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Just saying (blogging crap dept.)

When you title a post Denigrating the Overblog, and then have a contest where your readers pick the most overrated blogs and snipe about them, you really shouldn't act all surprised when it devolves into a personal attack hatefest. Really. People who think the blogosphere is nothing more than a high school clique of over opinionated assholes need only to look at that contest and see the comments denigrating the work of other bloggers to prove their point. And this has nothing to do with me. Personally, I don't really care if you think I'm overrated. Sometimes *I* think I'm overrated. But the level of insults hurled at some bloggers (not the blogs - the bloggers themselves) is really disgusting. Pissing contests always seem like fun until the piss ends up on your clothes. You know? I'd watch my pants if I were you.


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Wish I had a link...the best place to be during pissing contests is in the stands.

Some people live for pissing contests. Some people live for self-promotion. Put em together and WHEE!


Took a while to find.......

Nominations are fun.

Michele, this post shows why you're still one of the blogosphere's class acts.

And why the Cool Kids keep coming back for more.

In a place as huge as the blogosphere not everybody is going to get along. We're going to have spats and insults. It happens, especially when you deal in opinions.

I've always thought that carrying on about how bad a blog or blogger is was rather stupid. Why not just stop reading the blogs you don't like? There's about a zillion other blogs out there which can probably provide the type of content you're looking for and the drop in traffic will be the best message to send to a blogger who isn't doing a very good job.

Plus, its not like any of us are professionals (at least most of us aren't anyway). I think most of us do this because its fun. The day people start paying to read my blog is the day they can start pissing and moaning about my content. Or, at least the day I'll start listening to their pissing and moaning anyway.

Yeah, I guess you're right. Now I feel bad.

Did he edit the comments? I didn't see much vitriol there except for the folks who hit below the belt about you and Kate, and one of the clowns making ugly remarks about Kate has something of an agenda in that regard, so it's to be expected.

It is, uh, unsurprising?--Interesting?--that the most personal insults, the remarks based on the blogger rather than the blog, are overwhelmingly aimed at women bloggers. Oh, oh, right, but I'm supposed to pretend that doesn't happen. My bad.

You know, I once met a very elderly gentleman who explained to me how he used to always win the pissing contests when he was a kid (in both the distance and duration categories -- apparently the trick is to kind of pinch it off). Of course, this was in the days before cable TV. I suspect he would have prefered to stay in and watch Ren & Stimpy or some such.

You're right of course. It never ceases to amaze me the grade school mindset of some alleged adults (or is it "adults" with scare quotes?) I didn't like the 3rd grade the first time around, too political.

I tried reading through all the comments there but I got bored. Is there anything about me there?

Andrea if you don't want to read all the comments you can hit ctr+F to pull up a finder for the top window. Didn't see anything about you; a lot about someone named "Wonkett" though.

Is there even a point to the whole thing? I mean, everyone is going to have their own collection of bloggers they can't stand... just do what I do: DON'T READ THEM. I don't really care to read people's lists of why they think Kos or LGF or anyone else sucks.

Never listen to critics; nobody has ever built a statue to a critic. -Jean Sibelius

Folks, please.

It's summer. Things are slow. It is the time of the Blog Contest or Poll.

And in some ways it's healthy to get some of that venom out.

Someone nominated Michele and Kate. Damn that anti-blog-woman thing!!!! :)

And me. Don't forget me.

But only once. They don't hate me, they really don't hate me.

Puppies, Michele. Puppies.

In a blender?

Didn't seem that bad to me. I've certainly seen worse. And it's nice to see a certain Wonkette universally recognized as the piece of fluff she is. Course, there's one other in there that's rightly deserved, but I'll keep that to myself lest you banish me from your comments (even though I know you know who I mean). ;)

Hey, since I've probably met more of the bloggers being dumped on than anyone else, do I win?

Hrmm... I actually agreed with Dean's two suggestions. ;)

[Hrmmm? What? DEAN! Put down that knife! I was just k------ Yarrrgghh!!!!]

Okayy.... reading that coment thread of nominations was a waste of my life I'll never get back.

Lemme guess: that was a slightly less interesting version of the "Mass Public Delinking Because We're OUTRAGED" fest, huh?

Well, it STARTED fun....

By the way, Ironbear, when you least expect it... EXPECT IT!

dang...really need to get my new blog up and running. I miss pissing contests!:-)

No offense to Michelle, dean, Stephen, or anyone else that gets a bit righteous over that post, but i think it was a decent idea, and a fun post (and not just because I'm not big enough to be named).

The opinions about content that were aired were entertaining ... anyone on the list should feel satisfaction at being an overblog.

And the people who decided to spew PERSONAL venom about others make THEMSELVES look like petty, nasty, vindictive dirtbags, not the people that they are maligning.

Yeah, Bill. What you said.

And who said I was wearing pants?

It says something about me that I'm enjoying Michele's thread on the Overblogging more than I did the one she linked to, I think...

"By the way, Ironbear, when you least expect it... EXPECT IT!" - That Esmay Scoundrel

Snicker. Oh yeah? You and which of Rosemary's armies? ;]P~~

"And the people who decided to spew PERSONAL venom about others make THEMSELVES look like petty, nasty, vindictive dirtbags, not the people that they are maligning." - Bill from INDC

And those were just the commenters who were worth reading... Now now, Bill: even petty, nasty, vindictive dirtbags have feelings too, yanno. ;]

MUST learn to Preview... sheesh.

I think it was a good idea, but am not surprised that some people took it the wrong way. I would be flattered if ended up on that list...that is just me I guess.

Well, I'm definitely not Wonkette. [MEOW] I've never been a bottle blond. [/MEOW]

Started out good, ended up bad, I think we can all relate.

I'm with Bill: it was a fun idea and a parody of the underblogger meme that got overtaken by the usual bunch of idiots. There comments damn themselves. It simply proves Law 15, subsection 8, paragraph A of the Blogging Law: comment buttons can be magnets for trolls. There's another law somewhere how if any idea can be taken two ways, it will always be taken the worst/bad/ugliest way. And I'm not even a lawyer.

I can see the point of an "underblogger" contest; there is this one woman who writes beautifully, but I don't know how many people see her work. But the overblogging? Well that was a joke that didn't work out (can't win them all). I'm just surprised that people took it seriously.

How can one be overblogged? It doesn't make sense; people are coming to your site that must mean they want to come. The blog police have never shown up at my door and forced my fingers to the keyboard.

Who the hell is "jb prithy", and why did he not just nominate me, he nominated me twice? What do they call lawyers in Australia? I feel a subpoena coming on...