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The Time Has Come

I haven't done this in a long time and the situation sort of warrants it now. Without getting into much detail, I'll just go ahead and say the dreaded words. It's pledge drive time at A Small Victory. If you've enjoyed my work here and can afford to drop a buck or two in my PayPal account as sort of a thank you, I'd appreciate it. I'm not looking to make a living off of blogging, because it really will never happen. I'm not looking for anyone to pay my hosting fees because they are gratis. I'm just letting you know that I would not be averse to anyone contributing to my shrinking bank account by donating a few bucks. Whenever I do one of these pledge drives, I feel the need to defend myself. I'll just say this time that with the amount of work I put into the site, I consider it a job. My main source of income from this job is ads (which are not always in abunance) and donations. No one holds a gun to my head to make me do this, and no one is holding said gun to your head to make you donate. You either do or you don't and if you do, I thank you. If you don't, I thank you anyhow for reading ASV every day. Without you, there's really no blog. I can plead that it's for the children, or tell you of my home repair woes thanks to the idiot who previously owned this house, or I could tell you a million reasons why I'm short on cash and spending less time at the blog and more time trying to put a book together or get some freelance writing work, but umm...yea, IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN! That always seems to work. So this ends my lame pledge drive announcement/pleading. The PayPal button is over to the left, should you be looking for it. For some reason I can't get the image to appear in the post.


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