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Got Game

Just wanted to thank everyone for their game suggestions yesterday. On the basis of your reccomendations, I bought Beyond Good and Evil. I suppose I'll be busy the rest of the night. Oh, also got a very cool thing. See, I've been lamenting that Nintendo hasn't re-released the old Mario games for the Game Cube like they did with Zelda and Sonic. So, for I bought an attachment that lets you play GBA games on the GC, and then picked up the Classic NES Super Mario Brothers for GBA. Now, I am a happy camper.


Shit, got in too late on this one. We just bought Ikaruga, after hunting it for a month. It's a ship shooter, gorgeous and challenging, without being exhausting.

And, of course, there's always Super Monkey Ball TWO. Simultaneous Monkey Target, man, four players flying at once. ROOLZ. Monkey Golf is a hoot as well.

The husband loves Custom Robo, and can I just say my four year old daughter kicks ass at it. Scary.

Guess you'll be happy that your accomodations come with a classic SNES and a choice of more than a dozen games. ;)

Let us know what you thing of Beyond Good & Evil. I've been considering getting that one myself.