blink 182 Pac
Semisonic Youth
Minnie Pearl Jam (ok, that sucked)
Boomtown Ratt(s)
Reel Big Phish
Grateful Dead or Alive

ummmm....Pink Floyd?

Dorkafork wins Jay-ZZ Top by a nose...

The English Beatles
Captain Beefheart & Tenille
Twisted Sister Sledge
The Grateful Dead Can Dance
Fleetwood Mac Davis
The Police Cars
Jimmy Cliff Richard

The Grateful Dead Kennedies
Men At Work Without Hats
Up With Village People
Muddy Roger Waters

KC & The Sunshine Band of Susans
Carole King Crimson
Lisa Lisa Loeb
Pet Shop Boys II Men
Everything But The Girl Trouble

Dinosaur Junior Mervin
MC 900 Ft Jesus and Mary Chain
Too Much Joy Division
Days of the New Order
Mister Mr. Big Audio Dynamite
George Michael Penn
The Rolling Stone Roses
Elton John Coltrane
Boy George Clinton
Freddy Mercury Rev
Belle and Sebastian Bach

and one that I read a long time ago...
Stone Gossard Temple of the Dog Pilots

Concrete Blondie.

Shakespeare's Twisted Sister

Ack! Help! I can't stop!

Ooh, just thought of a great one: Steely Danzig.

Steely Dan Fogerty
Pure Prarie Human League
Doobie Brothers Four
Three Dog Gladys Knight
The Flying Burrito Allman Brothers
Bob Seger and the Silverchair
Blues Magoos Brothers
Sonic Youth Gone Mad
Neil Young Rascals
Toby Keith Emerson
Toby Keith Richards
Terri Petula Clark
Hillbilly Hellcat Stevens
Natalie Feathermerchant
Bruce Springsteen and the Asylum Street Spankers

Wow...I could stay up all night doing this.

Okay, one more and I'm going to bed: Ronnie James Dionne Warwick.

Good night, and thank you.

I think Sean came up with the best ones, although Guns N Rosemary Clooney was laugh out loud funny as was Iggy Pop Will Eat Himself.

Snoop Doggy Three Dogg Night Ranger
Pearl Jamiroquai
Twisted Sista Soulja
Olivia Juice Newton John
Billy Haley Joel Ocean
Bing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Jefferson Air Supply
Steely Danny Elfman
Styx and the Stones
Fatboy Slim Whitman (A date for Minnie Pearl Jam?)
Seal with KISS
Ratt Poison KISS
KISS Lipps, Inc.
Supertramp Madonna

I know it's cheating, but I don't care:

Gene Loves Jezebel's Twisted Sister Souljah

(Started with Genesis, think it got lost somewhere in there...)

Oak Ridge Boys II Men Without Hats
Brian Wilson Phillips Souza

(and yes, I built on others' for those last two...)


As long as we're bending rules:
Camper Van Morrison
The Sundays 'til Tuesday
Poi Dog Pondering Hole
Doris Day & The Time

Chantay Savage Garden

Or better yet...

Macho Man Randy Savage Garden (who knew?)

Paula Cole Porter Waggoner

Johann Sebastian Bachman Turner Overdrive


Helen Reddy for the World Birthday Tea and Action Figure MTV Party To Go-go


Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Darkness
Dead Eye Dick Can Dance
School of Phish
Rage against the Talking Miami Sound Machineheads
Slick Ricky Martin
Motley 2 Live Crue
Motley Cutting Crew
Boy George Thorogood
The Dead Milkmen can Dance
The Red Hot Salt and Chili Peppers
Simply Red Hot Chili Peppers
THe New Riddlin Kinds on the Block
Simple Plan 9
Jesus Tom Jones
The NY Goo Goo Dolls
Frank Black 47 Eyed Peas
Too Much Joy Division

Pink Floyd Cramer.

the Pink Floyd thing was bugging me..

Homer and Jethro Tull
Clint Black Oak Arkansas
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Argyles
Timbukthree Dog Night
The Dixie HummingByrds
The Flying Burrito Brothers Four
Frank Zappa and the Mother Folkers
Every Mother's Sonny Terry
Michelle Shocking Blue
Pete Wernick and the Live Five Man Electrical Band
The Crazy World of Arthur Brownsville Station
Norton Buffalo Springfield

someone took my all-time favorite... Ratt Poison.

do you remember when that was the name of an actual tour??

Ratt-Poison tour.... I don't remember the year, but I DO remember falling on my ass laughing at the irony.


I know my favorite did not conform but it is still my favorite.

boy george michael jackson brownsville station

Here's all I could muster:

Christina AguileRancid
Greatful Dead Kennedys
LudaKris Kristofferson
Alan Jackson Five
George Michael Jackson
But this one's my fav:
The Johnny Cash Money Millionaires

More stretching of the rules but I thought they were kinda humorous.

Stevie Ray Vaughn Halen.

One more:

The Village People Were Shorter and Lived by the Bongwater

I don't think anybody strung all of these together yet:

Boy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting


Talk Talking Heads

I'll one-up that:
Boy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity Kills.

Yeah, baby. seven bands. is it possible to add another?

Jay ZZ Top
Bachman Tina Turner Overdrive
Kajagoogoo Dolls (My Boss came up with this one)
Run DMC Hammer
Furious George Clinton
Manford Mahn's Earth Wind and Fire Band
Michael Joe Jackson
King Neil Diamond
Renegade Soundgardenwave
Velvet Underground Revolver
Buddy Holly Beth Vincent
Steve and Eddie Brickell
Dropick Murphys Law
Lionel Ritchie Valens
Talking Lemonheads
Tom Tom Culture Club
Deborah Harry Belefante
Meat Beat Manifesto
Kansas City All Starship
Cockteu Thompson Twins
C&C Music Fear Factory
Black Sabbath Flag
Kenny Rogers Loggins
(My life with the) Thrill OverKill Kult
Infectious Groove Armada
Vanilla SpIce Girls
Romeo Voidoids
Sugar Ray Charles
Third Eye Blind Melon

And for the big prize - 9 bands strung together to make an actual (and fairly frightening) sentance:

The Greatful Dead Venga Boys Eye II Men Without Dick Hats at Work Who Can Dance

(you can easily fit more into that one, but it doesn't flow as well)

And even though it doesn't fit, it had my boss and I laughing just because it sounds so damn good: Blue Oyster Cow Bell

Oh well, someone already posted

Kajagoogoo Dolls and Jay-ZZ Top

Damn - That's what I get for posting without reading (and now my boss is depressed)


LoverBoy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity Kills


Ed LoverBoy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity Kills
(Ed Lover the rap singer)

Damn, Mark beat me to what I had for eight, so now I'll have to try to stretch things a bit:

Dianne Warren G-Loverboy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity Kills (& Special Sauce?)

(..what's that, an unofficial eleven?...)

Dianne Warren G-Loverboy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity KillSwitch.


(I'm know I'm reaching here with a relatively obscure metal band, but, hey, nothing ventured, et cetera...)

Dianne Warren G-Loverboy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity KillSWitchcraft.

(...and if I reach even farther into the abyss, there's always Dianne Warren G-Loverboy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity KillSWitchKraftwerk...)

Okay we've one upped the standing record of 7.

Badly Drawn Boy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity Kills

Okay I should finish reading the thread before I try and one up something that has already been one-upped.

Beastie Boys II Men Behaving Badly Drawn Boy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity Kills.

I believe that is 11.

Then I can pump it to 12:
The The WaterBoys II Men Behaving Badly Drawn Boy George Michael Jackson Five for Fighting Gravity Kills.

I'm just gonna go back to the simpler purpose of this thread--no record breakers-- with a couple more:

The G.G. Alan Parsons Project
Fine Young Cannibal Corpse (I can't believe none of the metalheads at ASV came up with that one!)

Oh, and thanks for what you said this morning, michele.

I just thought of another:
Patti LaBelle and Sebastian

Ok, last super one. Here's 17:

The Fat Grateful Backstreet Beastie Dead Venga Boys Eye II Men Without The Urban Dick Alarm Hats Alive N Kickin' or at Work Who Can Guess The Dance Squad

and the band names for those who's brains shut down halfway through that mess (like mine did :-p)

Grateful Dead
Dead Boys
Venga Boys
Boys II Men
Dead Eye Dick
Men without Hats
Men at Work
The Alarm
The Who
Dead Can Dance
Beastie Boys
Backstreet Boys
Fat Boys
Urban Dance Squad
Dead or Alive
Alive N Kickin'
The Guess Who

Back to the simple ones:

No More Blind Faith and the Muse (3)
Harvey Danger Dangerous Toys (3)
Blessid Union of Bouncing Souls (2)
Gorky Linkin Park (2)
London After Dexy's Midnight Oil Runners (3)
Indigo Spice Girls (2)
Stormtroopers of Christian Napalm Death (3)
Peter, Paul, Gabriel and Mary (2)
The Alien Adam Ant Farm (3)
Bowling for Soupdragons (2)
Crystal Method of Destruction Man (3)
Jimmy Buffet Eat World (2)
Mother Love Fishbone (2)
Bikini Killing Joke (2)

Blind Faith No More
The Willie Nelson Riddle Orchestra
The Oak Ridge Boys of the Lough
Tony Toni Tone Bennett
Tuck and Patti Smith
Shades of Blue Swede
Harry James Taylor

Hey, somebody's gotta do some older ones.

Ethel Mermon Tabernacle Choir
Beastie Boys II Men Without Hats