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Guitar Face

I have to enter DJ in this contest:
...a new contest will determine who has the best "guitar face" ... The 20-odd judges range from musicians to producers to rock photographers like Mark Weiss, who has captured everyone from Led Zeppelin to Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne in 25 years of taking pictures. Weiss is looking for someone who reminds him of Ted Nugent. "When he plays his notes, it's emulated in his face. He's all over the place. Look at his mouth and you can tell he's playing the guitar; you don't have to look at his hands."
A couple of weeks ago, DJ withdrew his hard-earned money from the bank so he could purchase a new amp. When we got to the store, he immediately plugged in a guitar and started testing out the amps. Within five minutes, the staff was gathered around this eleven year old kid wailing away on Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride. When he noticed he was being watched, he went through a little montage of his repetoire, throwing in some Sabbath, Weezer, Dokken and Sum 41. At one point, the manager said "Check out his guitar face! He's doing the face!" And sure enough, DJ had that face on. You know the one where the guitarist looks as if he's built a stairway to heaven with his chords and he's about to experience complete fulfillment and enlightment, which often morphs into a half grimace/half sneer, giving way to furrowed brow and eyes clenched shut tight; an insane look if there ever was one. When DJ puts his guitar face on, I know he's about to tune out the world and become one with his guitar. I'll have to take some pictures of him playing tonight. And you've got to see this amp. It has an insane mode. Which, yes, drives me insane. But no more so than DJ when he's got his game face on.


Insane, yes. but does it go to 11?

Oftentimes it kinda looks like they're constipated or something.

Good luck to DJ. Rock belongs to the young.

I'd love to enter, but my "guitar face" looks like a cross between "having trouble with meds" and "just got handed a guilty verdict". To make matters worse, my lips have a tendency to protrude when I'm playing and not singing (think the Bill Clinton pout, but inverted).

I imagine Michele's got a pretty good game face.

He's playing the guitar? I'm going to cry, they're growing up too fast. Yesterday, Matthew said,"Matt is a baby guy".

I can tell you're one proud Mama! :-)

I always thought the best guitar face was Eddie Van Halen's NON-guitar face. He just had this cat-that-swallowed-the-canary grin that said, "This is too easy. Why all the grimacing?"

OK, so I just bought my 10-year old his first (acoustic) guitar... any recommendations on how to start lessons-wise?

Those Line 6 amps are so very cool...That is the one thing I miss about being the bass player, we're supposed to stay cool & not make those fun faces...

I never even knew my brother could play guitar until we were in a guitar shop and he started playing, and it was unbelievable. He, too, had that guitar face, that look of rapture.

Our lead player said if he needed a new one, the Spider is the one he'd buy. He's been really happy with his older Line 6, says it's held up well.

Matt, I engraved 11s on my SWR head. Have watched quite a few people who looked up close do a double take and then bust out laughing.


my amp

goes to 20!

(2nd knob from right)

Nigel Tufnel was in the print ads for the JCM-900

Every guitar face looks better if you're pushing 50 and still wearing an Australian schoolboy's uniform while making it.

So I guess Angus Young would win by default.