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Michael Moore's Greatest Fallacy

Michael Moore proves that he is still an ignorant ass, writing here about poor Linda Rondstadt. Nevermind his First Amendment issues and the nevermind that he thinks an property owner has no right to ask a person to leave their property. I'm sure plenty of other people will pick up on that. No, what bugs me the most is his assertion - no, his outright lie - about a certain song. bq. For crying out loud, it was a song DEDICATION! To "Desperado!" Every American loves that song! Another fallacy being bandied about by Michael Moore as if it were the almighty truth. Well, I have something to say to Mr. Moore: Michael Moore, I am an American. And I hate that song with a passion that goes back to 1973, when my ears were first assaulted by that overwrought piece of music. I ask you now, Michael Moore, to retract your statement. You do not speak for all Americans and your continued belief that you do has reached new heights with this false statement about Desperado. Because all of your fans believe every single word that comes out of your mouth, no matter how absurd, no matter if those words are proved false - those people will now believe that I, as one of those Americans you speak of, love that song. The very thought that I will be lumped in with lovers of such horrid dreck makes me physically ill. I may have no recourse but to sue you, Mr. Moore, if you do not take back that statement and stop telling your lies. Thank you. I may have to ask David Hardy and Jason Clarke to include this in any updates of their book. Update: An anonymous reader penned a little parody to Mr. Moore based on the Desperado statement. Read it below, but be warned there are many Michael Moore is Fat jokes ahead. Update 2: Another proud American agrees!
BLUBBERADO…. You better come to your meetings You been out eating doughnuts, for so long now Oh, we’re here for you In the evening and the day time To help you stop shoving All that food in your face… You just play to the leftist moonbats, boy And they eat up all their able Kinda like you at an all-you-can-eat buffet Now it seems to me, you needs us There’s fruits and veggies on your table But all you only want is a sloppy Big Mac Bluuuuuuuberado Oh, why don’t you come to a meeting Your face and your body, they’re not a nice sight And bathing, oh bathing, well that should go without saying Your prison is your body and you’re trapped inside all alone Don’t you ever take a look in the mirror? You might want to take a peek It’s not hard to admit you need lots of help You’re never losing, just gaining weight Ain’t it funny how you don’t even notice? Blubberado, why don’t you come to a meeting? We’re located in Flint, we won’t make you wait You may be an ass, but you can be a thin one You better let Weight Watchers help you, before it’s too late.


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I have a confession to make:

In my high school years, I was like that guy who dated Elaine Benis dated. I made anyone who was riding in the car with me (including dates!) shut up when the song came on the radio...

I got better.

One of those "dated" should be eliminated; I'll leave it to the reader to pick which one.

Arrghhh!!! When the hell will people figure out that unless it's the government doing it, it ain't censorship.

This drive me absolutely off-the-wall insane. It's one of my pet peeves. If you can't even be bothered to actually read the Bill of Rights, then stop using it as an excuse for antisocial behavior.

And for the record, I actually like Desperado. Not the the extent that Elaine's ex did, but I do enjoy it when it comes on the radio.

I went to a linda ronstadt webpage yesterday, after following a link regarding this little bit of trivia; only to find out that this LR site was automatically forwarding visitors to MM's site. Talk about offensive, I had just eaten lunch; god that guy is nauseating.

On a whole, I'd take the Eagles catalogue and toss it into the sea. I loved Joe Walsh, but when he signed on with them, I acted like he was just seriously stoned and waited for the solo stuff, content to wear out my James Gang tapes.

Can Michael Moore and Linda Ronstadt fit in the same room?

"If you can't even be bothered to actually read the Bill of Rights, then stop using it as an excuse for antisocial behavior."

Gregory, you should print that on a T-Shirt. I think I'd buy one.

"And for the record, I actually like Desperado. Not the the extent that Elaine's ex did, but I do enjoy it when it comes on the radio."

Damn someone beat me to it.

Personally I hate that song but break into an impression of that guy to limited laughs.

Help! I'm being oppressed!

I agree, Gregory. Except about liking Desperado. That's sick.

Oh, it's much worse than that. I, like everybody else, like "Desperado" until I grew to hate it, but that's not the point.

The point is that the New York Freaking Times has no more understanding of civil rights than Michael Moore does.

Yeah, I just posted a link to my own site in a comment on Michele's site. I'm a whore. I admit it, I'm okay with it. Besides, I have a civil right or something. I read it in the newspaper just this morning.

Has Smoking Gun posted a copy of her performance contract yet?

Of all the news outlets, I've found one with a most important tidbit:
Before the concert, Ms. Ronstadt told a local newspaper the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she hoped if she was annoying enough, the hotel would not hire her back.
This puts a new spin on things. The source is VOANews.com

God please give me the chance to spit on them both.
If not that then the chance to work on his car. Amen

I like that song.

It was used to haunting effect in the film In America.

The thing is Ronstadt has been doing this throughout her tour.

Here's a report from here in San Diego where she recently perfromed at Humphries by the bay.


Seems as if this Desparado dedication to the greatness of Moore is her "stump" speech

Well a few things:

First, I don't know any American, at all, that believes everything Moore says. I doubt one even exists. I don't even think Moore himself believes it all.

Second: It's still censorship even when not done by the government. It's just not illegal.

"First, I don't know any American, at all, that believes everything Moore says"

Try this site www.democraticunderground.com

"Second: It's still censorship even when not done by the government. It's just not illegal."

Yep, I bet you cried all night when Rush got the boot from ESPN.

I thought when you were paid for a service, (Linda was to sing not politicize) than the person paying for that service has the right to expect what they paid for, entertainment in the form of singing. When will these people, in the entertainment industry get it through their thick skulls, "We the public don't care what your political views are." When I buy a ticket for a concert, or a movie, all I care about is getting my monies worth, out of your performance...I will say this story in itself is guit entertaining. Everyone's so fired up over Linda Ronstadt and Michael Moore, and the song 'Desperado'. I find it laughable. hehe

This is why I read ASV: Michele tackles the tough issues.

I've never understood where did Ronstadt came up with the idea that this song should be dedicated to Michael Moore. I can't imagine that Don Henley and Glenn Frey had this 19-year old nobody in mind when they wrote the song in 1973.

Then again, there are some obvious parallels. For one thing Moore, like the subject of the song, really should come to his senses. For another, he lives in Michigan, so his feet probably do get cold in the wintertime, especially on days when it is just cloudy enough to guarantee that the sky won't snow and the sun won't shine. Most importantly, perhaps, 1973 would have been an excellent opportunity for this already-troubled, but presumably much thinner Moore to let somebody love him. Now, it's too late.

Fat retardo
Why don't you put down those blintzes?
You've been bumbling and senseless for so long...

Please do not mock the Eagles until you have heard "Get Over It." 'Tis the finest hollywood-moonbat bashing song around.

But, this being America, we're all still free to go "pfeh" to the Eagles after having listened to "Get Over It."

(Do cover versions count? I'm eager to get this out of the way.)

Wrong, rawb. It is only censorship when it is done by officials or by official sanction. Or are you saying the left's right to free speech trumps everyone else?
The constitution only forbids the Government from abridging free speech.

Cathy has it right. Ronstadt was hired by the people in the audience (by way of them buying tickets) to be entertained. Not to attend a political lecture. I'd be willing to bet her contract specified that she was to perform as a singer, not as an activist or movie critic.
Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence. Try telling your boss what you think of him and see where freedom of speech gets you.

Ray: censorship is censorship. Government censorship is generally unconstitutional, and almost always a bad idea. Private censorship has nothing to do with the Constitution, and is often a very reasonable idea. That doesn't mean it's not "censorship." It just means there's nothing wrong with it.

Look it up in the dictionary. Censorship is done by one appointed to censor.

Calling her booting censorship is an overreaction, but so was booting her. Was Ms. Ronstadt staying gratis at the Alladin? Even if she was, the Alladin Mgmt. could have asked her not to do any more such dedications seeing all the trouble it caused.

This is not censorship.

This is a performer deciding to alter the content of their performance in a manner that failed to satisfy the entertainment expectations of the audience, and it likely violated her performance contract.

Ray, next time you tell someone else to look a word up in the dictionary, you might want to try looking it up yourself, first. Anyone can "examine or expurgate" anything that is under their control. Or, if you prefer, they an "examine [it] ... in order to suppress or delete any contents considered objectionable."

Clearly, Aladdin certainly censored Linda Ronstadt. Equally clearly, they had a right to do so, as does every private property owner. The only question is whether or not this act of censorship was reasonable under teh circumstances. In my view, it was. But it was still censorship, by definition.

Laurence: You may be right about her contract. Not having read it, I don't know. Regardless, it has nothing to do with whether or not it was censorship. Contracts censor people all the time. If you think you've never signed a contract with a STFU clause, you probably didn't read the fine print.

Xlrq - I did, but thanks for the gratuitous insult. You are out of context on this.

Censorship is the act of examining for the purpose of suppression. It is done before the action. In other words stopping publication or speech before it is performed.

What Ronstadt experienced is consequence.

Had the Alladin owner stopped her from speaking out on politics before the show, you might have been able to argue censorship.

See Miriam Webster online dictionary.

Walter Sobchak: Now so far, we have what appears to me to be a series of victimless crimes.

The Dude: What about the toe?

Walter Sobchak: Forget about the fucking toe!

Coffee Shop Waitress: Excuse me, sir. Could you please keep your voices down? This is a family restaurant.

Walter Sobchak: Oh please, dear? For your information, the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint.

The Dude: Jesus, man, could you change the channel?
Cab Driver: Fuck you man. If you don't like my fuckin' music get your own fuckin' cab!
The Dude: I had a rough...
Cab Driver: I pull over and kick your ass out!
The Dude: Come on, man. I had a rough night and I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man!

Here's a link to that Las Vegas Review-Journal article. The money quote is the last line.
"I keep hoping that if I'm annoying enough to them, they won't hire me back," she says with a laugh.
rawb wrote
I don't even think Moore himself believes it all.
Are you suggesting that's a mitigating factor? That makes him even more despicable and hypocritical (if possible).

I would have to agree with Ray.

If I were to stand in front of the screen during a showing of Farenheit 911 and loudly convey my disdain for the many inaccuracies and half-truths contained in the movie, I would undoubtedly be ushered out of the theatre. Is this censorship?
Or the consequence of foolish behavior at a commercial venue?

On an unrelated note, I have stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.

The town was pretty dead though. No pretty girls in pickup trucks. No nuthin'. Just boarded up storefronts and a solitary convenience store.

Come to think of it -- Winslow, AZ is sort of a Flint, MI with a really dry heat. Maybe Blubby will do a documentary about the effect that the Eagles caused poor Winslow, AZ.

Ray definitely wins the "censorship" discussion. I never fail to be impressed with the duality of the liberals. They are forever reading into and drawing out non existent "rights" in the first amendment but with the same fervor deny the very clear meaning of the second amendment.

Oh and for the record....that song triggers an instant gag reflex.

That's the sort of song parody that SenatorPundit was good at, before he fell silent. I wish he'd start blogging again!

That's the sort of song parody that SenatorPundit was good at, before he fell silent. I wish he'd start blogging again!