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Who's Got Game?

I've got a couple of Best Buy gift cards burning a hole in my pocket and I'm in the market for some new video games. What are you all playing right now? Any good suggestions? We've got a Game Cube and a PS2 and my control fingers are itching for something good. I'd especially like to hear a report from anyone who's played Viewtiful Joe, as I'm thinking of getting that title. [Update: We have Tony Hawk Underground. And I don't do sports games. I'll play mostly anything else; RPGs, first person shooters, racing games, anything in the Mario line, etc. But I SUCK at sports games.] By the way, this is the first (PC) first person shooter I ever played. It rocked.


I hear the Strawberry Shortcake game rocks!!

On a related note, you will be receiving some toys in the mail when I find the right box to mail 'em in!

I don't know much myself, but my son - acknowledged GC expert - says that Tales of Symphonia is expected to be the hot title.

Just released yesterday, it's an RPG (?) game that is slated to take 60 - 80 hours to beat.

He doesn't ask for much, but this is what he wants for his birthday.

Right now, I'm playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GB Advance). There are several Final Fantasy games for the PS2, and two of my sons have recently been playing two of them. Extensive RPGs, a little bit older.

If you don't have it, get Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GC.

I don't keep up with a lot of the newer stuff. I rely on my boys to do that for me.

There's always Tony Hawk's Underground. I haven't played it, but the concept of putting your own face on a character amuses me.


GC -Metroid is greatness, Skies of Arcadia is fun (if you like RPGs).

PS2- I dunno, I play a lot of action/stelth titles so I'm not sure you'd like those.

I was going to make a suggestion, but then I realized I haven't played any games in months.

Should I find that disturbing, or the fact that the last game I played was Postal 2?

I got Viewtiful Joe on the recommendation of a friend. It's interesting -- kind of a little "Last Action Hero" ish -- and the gameplay and graphics are slick, sort of a 2D world that looks and acts 3D, even if Joe doesn't. But there's a LOT of stuff you have to do to get the full experience, and the game itself is HARD.

You'll probably enjoy it. I hope you get farther than I did -- I gave up after stage 3, and haven't played since.

My money's on the next Madden. It's going to incorporate all the new stuff from MVP Baseball. It's going to be frickin' difficult and completely immersive, and I'll be useless for ANYTHING once it comes out.

I'm a big fan of Red Dead Revolver - it's freaking hard as hell, but it's great.

I got Viewtiful Joe on the recommendation of a friend. It's interesting -- kind of a little "Last Action Hero" ish -- and the gameplay and graphics are slick, sort of a 2D world that looks and acts 3D, even if Joe doesn't. But there's a LOT of stuff you have to do to get the full experience, and the game itself is HARD.

You'll probably enjoy it. I hope you get farther than I did -- I gave up after stage 3, and haven't played since.

My money's on the next Madden. It's going to incorporate all the new stuff from MVP Baseball. It's going to be frickin' difficult and completely immersive, and I'll be useless for ANYTHING once it comes out.

I also hafta vote for Tony Hawk Underground.

If you're into Flight Sims, Ace Combat was one of my fav's on the PS1 (shoulda never sold that man!), and the PS2 version (up to 4 I think) looks freaking awesome.

Viewtiful Joe is great, but I'll second that it's extremely hard.

I'm very much enjoying James Bond: Everything or Nothing; if you're into James Bond or just good action/spy gaming in general. Plus it's got Willem Dafoe!

My favorite game on PS2 is still Medal of Honor: Frontline, which is now practically "old-school" by comparison to a lot of stuff out now. But it's classic. And twenty bucks. SO you could get that AND something else.

I don't know. Something about fighting the forces of evil in the world sits well with me.

Red Dead Revolver is pretty cool, too.

Anything with Willem Dafoe is worth a look.

how about, Castles of Dr. Creep for the Commodore 64? or maybe Karateka?

PS 2
Just finished Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2.

Fun game. Good fantasy hack n'slash. If you've played D+D and enjoyed it, you'll enjoy this one. Decent enough story and different types of characters give it replay value. Can play with a friend as well. Create your own magic weapons and armour, crush goblins and golems, call the whole thing a 4/5.

Now playing: Fire Warrior.
Based off of the tabletop miniatures game, a first person shooter in the year 40,000. Don't play unless you're a warhammer fan. (Passable, but there are waaaaaaay better games out there)

TimeSplitters 2: good FPS with team play mode. Hugely different levels because of the time travel angle. lots of good little minigames included.

Champions of Norrath: up to 4 player fantasy RPG. Hack n slash. Good fun, can be played online or as a group.

Probably in the discount bin, but a lot of fun:

Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat. Great game, kinda Tomb-Raiderish. old, but 9/10.


Fontline:Medal of Honour- FPS which is absolutely brutal. "Saving Private Ryan" on the PS2. Absolutely harrowing first mission.

War of the Monsters: Play Godzilla, King Kong, Giant mecha robots or living Aztec statues and smash New York. A more advanced version of Rampage crossed with Mortal Kombat

AVOID: Metal Arms, Star Wars: Clone Wars,

I suggest buying a XBOX, but short of that I would say James Bond:Everything or nothing is an excellent game.

Jake and I have all kinds of fun with Monster Rancher 4 for PS2. It's sort of like the Pokemon games, only better. You raise monsters, put them through arena combat, go on adventures with them while they gain experience and get trained to be stronger.

It's not exactly an action game, although there's action, and not exactly and adventure game although there's adventures.

Kinda like The Sims but with monsters and fighting. :-)

Ace Combat 4 for the PS2 is a lot of fun. Plus, since it's an older game it shouldn't cost more than $20.

GTA: Vice City, for the days you're tired of playing by the rules.

Speaking of "rules", the multiple radio soundtracks certainly do. You'll be having a serious 80s flashback...almost worth the game just to drive at high speed with the tunes blasting...

Well, if you play PC games, the good news is that Doom 3 just went gold and should be available the first week of August.

The bad news is that you'll probably need a new PC to run it.

Also, if you haven't tried Star Wars Galaxies, they're running a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. Check it out at Fileplanet.com. Same disclaimer about ridiculous system requirements. If you don't have at least 512MB of RAM and a 128MB video card, it lags like a mofo.

Oh, and unless they fixed it in the past few months, don't be a wookiee. They r teh suXX.

I'm going to pipe up and shill one of my favorite games from the past year that I don't think got its just reward: Beyond Good & Evil. It's a game with a very Zelda-like playstyle - you play a young female photographer/reporter named Jade who has to uncover a secret government conspiracy. The game has an excellent graphical style, plays really well, has fighting, sneaking and puzzle-solving aspects, isn't too long or too hard, isn't too weird or violent for kids, and has tons of optional things to do. I think it's one of the best games I've played in a long time, but it went straight to the bargain bin...which means you can get it cheap. If you get it, get the Cube version - it looks the best and has the fewest bugs.

ID's site says that Doom 3 has gone gold and should be in stores starting on Aug. 3 ... that's all I'm interested in. Well, that and Half-Life 2, which should be coming soon. I don't know what platforms they'll run on or the exact system requirements, I just play games on the PC. I'd say save your cards for a few weeks (unless you're don't find the splendor of gibbing demons your thing). I think it'll be bliss. Woo.

I traded in some junk games recently, and got Spiderman 2 for the PS2. It is most excellent! The webslinging and fights are at the core of gameplay, and they are spot on.
It even fills in some minor plot points before and between scenes in the movie.

If you haven't already picked it up, you can get the Evil Dead game for cheap, and it is a lot of fun. Hey, you'll get to blast zombies, that's always fun.

I second Badman's recommendation of "Beyond Good and Evil". It is excellent. Beautiful looking, and a great story and characters.

As for Jason's comment about getting an XBOX, hell yes. I've only rented one, but Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic is worth buying the entire system. It's a better star Wars movie than anything George Lucas has made since 1980. (I'd love to buy one, but I'm Canadian- can't afford just yet. Too much gone to taxes!)

Lessee, I've been gaming for over 20 years. I recently talked my wife into a 'Cube (I'm normally a PC gamer), and for my money, I'd go with Soul Calibur II. It's about $20.00 new most places now, and is probably the best fighting game for any system that I've ever seen.

If you haven't picked one up yet, why not get one of those Dance Pad games, like Dance Dance Revolution? I have a version for my PC, and it's a lot of fun. You do need to get good pads, though.

And to echo earlier sentiments, I hear that Beyond Good & Evil is awesome.

I hated the Evil Dead game. Thought it was terrible.

We have a version of DDR that we got for Christmas for the PS Eye Toy, but I don't think we've opened it up yet. That's a good idea.

I think I'm going to see if Best Buy is carrying Good & Evil. Sounds intriguing.

I played "Red Dead Revolver" recently, and liked it. Also, the Medal of Honor series is good. And I've been playing a series of Japanese samurai games starting with Dynasty Warriors. The new one is something like "Shadow Warriors," or some such. It's distributed by Electronic Arts and they have some really good 3-D movies in it.

The violence is cartoonish, not really bloody.

I have to vote for Vice City. The whole miami vice thing. 80's music is the best while crusing on a bike.

Of course Frontline is also great.

Beyond Good and Evil-fun game but a tad easy but worth the price.

Knights of the old Republic is the best Star Wars anything since Empire and makes it worth buying the XBOX.

GTA VC is amoral and evil. And an absolute blast to play. You can allow your evil side to come out.

I even bought the 80's CD's that were marketed with the game.

It takes forever to finish (about 2 months, playing daily), but that is what makes it worthwhile.

TV (Harry)

My husband's been obsessing over Final Fantasy XI lately, which has me interested and I'm not a video game kind of person. He jalso ust picked up Red Dead Revolver, which is apparently quite good. YMMV.

Don't know much about GC games, but I understand Metroid is pretty cool.

PS2 - Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, and Rainbox Six 3 - all by UbiSoft, all Tom Clancy Red Storm games - awesome. I don't have PS2 but have played (and love) the Xbox versions. I play R63 on Xbox Live at least once a week.

PC - Since you don't have Xbox - Halo. Halo. Halo. It is one of the most fun FPS games available. Simply and fairly straight forward. Great back story.

Socom or Socom II for PSII...

The original has the advantage of being a classic and lists for $19.99

Socom II was actually an improvement over the original...

And you can play them online...


Stay away from Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun. The first two or three levels are terrific, but after that - it's ass, ass, ass, all the time ass. Like they rushed it into production.

VJ = Mega Man 2 hard
'nuff said

If you've got the GBAs for it, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for GC or Legend of Zelda: Four Swords are very good multiplayer games, forcing a fine balance of competition/cooperation on you.

Simpsons hit and run- GTA3 meets Matt Groenig (and doesn't include all the objectionable things in GTA; the cars that you "carjack" are just friendly springfieldians giving you a ride)

ssx3 is the coolest game i've ever played, by far. i bought a ps2 just for this game.


My husband and 10-year-old son love the Formula 1 racing game.

Driver 3 for PS2.

I'm not the world's biggest gamer, but I am anxiouly awaiting the new Grand Theft Auto game. I might get the second Blood Rayne game if it gets good reviews, as well.

Sadly GTA doesn't come out until around Nov or Dec.

My son, Andy, and I have been big console game fans for a while now. Andy got his first one, a SNES, when he was, gosh, four? Then a N64 in 1996, and now GameCube. He loves all ofthe Mario and Zelda games, and this past Christmas he got the GBA adapter (that you also recently purchased) so that he can play the "old school" titles that are on GameBoy Advance. I bought a PS2 a while back, and have enjoyed Medal of Honor: Frontline, sort of enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 2, liked HitMan 2 and Desert Strom 2: On to Bagdad (too short, though). Still I was getting bored with the games availabe or pending for the PS2, and was thinking about buying an X-Box. Andy was opposed. He is a diehard Nintendo guy,a nd sneered at MicroSoft's console. However, he began to change his heart about it, and when I settled a large personal injury case a couple of weeks ago for a client of mine I decided to treat myself and Andy to the purchase of a Halo Special Edition x-Box (with translucent green plastic case!) I had never played Halo before, and it is wild. I am now looking forward top the release of Halo 2 and Andy is grooving on Nija Gaiden and Metal Slug 3. I'm impressed with the speed and graphic of the X-Box, but dislike the controllers (Nintendo and Sony both do them better).

My wife (Sarahw) is a video game agnostic, so I felt someone from the claan should post with suggestions!