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Big Shout Out

Don't you hate that phrase? A big thank you to everyone who donated to the ASV pledge drive today. You all got personal email responses but I just wanted to do a public thank you. And a real big thank you to those who wrote to say that they couldn't donate at this time, but wanted to give me some love anyhow. Right back atcha. Paying the electrician and the oil burner repair guy hurt a little less today. And there was enough left over for the extreme size 7-11 coffee (toasted to you, Aaron). My begathons only last one day, so this is the last you'll hear about it for a while. While I'm on the subject of thank yous, thanks to everyone who linked the story in the post below. You all make me proud to be part of this blogging thing.


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Sorry I missed the pledge drive, but other events of the day are going to be tapping the WWR wallet soon in a large way I suspect.

Sleep well, though, knowing that you've got all my blog love and ass-slappin' goodness, and stuff.

I came late to the bigg drive,but thank you so much for all of the info you supply to me and my family.Because you clued me into Free Comic Book Day,my 7 year old has started writing her own comics(Thanks to Mr Joe Fields himself,who also sold me a Fantastic Four anthology from which to cull copy for my character voice demo[Dr Doom]).When my big bucks start rolling in you wil be first on my largesse sharing list.Love ya,babe

Glad you could make the bills Michele. I know what it's like. Been there, done that. What really sucks is when you don't have a blog community to even ask for help, much less receive from.

Dunno about the way-left side blogs, but those on the right seem to be supportive of helping their fellow (fellowette?) bloggers when things get tough. Seeing that kind of familyness is awesome.

Note: The words fellowette and familytypes brought to you by - The Strange Word Association Peoplegrouptypes (SWAP).

Sniff... [shuffles feet] aw shucks.