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Three Four Conspiracy Theories Regarding Sandy "ScandalPants" Berger. # Hillary told Sandy to take one for the team, furthering her agenda for a brokered convention. # The Karl Rove Theory (which is, anything that smells like trouble for the Dems is Karl Rove's fault) # They weren't documents, they were compromising pictures of Hillary and Linda Tripp (update) 4. Cheney Strikes Back! Five Things on Berger's Handwritten Notes That Had Nothing to do with Security: # A rough draft of a romance novel featuring a Hillary-esque heroine # The lyrics to Gwar's Sadda-a-Go-Go. # Cheat codes for Metal Gear Solid 2 # A doodle showing Bush the Elder in a mime constume # The stolen recipe for Red Velvet Cake Five Other Things Found in Sandy Berger's Pants: Oops, make that fifty. Five Linda Rondstadt Songs That Could Be About Sandy Berger # You Can't Treat the Wrong Man Right # Goodbye My Friend # I Keep It Hid # Telling Me Lies # It Never Entered My Mind I think I'm going to blog in lists for the remainder of the day.


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Isn't David Letterman's production company called Worldwide Pants?

I see an angle there.

Woohoo, lists! Lazy readers like me love lists.

"I wish I knew who leaked it. It's interesting timing," [Bill Clinton] added.

Hello. My name is Earl and I'm great, big, stinking idiot who has nothing of value to add to any conversation except third grade insults. I'm no longer welcome here.

Yep. It's all a big joke. Nothing to see here. Move along, citizens.

[begin excerpt]

Clinton told the Denver Post he has known about the federal probe of Berger's actions for several months, calling this week's news a non-story....

"We were all laughing about it on the way over here," Clinton said of the publicity.

[end excerpt]

"Clinton Defends Berger As Clutter-Bug" (UPI)


Rule of law: It's just for the little people...

Another song by LR dedicated to Sandy's pants:
The Moon's a Harsh Mistress

Frankly, I'm surprised the whole "Cheney Strikes Back" theory took this long to come up.

"Down his pants, you say? Well, I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable exp...Look, over there! It's Dick Cheney! A-and Carl Rove!"

Hmmm... does the Kerry document smell just a tad of desparate spin? First Joe Wilson's credibility is galloping off into the sunset, and no matter how many "I'm just a sloppy old son-of-a-gun" excuses dribble off Berger's lips, secreting documents on ones person on more than one instance can never be labeled "inadvertent." Why should Berger's excuse be any more believed than the perp walking out of the grocery store with a bottle of vodka in his jockeys?

Thanks, now i have the unholy union of Tripp/Hil in my mind. That is a hell of a thing to think about before bed. almost puts a guy off lesbianism.
-Note, i will take all abuse for the last comment on my blog, not here. this is a fun happy place

i think i like the lists of 5.

"You're no good, you're no good, you're no good, Berger you're no good."