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today's burning question

Quick, what's your favorite game to play online? (I'm making an ASV portal and this will be one of several categories I'll ask for your help with) Update: Links would be really helpful, guys.


Pyramids...on yahoo.

If we're talking x-box live, I'm actually quite fond of Links. I kick ass at that golfing game!

blasterball or bejewled. something simple, but helps pass the time.

Speaking from an upper percentile of geekiness, I must confess my love of Star Wars: Galaxies, the MMORPG.

Teen Titans Battle Blitz

I am addicted to the pseudo-fantasy sports games over at www.whatifsports.com

Have never won a championship but sure is fun trying.

I'm still playing Starcraft/Brood War. I have yet to find an online RTS that holds up as well.

Look, if you honestly do not have anything to do for the next 3 weeks or so, go to www.popcap.com. Most of their games are the digital version of crack.

Pimp War www.pimpwar.com

Kindom of Loathing www.kingdomofloathing.com

Both are free, turn-based games.

um, does online poker count?

EverQuest...or as it's more commonly referred to as: EverCrack.

I've played every single popcap game. In fact, I was with popcap from the very beginning, when they only had three games. I used to spend my Saturday and Sunday mornings chatting with other Popcappers as we played Lucky Penny.

fetchfido, it has a .uk on the end of the domain name, dont remember the exact one

has a bunch of games

It just doesn't get any better then Kingdom of Loathing.


"Get The Instalanche."

...well, I think it's a game, so nyah. :P

Battlefield: 1942 is my favorite. It's an online WWII combat game which a) doesn't require monthly subscription payments, and b) doesn't involve character design or experience gains, so casual players (like, say, ME) don't get crushed by hardcore gamers with weapons and armor and skills we can't possibly match. (We get crushed by the hardcore players realworld skill at the game.)

Yahoo! Backgammon.

Also, is Popcap where BounceOut is? Man, that game is addicting.

(But I'm willing to dust off my copy of Postal 2 and share the pain with anyone who's interested)

It's not so much a game as puzzles:

Picture logic puzzles

Battlefield: 1942

Definitely UT 2004


The original is pretty cool too. 2003 sucks, though. For old school fun try "Descent"

CounterStrike or Natural Selection

Okay, I'll say up front that I'm such a girl, but I've always liked the games at Orisinal. (http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/)

My favorite is the bear/bunny ("Bungee Bear")one, but I also like the Herding Cats game.

Yeah, I know, they're like games for six-year-olds, but sometimes a person just doesn't want mayhem and stuff blowing up.

michele, I was a Penny Poker addict as well (so was my wife). What was your handle? I was "Webmonster".

I was SatanClaws. Really.


SW:JK:Jedi Academy, online lightsaber dueling. Bizzare dueling community. In-duel ettiquette, including bowing to your opponent. Plus double sided and dual lightsaber dueling. Being a dedicated SW geek, I can only say "Sa-weeeet".

Whoops, and MSN Checkers online.

Since I have always been a comic book fan: City of Heroes!!!

Joint Operations (heh, I said "joint")

I hate computer games. I'd rather clean house or pay bills than play.

Am I now banned?

Star Wars Galaxies as well.

It's been a great time waster during maternity leave. ;)



Fast, fun, easy to learn, hard to master. The best team-based online FPS out there. And the reason that so many geeks are pissed off when Half-Life 2 keeps getting delayed.

P.S. - AWP's are for pussies.

Hard to beat this one:


Ragnarok Online. It's a Korean MMORPG that has a 3d background and uses sprites for the characters (much like Diablo 2).

I play on the international server, thus I play IRO, as opposed to the CRO (China), the JRO (Japanese), or KRO (The home server that gets all the good stuff waaay before we do. Think six months to a year. Jerks) Korea.

Here's the url for the US (aka international) version: http://iro.ragnarokonline.com/

It's fun!

Rainbox Six 3 (Xbox, PS2, PC)
Ghost Recon (Xbox, PS2, PC)
Unreal Tournament (Xbox, PS2, PC)
Counter-Strike (Xbox, PS2, PC)
Halo (PC)

When they're release I'm pretty sure these will be awesome:
Doom 3
Half-Life 2
Halo 2

Did I mention Halo 2?

Because Halo 2 is going to be awesome. Really, just check out the Halo 2 gameplay video from 2003's E3 or some of the multiplayer screenshots

Phlinx and Word Whomp Whackdown at <a href=Pogo.com

Wah, michele, pls fix my HTML.

BF 1942 rocks my jock. Secret Weapons of WWII is the coolest expansion to a PC game ever.

Jet Packs, man. Jet Packs.

Enemy Territory. It's the free version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and is multiplayer only. Totally addictive, and you start from zero every time you play.

I also like Bookworm over at Popcap

Thanks a lot, Sharp... Now I'm hooked on that stupid puzzle pirate game. Crap and a half, man. If I get fired, I'm blaming you entirely.

Poker at www.pogo.com.

Thanks, Ryan, I'm nauseous! ;)

Guess the Dictator or Sitcom Character (as old as the internet and still the best)
Fly the copter


http://www.activision.com/games/vampire/ - Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption

I've been playing this for months. Best round so far: -17.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Haven't played it much, but it is a blast. Like playing hide and go seek, except you can break the seeker's neck. The only game I ever played that had better multiplayer action was Goldeneye 007 for the N64.

Oh, and you have to go here and click to the 100 greatest games of all time.

Lots of interesting games at eBaum's World. Some addictively stupid, and others somewhat, um... risque.

Oh, and if you've not seen it, there's a Strong Bad Email about video games. If you wait a few seconds at the end, you can play the games from the email. My personal favorite is the text-based adventure.

Bespelled...983,290 points. Gawd, I wanted a million. Just to see if it would register on the ticker.

Still to this day, ThunderWalker CTF for QuakeWorld is my favorite online game.

www.party poker.com. I'm actually up by about $70 bucks.

Rocket Mania

It steals your brain.

City of Heroes, a superhero game.

Ultima Online, I havent been this addicted since the dawn of the internet.


Hattrick - strategy sports sim

_think I'm gonna have to explore some of everybody else's addictions. You know, sample the various flavors of game-crack?

Lots of trivia. http://www.triviaspot.com/
is my latest favorite but all the cheating that goes on is frustrating.

Another BounceOut fan! It's at shockwave.com. I like it for the funny sound effects.

Orisinal is good, too. My favorites are "The Pond" (overhead view of duckling) and the charming "Pocketful of Stars" (crescent moon). "Chicken Wings" (chick with umbrella) is also good. Some others, like "Windy Days" (kite), are very tranquil.

I used to be addicted to 7 Seas (the pirate game) at popcap before they changed the scoring and made it harder. I actually got to level 104 where the game froze. I can't get anywhere near that now.

BTW did you know you can get unlimited points at Alchemy? At the lowest web difficulty you have 5 colors. Get to the point where you have one column for each of the colors, separated by a filler column where you put wildcards but are never completed. After that, just keep on refilling the color columns as they're completed. You never leave the level, and the points accumulate very slowly, but you can do it for hours.