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I'm getting ready for bed at 9:30. I'm either getting old or getting sick. I just wanted to leave you with this link, a guest editorial over at Command Post: Comparing Bush and Hitler. Well worth your time to read. Hey, you know what sucks? A sudden, torrential downpour when your car windows are wide open.


Yeah? Try driving a Jeep Wrangler with only a bikini top in a torrential Florida rain.

Then again, my hardtop sits on the side of the house collecting weeds, so the fault is mine alone!

Hmmm... car pool?


And sunroof when you have leather interior.

Been there, done that.

i love your statement at the end of the bush and hitler comparison. great sentence.

How about a torrential downpour when you're waiting for the bus and sudden gusts of wind keep turning your cheap, Walmart umbrella inside-out?

I did a (lame but slightly humorous) Bush=Hitler=Kerry comparison of my own :)