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Lets go slow, lets go fast, licorice twist, gonna whip your ass

Natalie just left for a three day trip to Hershey Park with three of her best friends and the father of one of the friends. So, what do I worry about? No, not about her getting abducted or lost in the park. This father is a hawk when it comes to keeping an eye on the kids; it's his third year in a row doing this outing. Do I worry about a terrorist attack happening while my daughter is hundreds of miles away? Not so much. No, this is what worries me. It's called Storm Runner and it is easily the most frightening display of twists, turns and topsy turvys I have ever seen. All I can imagine is her falling out of that thing. Did I mention I hate roller coasters? What a stupid thing to worry about. Beats worrying about nukes, I guess. Speaking of nukes (and the roller coaster ride that is current event), yes, I realize today's story didn't quite pan out to be anything. Which gives me great relief in many ways. And speaking of news, this is my latest bookmark and will become an oft used one: Newsfeed: News for bloggers, news for junkies. I can keep track of amusement park mishaps there! Kidding.


Well, thanks for getting that damn song stuck in my head.

You've taken the Narrows Bridge and you're spooked by little ol roller coasters?

From the Toronto Star:

At least 20 roller coaster riders were stranded on a ride tonight at Canada's Wonderland north of Toronto.
The ride apparently malfunctioned and stranded the riders upside down about 30 metres off the ground, reported Toronto radio station 680 News

See, so you're not going to fall off no matter how long you're upside down.

That's gotta suck.

Worry, worry, worry, it's what us mothers do best. Wait until you're a Grandmother, it is more worry, worry, worry. This is from a mother with 3 sons and a grandson. I am an expert at worry. The worry over a roller coaster ride,is the same as the worry over a son in the military, at a time of war. Worry is worry. Wait until your son starts to drive, and he is out with the car and is an hour late. You lie in bed, and wait. And while you are waiting, you can see, in your mind, the car over a bank, and no one can see it, and your child is lying in this wreckage needing help. All of a sudden the garage door goes up, and you can finally fall asleep. Your son is home safe and sound. Worry, I think it keeps us sane.


OMG, been there done that. Mine are now 21 and 23 and I still freak out about them.

One of the first things I taught them is do NOT make mom worry or she becomes an evil bitch..

When they started driving, they never left the house without a cellphone, and they knew that if they were going to be even ONE minute late to call mom.

There were time I'm got calls when they were turning into our driveway because they knew they wouldn't be in the house til 11:02 and I'd be freaking..LOL

roller coasters, driving, the first time on the school bus alone, the first long distance trip without parents..it's all still worry..The ting is, it just means we love them, and sometimes, they even realize this :)

Storm Runner. An Intamin launched coaster, their third in the US. Preceeded by Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm (California) and Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point (Ohio). Less of a one-trick-pony than the first two, because the launch into the Top Hat element isn't the only thing it does. Good reviews from the coaster enthusiasts so far.

Coaster geek. :-)

Michele - nothing to worry about here with that new-fangled coaster at Hershey. Took the fiance and youngest daughter there last week. We waited in line for 45 minutes for basically a 45 second ride. But what a ride it is. 0 - 72 in 2 seconds then straight up 152 feet - over the top - nice a slow like - then straight down 180 feet. What a rush. Then some barrel rolls and it's pretty much over. The attendants make damn sure the bar is more than "snug" - they come over and push it down further than you thought possible. Anyway, the girls were thinking of backing out but didn't and once we got off [no pun intended] we thought of waiting in line again... But we didn't. It is a cool coaster - just wish the lines were shorter...

Frank reporting live from Harrisburg PA.

Tink, doesn't it make you feel good to now it is not just you, but it is a mother thing. Sometimes, I think I must be nuts, but then another mother will tell me, "Hey, I have been there done that." Then I know I'm okay. It is the way of the moms. My boys are 38, 34 and my youngest is 21. He is in the military and mom is worrying and worrying.

Hersheypark rules. And it's a very safe place. No worries. ;)