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Free Martha!


Free beer!

Free Willy!

free tiiiines a mady...


Free her? No way! If you did what she did, which was... uh, something about not talking to the authorities in a forthright manner regarding something that still may or may not have been an illegal action, or whatever it was... then you deserve to have the book thrown at you!

I don't know about you guys, but I'll sleep much better for those five months.

Free Ice Cream!


Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

Free Martha! (...with any purchase of medium fries and a coke)

Free Mothra (from Monster Island)

Free Blind Mice

Free Little Pigs!

Free Musketeers!

Free Gift With Purchase!

You people are crazy.

Well, at least no one has said Free Mumia yet.

OK... Free Mumia...

I'm so disapointed in myself

To paraphrase some network talking head today . . . I wouldn't mind Martha going to jail for lying to the feds if the feds would go to jail for lying to us.

If nothing else it would free up a lot of parking spots in downtown DC.

Freedom Rock!!!!

Damn! Dave in Texas wins...

Two out of free ain't bad.

Free box of steaks with any new windshield!

Fry Mumia!

Free Range Chicken!

Freedom's just another word for Free!

Free, Six, Nine, Twelve, Fifteen, Eighteen, Twenty-one, Twenty-four, Twenty-seven, Firty.

she's once. tice... Free times a wady

You people are all free ksovnature.