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The Brief Return of the Radio

ASV Radio is back, for one night only. At least for now. {radio is below in the post]
These are just a couple of songs that are on repeat on my playlist this week. (If the whole radio frame isn't loading up for you, just click on the top song to start playing) The first song is one of those songs that takes getting used to. Give it a shot. Hayden, if you've never heard of him (Hayden Desser), he's a Canadian musician that's been around a long time. There's something about his lyrics and voice together that make you feel like you're sitting in a dirty bar drinking a stale beer and crying to every song that comes on the jukebox. At two in the afternoon. Brand New is a band out of Long Island. Every kid you talk to around here claims to know them. This song - I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light - is a favorite of mine. Most of you have probably heard the Dashboard Confessional song as its on the Spiderman 2 soundtrack and getting a lot of play. I love the lyrics, the guy really has a way with the pen. The Killers song is, well, killer. They lyrics are kind of silly, but the song makes me want to roll the windows down in the car and sing. And that's your entertainment for the evening. Give a thumbs up or down on the songs if you wish.


I have played the song 'Vindicated' about 200 times in the past week. It's great in so many ways.

Mike from ColdFury.com has some new mp3s of his band up, btw. Good surfy rockabilly stuff.

Boourns. You need more music! I have 50 or so at all times. :p

Hayden r0x0rs. (Skyscraper National Park is the last CD I bought. It takes a lot to get me to buy a CD these days.)

The Killers' album was a pleasant surprise. Good riffs with weird 80s synths.

I like DC, though I haven't heard the latest album, even though it came out quite a while back.

Chris Carraba (sp?) is a talented songwriter, but he writes some of the most depressing lyrics.