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signs of life

I hate summer. I hate the heat, I hate the long days, I hate the humidity and I hate having to turn the air conditioner on. The days and weeks seem to drag on. Three months feels like a lifetime. So I'm always looking for signs that remind fall is not far off. I'm probably the only person who doesn't mind seeing backpacks and school supplies in the aisles in Target lined up next to the pool supplies. Today, I saw my favorite tell tale sign that summer is not endless, no matter how much it may feel that way. As I drove past Hofstra University on my way to work this morning, I was greeted by a huge green banner hanging on the fence. New York Jets training camp. Opening in less than two weeks. It feels ten degrees cooler already.


Ahh yes, fall... This is the time of the year where J.E.T.S! fans swagger about with predictions of going 16-0, then the beginning of winter brings the cold reality that they will most likely not even make the playoffs* (again).

*Strangely this also seems to affect the Miami Dolphins as well, even though Miami only has 2 seasons during the year, Summer & August.

go Giants

I can't wait for autumn! Using the air conditioning so often makes everything all closed up. Give me the open windows and fresh air, please.

Well, with Testaverde gone, perhaps Ken O'Brien can slip out of retirement and back up Chad Pennington. He's only 44!

I mean, look at these 1985 numbers!
297 for 488 (60.9%), 3888 yards, 25 TDs, 8 INTs!

Summer has been quite cool so far on Long Island. I guess with the Jets today's high will be in the mid 70's

Can we bring Snell and Boozer out of retirement? Maynard? Sauer?

We have the opposite problem here in Colorado Springs. Winters here aren't severe, they're just long. We often have our first snow in October (sometimes in September) and the last snow often falls in May. Most trees don't even put out leaves until May.

The snow here doesn't stick around long (we use the 'Little Orphan Annie School of Snow Removal' - the sun will come out tomorrow). Still, by March, I'm really beginning to look forward to summer.

Oh, and Go Broncos!

Michelle: you misspelled "Jerks."

Any variation of "cool" included with "NY Jets" is an obvious sign of impending heatstroke.

Stick your head under a sprinkler, stat.

Big Blue rules, get your own stadium already.


I'm totally with you on this.

I have reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It's not Winter that gets me ... it's SUMMER. The heat kicks my tail around the block. :-(

In my house relief, reverence, and joy prevade the day that I'm able to put away my box fan at the arrival of Fall.

I look forward to the day I'll be able to take a hot shower again. For the next few months it's cold showers just to try to cool off.

Nooooo! Not Ken O'Brien! He was the ultimate Dolphin killer (along with Thurmon Thomas). The reason why O'Brien has such great stats was because of those shootouts against the 'phins where the final score was 89-72. Or something like that :)

Ok, so back during the O'Brien days, we went to dinner to a steak house. They had something called Potatoes O'Brien. My father asked the waitress if they came by the sack. Hehehe.

Had to be there, I guess.

NY has no football teams....

Jets? Is that a professional football franchise?

Michelllle, You just HAD to mention the Jets huh, which was absolutely going to result in all the smart ass remarks about the team. :-)

Ah well, could be worse, I could have been a Giants fan. I mean Kurt Warner, the man who thinks God tosses Super Bowls in his favour? Why do these nutballs have to come over here and ruin my state? It's all your fault Michellllle.

I must agree. I find summer somewhat endless. I just can't wait for this summer end partly because I'm starting to miss everyone since they've all seemed to disappeared. It hasn't been too hot yet. I can still sleep with 2 blankettes. At least it's close to the end of July. I love school because it keeps me busy and everything is normal.