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I can't believe I forgot to blog this. One of my favorite Photoshoppers, reader Kieran, made this a few days ago. No comment necessary, really.
[click for bigger] Thanks, Kieran. I needed that.


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Hahaha. Classic -- although they're really not that ambiguous.

Someone here commented about Gary and Ace a few days ago. I forget who, but brilliant.

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

Some of my best presidential candidates are gay...

With that look on Edward's face, shouldn't one of Kerry's hands not be visible?

I see trouble coming twice.

Yay to that pic.

Holy cow, K-Man! I shrieked with laughter when I saw this.

Nice job, Kieran! Thanks for sharing it.

What's everyone looking at???

so what! I'm still not voting for them!

Ace and Kerry!

Scene: The first Presidential debate of the 2004 election.

Britt Hume: Mr. Kerry--you have criticized Mr. Bush for failing to use our armed forces effectively. What would you do differently if you were Commander-In-Chief?

Kerry: I'm glad you asked me that, Britt. The Bush Administration is mired in the past, and are ignoring the virtue of advanced combat techniques that could be taught to our troops--vastly increasing their deadliness in battle.

[looks into crowd]

Now, partner o' mine!

[John Edwards leaps out of the crowd and high into the air, wrapping his legs around Kerry's neck and squeezing hard while both men remain in a vertical position and facing each other. The Secret Service men at the edges of the stage begin to step forward, then freeze, their jaws dropping. The audience, the panel of journalists, and GWB stare in disbelief. After a few seconds, Edwards drops to the ground and stands next to Kerry, who is unharmed and who turns back to Britt Hume]

Kerry: And that's how we'll do it--

[Both Kerry and Edwards notice that the other occupants of the room seem comatose]

Ticket of the Lesser Johns (in unison): What?

Everyone else in the Auditorium: NOTHING!!!

Thanks to my highly developed gaydar, I noted 'Ace & Kerry' sometime back...


By the way, those outfits are simply screaming for accessories.

Yes, the "Ace and Gary" comment on the silhouettes post was the impetus for this idea. In fact, the first version of the masterpiece above was using one of those pics. However, I ran into trouble drawing their faces in and decided to use one of the pictures from Drudge's collage instead.

Please tell me I didn't call the picture a "masterpiece". Holy crap. I'm really not that vain (at least, not out loud) - I should have used a more tongue-in-cheek word. Apologies to all and sundry.

Meh. I hate when that happens.

"That" meaning "somebody else goes with the same idea I thought I came up with on my own unbeknownst to me, making me look like a poser". Crap.